Light Spirit Epic Chapter 1297: Explore in the Wilderness (12)



Chapter 1297: Exploration in the Wilderness (Twelve)

“Moby…Moby what?” Tristan asked loudly, trying to drown out the whirring of the wind in his ears. copy address visit hp://

“Moby Dick!” Bedivere replied with the same high voice, although his companions could only hear him faintly: “The boss of the desert sharks, the giant desert fiend over five hundred feet long. Whale Shark!”

The werewolf had been attacked by this giant monster before, and his sandboat was almost sunk by Moby Dick’s attack! Therefore, he had a fresh memory of Moby Dick and knew the horror of this monster!

“Why did the metal detectors lead us to Moby Dick?” Bedivere looked at Tristan reproachfully: “They were supposed to take me to the Desert Ship?!”

“Don’t ask me!” The murloc prince cursed in turn: “This [metal detector] was originally used to find water veins or mineral veins buried in the ground, but you use it to find ships! You use it originally Something is wrong, how could I possibly have expected something to happen!!”

Bedivere was speechless for a moment.

“Anyway, let’s get out of this predicament first.” King Arthur twisted the joystick, and his dragoon made a 180-degree turn. While drifting coolly, he also dodged a few deserts behind him. The impact of the shark. He was ready to escape from the scene of the incident. In theory, he could throw Moby Dick far away with just one step on the accelerator!

This is the case in theory, but in practice, Moby Dick has already sensed the approach of everyone. It was quite dissatisfied with the subordinates who shot it by Yi and the others, and had already poked its head out of the glass sea and opened its **** mouth! !

“Arthur be careful! It’s about to fire a wave cannon!!” Bedivere warned loudly. The beam cannon that Moby Dick ejected from his mouth looked very similar to the crimson wave cannons of various sirens at first glance, but in fact it was a glass paste that was dissolved under ultra-high temperature! Its lethality and shooting are very amazing. It was the wave cannon of this glass paste that almost sank the sand ship of the Mohammed Business Group with one cannon!

Pop! ! ————————————————– ——————————-

It’s too late to say that, the blood-red wave cannon composed of hot glass paste has been shot at King Arthur’s dragon rider! The king of knights saw that the mobility of the dragon cavalry could not dodge the shelling, so he quickly grabbed Tristan’s hand and dragged the murloc prince to the driver’s seat: “Substitute!”

Before Tristan had time to grab the lever of the dragoon, King Arthur had already circled to the tail of the dragoon. He raised his scabbard of kings with one hand, facing the direction of the blood-red wave cannon, and unfolded the Holy Spirit Griffin Shield! !

Pounds! ! ————The impact almost made everyone on the anti-gravity airship faint. The Holy Spirit Griffon Shield unfolded a huge shield surface, and with the power of the Holy Spirit, it resisted the impact of the crimson wave cannon, leaving the dragon cavalry intact! ! However, the dragon cavalry also lost control of the impact. Like a kite with a broken string, it staggered and slammed into the glass ceiling of the underground glass sea! !

“Mmmmmmmmm!!” Tristan hummed as he tried his best to hold the Dragon Knight’s joystick.

“Hold on!!” Arthur commanded loudly. At this time, he even spread his wings and firmly grasped the armrest on the edge of the dragon rider with one hand, and used his whole body to try to stabilize the bike. A machine ten times his own weight!

However, no matter how powerful the King of Knights is, he can’t defy the physical laws of nature. The dragon cavalry was thrown heavily in the impact, and its kinetic energy was irresistible. Everyone could only watch the dragon cavalry towards the glass sky. Hit the top straight! !

“Arthur, if it goes on like this, we will collide!!” Bedivere said urgently.

“Full, full back!!” Tristan controlled the Dragon Knight, he tried to flip the Dragon Knight’s thrusters over and back all the way back, using the force of the jet to force it down! ! However, he had little success in doing so, and everyone could not even feel that the strength of the Dragon Rider hitting the glass ceiling was reduced in the slightest!

“Here again!” Yi shouted loudly, reminding everyone.

Moby Dick, the crazy desert devil whale shark, sees that a blood-red wave cannon can’t deal with this unsightly dragon cavalry, and immediately makes up for it! Its open mouth of blood is condensed with high heat like the sun, and the scalding glass slurry is like the raging waves of a stormy sea, and it is about to spew out!

The second blood-red wave cannon is about to fire! ! The Holy Spirit Griffon Shield of the King of Knights can indeed block this terrifying shock wave, but the reaction force it brings will make the Dragon Knight further out of control and smash into the glass ceiling at a faster speed! Even if this attack can be blocked, everyone will surely die! !

“Humph!!” King Arthur saw that the situation was wrong, and immediately turned from defense to attack! He drew the Sword of the Holy King from its sheath and activated the supernatural power of the Holy Sword! ! The billions of units of photons that came from other parallel universes immediately turned into the huge golden light blade of the holy sword, and King Arthur aimed at Moby Dick without hesitation. Poke! !

