Light Spirit Epic Chapter 1268: Hunting on the Silent Night (11)


Chapter 1268 Demon Hunting in Silent Night Eleven

The man in black aimed at Albert’s hand grabbing the edge of the elevator and stepped down hard. In less than a second, he will step on Albert’s hand, and perhaps break a few fingers, and the painful tiger will lose its last point of support and fall from the edge of the elevator.

If you fall from here, only death awaits Albert and Mutter.

The tiger knows this too. However, he gritted his teeth, and his survival instinct exploded in an instant, and he quickly came up with a way to deal with it before being checkmate.

The man in black’s foot stepped down.

In that instant, Albert’s hand pulled up with all his strength, bringing the tiger himself and Mutter with him. However, the explosive power of one arm is always limited, and the over-loaded tiger can’t jump very high. The distance he can fly is only enough for his hand to avoid the enemy’s trampling.

But that’s enough. After Albert dodged the opponent’s attack, he immediately grabbed the calf of the man in black with one hand.

“What,.” The man in black never dreamed that he would be attacked by a gorgeous tiger. His calf was pulled violently by Albert, and he lost his weight and fell forward.

“Save me..” the man in black yelled in panic, calling his teammates to help. Two teammates really came to hold him, and the three formed a solid formation, so there was no need to worry about falling for the time being.

But that’s exactly what Albert meant: “Mutter.”

He shouted, the other arm began to exert force, and the cat boy boy he was carrying was thrown into the sky. Mutter was actually very light, after all, he was only a teenage child, so he was thrown quite high by the tiger.

“You **** tiger.” The man in black who was caught by Albert’s calf was struggling, hoping to get rid of Albert. How could the tiger give this man a chance to break free?

Boom. Albert’s head slammed hard against the chin of the man in black. The tiger could clearly hear the cracking of bones. But it’s definitely not Albert’s skull, because he is an orc, and his bones are much harder than other races, and he just hit the weakest part of his opponent’s head with the hardest bone of his own head.

The man in black, whose chin was smashed, leaned back weakly, while the tiger also flipped, pressing one hand on the shoulder of the man in black.

The tide has turned. The tiger had both hands free, and there was a safe landing spot. What was there to fear? He took out the short knife that had just been thrown from the waist of the man in black, and without thinking much, slashed on the neck of the man in black. Solve one first.

“Behind the slain man in black, the, the other two men in black hurriedly exclaimed.

Not useful. Albert was cruel and unsympathetic, and the short knife in his hand had deeply pierced the head of one of the enemies. Before he flipped and landed, he kicked again, kicking the other man in black on the back.

The three men in black standing on the edge of the elevator fell uncontrollably from the edge of the elevator. And the cat man boy who was thrown into the air by Albert also landed at this time, and the tiger caught him with one hand.

“Uh.” Albert only felt warm and wet in his hands, and it was Mutter’s shorts that he was holding.

“You stinky bastard.” The tiger threw the cat boy on the ground and made a shocking wish in the elevator:

“I want you to kill the king of Soissons, [madman] Clotier.”

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