Light Spirit Epic Chapter 1267: Hunting on the Silent Night (10)


Chapter 1267 Hunting Demons in Silent Night (10)

Five minutes later, Albert, who finally took off his armor, walked into the shower cubicle and turned on the faucet.

He breathed a sigh of relief as the steaming hot bath water sprayed from the shower and drenched it on the tiger.

“That child, shouldn’t it be…” Albert closed his eyes and recalled, and someone’s face kept popping up in his mind. Mutter looks so similar to that guy, even the same age——

Out of curiosity, Albert couldn’t help but ask, “Mutter, you’re still out there, meow. I can ask you a question meow.”

The cat boy waiting outside the bathroom coughed dryly, indicating that he was still there.

“How old are you this year.” Tiger asked suddenly.

“What kind of weird question is this…” Mutter reluctantly replied: “I’m probably around thirteen or fourteen this year. The doctor said this during the physical examination, so it shouldn’t be wrong.”

“Well, you don’t know how old you are.” Albert asked tentatively again.

The cat boy was even more unhappy: “I have been a slave since I was sensible, and I was bought and sold by slave owners like goods. No one cares how old [the goods] are.”

Albert was silent for a while. It was only then that he remembered what Shiloma had told him before: the players of the Sphinx team were basically orcs living in Egypt. These unfortunate people are either homeless and displaced homeless people or slaves who have been sold to Africa. Father Sphinx saved these orcs from suffering and arranged them to play in the team, which should be a semi-charitable relief act.

“So,” the tiger asked in a long tone: “In other words, even if you really have relatives, you can’t possibly know.”

“What do you want to emphasize.” The cat boy hummed dissatisfiedly, hurriedly interrupting the unpleasant conversation: “I don’t care if I have relatives or not. I don’t care about my background either. I have been born since I was born. I was sold to human traffickers as a commodity by my parents and became a slave. From that moment on, my family and I were cut off from each other. I don’t rarely see such scum parents again.”


“Hey, have you finished taking a shower?” Mutter hummed impolitely: “Hurry up, don’t be wordy like an old man.”

Albert stopped the conversation with a scream of anger. He rinsed his body hastily and walked out of the shower cubicle.

As soon as he came out, he saw Mutter packing up and stuffing Albert’s protective gear properly into the gym bag.

“Oh, thank you.” Tiger reluctantly thanked.

“Who told me to be your personal assistant.” Mutter replied rightfully: “I’ll help you pack things up, but when you go back, remember to take out your protective gear and wipe it with alcohol. You won’t If you want to wear unsterilized protective gear to your next game, unless you want to get moss.”

“It’s a vivid description, hehe.” The tiger elongated his face: “If that’s the case, why don’t you scrub and disinfect the protective gear for me by the way.”

Mutter glanced at Albert with disgust: “Don’t, it’s disgusting.”

A vein appeared on the tiger’s forehead. However, he didn’t care too much about Mutter, the little brat who didn’t even grow his hair. He quickly changed his clothes, put on his sports bag and walked out.

Albert remembers the way to get here, which was to follow the corridor to the end and take one of the two elevators back to the ground. But Mutter seemed lost in this little confusion. Halfway through, he suddenly turned left and walked towards the stairwell next to him.

“What are you doing, meow.” Albert hurriedly grabbed the cat boy: “The elevator is right in front.”

“I know, but——” Mutter gave a false smile: “Uh haha, I think I’d better take the stairs.”

Albert is not so easy to deceive: “How many layers are there underground.”

“Twelve basement floors.”

The tiger gave the cat man a white look: “You can go back to the ground in an instant by taking the elevator, but you have to rub the stairs of the 12th floor. You have been knocked out of your head in the game just now.”

Mutter’s forehead was sweating: “I just wanted to exercise.”

“It’s like you haven’t exercised enough today.” Albert grabbed the cat boy: “Come on, take the elevator.”

“Ow…” Mutter was dragged and pulled into the luxury passenger elevator. After entering, he kept complaining: “Do you have to take the small passenger elevator? The big elevator next to it. Significantly better.”

“This is obviously more luxurious, why don’t you use the luxurious ones.” Tiger didn’t care about the boy’s complaints, and pressed the button on the elevator panel.

The moment the elevator door closed, Mutter fell silent.

“What’s the matter, meow. Your face doesn’t seem very good.” Albert gave the cat boy a puzzled look.

“No…nothing. Leave me alone.” Mutter leaned back against the inner wall of the elevator, his eyes wandering nervously.

Albert shook his head sullenly, scolding Mutter for being a neurotic lunatic. The elevator whizzed upwards. The tiger thought it would reach the ground (Cairo Grand Casino) soon, but the accident happened instantly. It came so suddenly, the tiger man youth didn’t even have time to react before his eyes went black.