Pounds! ! ——————————————

Whoosh! ! ——————————————

The blood-red light beam collided with King Arthur’s huge light blade, and the violent impact shook the entire underground glass sea!

Clap la la la la la! ! Countless glass **** fell from the zenith into a massive rain of deadly and sharp glass! The blood-red wave cannon was originally composed of molten glass slurry, and when it collided with the holy sword light blade, it turned into countless scorching slurry, splashing everywhere!

“Ugh!” Bedivere grabbed the handrail with one hand, while the other hand swirled his whip frantically, turning the tungsten tongue whip into a shield, blocking the pouring glass slag. However, the situation was chaotic to the extreme, and the werewolf felt a little powerless! What’s more, their dragon cavalry still slammed into the glass ceiling of the underground glass sea with a very amazing speed. If it goes on like this, it will really collide, and all the members of the airship will be shattered!

“Tristan, can’t you do something?!” the werewolf hurriedly shouted.

“Already doing it!!” The murloc prince roared, and he used all his mind to control the dragon cavalry, while using the thrusters to reverse the jet to counteract the tendency of the dragon cavalry to hit the glass ceiling, while the other side Also have to let the airship drift left and right to avoid the army of desert sharks falling from the sky! Although he had tried his best, he couldn’t think of a way to avoid that impending violent collision!

“Three o’clock!” Yi shouted suddenly.


“Just do it!!” The Banlong young man didn’t have time to explain, so he could only convince the other party with a roar!

At that time, King Arthur also finished his ultimate move and withdrew his holy sword. The light of Moby Dick’s blood-red wave cannon disappeared almost at the same time as the huge golden light blade of the holy sword, and part of the huge glass ceiling began to crack!

Clap! ! The cracked part is right above the crowd, and it is also the direction that the dragon rider lost control and ran over! The moment it cracked, it turned into a huge sand pit. From the top of the desert, it probably looked like a huge quicksand hole that could swallow up the entire ship! Countless yellow sands of the Sahara Desert spilled from the cracked sand pits, but were caught by some mysterious force in the underground glass sea. After falling more than 100 feet, they flowed back, forming a wonderful scene! And according to the current flight direction, the Dragon Rider will definitely be swallowed up by this huge sand pit! !

——Yes, Yi’s judgment is extremely correct! In such a desperate situation, any bad encounter is better than death! !

If the dragon cavalry hits the hard glass ceiling, everyone will be bloody! But they crashed into that bunker, with countless yellow sand as a buffer, and everyone had the possibility of surviving!

“I’m going to bump into it, everyone!” Tristan reminded loudly.

Pounds! ! Before Bedivere could react, the dragon cavalry had already slammed into the sand pit and was completely buried by the storm of yellow sand! The werewolf only felt that his whole body was wrapped in crazy flowing sand, and the heavy pressure made him dizzy and couldn’t breathe!

The sky was dark and the yellow sand was blowing, leaving countless stinging sensations like ant bites on Bedivere’s body! He couldn’t breathe, didn’t dare to open his eyes, and couldn’t even move half an inch of his fingers! Facing the violent and ruthless force of nature, the small werewolf can only use all his strength to hold the armrest of the co-pilot seat of the dragon rider to avoid being thrown out of the airship and being separated from everyone!

But it backfired, and a sharp, piercing metal tearing sound, accompanied by the roar of the yellow sand storm, entered the werewolf’s ears. He knew what that voice meant, and he sighed inwardly! In the next second, the passenger seat of the dragon cavalry he was riding had been torn apart and separated from the body of the dragon cavalry! And Bedivere was thrown out with the driver’s seat! !

“Bedyville! —————————————” werewolves seem Can hear the screams of the King of Knights although Arthur would never be able to speak in this sandstorm.

Bedivere wanted to respond, but he had already been swept into the eddy current of the sandstorm by the storm. ! The sand weighed thousands of tons, tearing, beating, and smashing Bedivere’s body from every direction, randomly and mercilessly! The werewolf can only grit his teeth and endure the pain, hoping that this purgatory-like torment will end as soon as possible! !

Thankfully, this arduous journey with the flow only lasted less than a minute! By the time Bedivere realized that there was light in front of him again, he had been thrown into the void of the Sahara Desert! !

That’s right, there are countless huge quicksand pits in the Sahara Desert! These big bunkers are connected to the sea of ​​sand on the ground and the sea of ​​glass underground.

Involved in the quicksand pit and falling from top to bottom, it will inevitably fall into the underground glass sea; on the contrary, if it hits from the bottom at a sufficient degree, of course, it will be caught by the huge quicksand pit, and then rotate and increase , thrown heavily, and flew to the air of the sand and sea on the ground! !


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