The elevator hovered due to malfunction and the two were trapped in the elevator.

“Oh, damn.” Tiger cursed, looking for the emergency button on the one-pound control panel. However it didn’t work. The entire elevator was lit with dark green emergency lights. Except for the emergency lights, all other panels and equipment failed.

“Um…” Mutter suddenly crouched on the ground, gasping for breath: “No…don’t. Don’t be here….”

“Mutter, you’re fine, meow.” Albert cast a worried glance at the cat boy.

“Ugh…” Mutter was obviously not good. He was terrified of being trapped in the elevator, squatting on the ground and shivering.

“So you’re afraid of taking the elevator. Why didn’t you say this kind of thing earlier.” Albert was depressed, “Calm down, good meow. The elevator system must be monitored 24 hours a day, even if If something went wrong, rescuers arrived immediately.”

However, the cat boy didn’t hear Albert’s words at all. He huddled in a ball and continued to tremble, murmuring indistinct words. There is a darker color spreading between his shorts——

“Oh, you must be joking with me.” Tiger complained even more somberly.

At this point, there appears to be some movement at the top of the elevator.

“Listen, the rescuers are here.” Albert tried to help Mutt up: “Just hold on, we’ll be out from here in no time.”

Mutter did not respond, the cat boy was so frightened that he could only rely on Albert alone.

“Who’s meowing.” Tiger shouted to the top of the elevator, “If you can hear me, please respond. Get us out of here.”

The person on top of the elevator did not answer. That person, or that group of people, moved very lightly and didn’t know what the **** was going on. In short, they didn’t immediately come down to save Albert and Mutter.

Maybe it’s just because the lift’s roof is so tightly sealed that the group must be careful to open it. Albert was puzzled. However, what the **** are those guys doing, they don’t even want to respond, what does it mean?

Albert tried to wait patiently, hoping that the group of maintenance workers would be able to fix the elevator. But the longer he waited, the more he felt that something was wrong——

Sha Sha Sha Sha Sha——

A barely audible sound came from the top of the elevator, sounding like metal rubbing against each other.

The tiger frowned. Could it be that the group of maintenance workers is going to open the top of the elevator to save people?

No, not right. This is in ———

lbs. .

The next second, the alert Albert had already jumped up with Mutter on his back, knocking off the roof of the elevator.

The moment he jumped off the top of the elevator, he was surprised to see a large group of guys in black tights sneaking in ambush.

There are two people in the luxury passenger elevator, who are using a wire saw to saw the sling of the passenger elevator. On the other side, that is, on the large passenger elevator, there were five other men in black in ambush as support.

This wasn’t an elevator malfunction at all, it was a planned attack. These unknown **** want the lives of Albert and Mutter.

Before Albert could stand firm, the two men in black on the passenger ladder had already raised their daggers and stabbed at the tiger. When Albert came to participate in the game, he did not bring any weapons, and the tiger who was preempted by the opponent could only dodge backwards. However, he was carrying Mutter, and the space of the elevator was narrow, and after taking a few steps back, the people in black were forced to a dead end. Behind him is a huge gap between the elevator shafts. If you fall from the gap, you will fall to the bottom. The drop is at least five stories high. If it falls, it will be shattered. And Mutter can’t be left alone. In the end how to do. .

The sword light flashed, and the men in black once again stabbed with their swords. In desperation, Albert had to raise his gym bag to block the attack.

Boom. Unexpectedly, it really blocked the opponent’s dagger. Albert then remembered that there were his armor and helmet in the sports bag, and the helmet specially made for dark American football was super Tiger immediately rushed into the bag and took out the helmet, put the sports Bag and Mutter both tossed aside. Using the helmet as a weapon, he fought back, and before the two men in black could react, he gave the two enemies a heavy blow. dong dong. . The people in black were knocked into a daze, and immediately lost their balance and fell from the edge of the elevator.

Clap la la la la la. . At this time, the sling, which had been sawed off in half, was also shaky, and it would soon break completely. Albert hurriedly picked up Mutter and jumped towards the top of the large passenger elevator opposite.

Boom. The sling of the luxury passenger elevator broke and fell sharply. The tiger carried the cat boy and jumped to the large passenger elevator opposite, but his strength was obviously not strong enough. He only jumped to the edge of the passenger elevator. In order not to fall, he had to reach out and grab the passenger elevator. .

Albert was not off the line, however, as there were five other men in black on the large passenger elevator. They leaned over and looked sinisterly at Albert whose life was hanging by a thread.

“In this way, the game is over.” One of the men in black aimed at Tiger’s hand that grabbed the edge of the elevator and stomped down. () “The Legend of Light” only represents the views of the author Raven D Vixas. If you find that its content is in violation of national laws, please delete it. The position is only committed to providing a healthy and green reading platform . 【】,thank you all!


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