Light Spirit Epic Chapter 1232: Recuperate in the silent night (9)


Chapter 1232 Rest in Silent Night (9)

After Albert put on that strange outfit, Father Sphinx turned to a dark corner of the hall and waved, “Follow.” From a dim light in the dark corner Come on, there seems to be some kind of elevator there. Where it leads to is unknown.

“Oh” Tiger agreed vaguely and followed. As soon as he took a step, the protective gear all over his body began to rub against his body, making the tiger feel particularly uncomfortable.

Especially the stiff, poorly breathable crotch. It was buckled in front of the important part of the tiger, and every step of the walk produced a strange friction under El’s crotch, which was unbearably uncomfortable. Albert only felt more uneasy at the thought that this part was (probably) vulnerable in the next battle.

The door of the elevator is open. The space inside the elevator is large enough to accommodate more than ten people at the same time. However, its lighting system is still dim. Is this the fun of Father Sphinx?

“I’ve seen your showdown today.” The elevator began to move, with only Albert and the Sphinx among them. The lion man father began to chat with the tiger man youth: “To be honest, your battle is very exciting, especially the part where you finally sprinted towards the giant and achieved a big reversal.” “Really meow?” Albert momentarily He cheered up: “Hey, hey, there are still people in the world who know how to appreciate my battles.” “Of course, my lovely little grandson.” Father Sphinx smiled mysteriously: “Hidden in your body is incomprehensible to others. A huge talent, as long as it is used properly, it will definitely shine with time. Before that, let me borrow your power.” “Borrow?” Sphinx did not answer Albert’s question directly. Instead, he asked another question: “Do you know what this piece of equipment you’re wearing, my little grandson?” “Well, that’s what I was about to ask.” Albert fumbled for his armor.

This armor is weird enough to be soft on the inside and **** the outside. Its interior is covered with a sponge-like enchantment that absorbs strong shocks. Even if the shell is knocked hard, Albert under the armor will not feel the shock at all; while its exterior is high Strong titanium and carbon alloys, several hard armor plates form a whole that can spread the impact, and supplemented by enchantments that enhance hardness and flexibility, making the armor surface unbelievably hard.

Helmets, needless to say, are specially designed to enhance impact resistance. Its smooth, eggshell-like outer layer effectively glides away from shocks, while its soft inner layer absorbs as many impacts as it can’t fully resist, keeping the wearer safe from concussions. Since it was specially designed for the Orcs, there were still spaces for the ears on the helmet, so Albert’s tiger ears could be comfortably stretched in the helmet without feeling suffocated at all. The most peculiar thing is the transparent goggles that come with the helmet. Is this for blocking bullets?

In short, this equipment is all impact-resistant. Wearing this equipment, even walking in dangerous areas full of explosives can be done with ease. But it is only resistant to [shock], not very resistant to [slash] and [piercing]. If the enemy stabbed Albert with a sword, this armor would lose its usefulness and would be easily slashed by the sharp blade.

Seeing the tiger getting more and more puzzled, it is estimated that no matter how you think about it, it is impossible to come up with a correct answer. Dad Sphinx smiled lightly and announced the answer: “This protective gear is from [Dark American Football] ( ). Protective gear.” Albert’s eyes widened: “Uh, what the hell?!” “Dark American football.” Daddy Sphinx repeated: “Have you ever played American football, my dear. Little grandson?” Albert’s eyes widened: “[American style] er, that [American] style? America () refers to the legendary [Dragon Land] Meow?” “It’s really [Dragon] “Continent] That’s right.” Daddy Lion nodded: “American football is a sport that has emerged in the past century. It is said that after an expedition from a certain country crossed the Atlantic Ocean to reach the American continent, they saw giant beasts fighting each other there. However, some people think that this kind of sport has long been recorded in the black history libraries of various countries, and it is a mysterious sport handed down from ancient times.” “Just like football. Like basketball,” Albert muttered. Tigers still have this common sense.

“Yes, like several other ball games, their provenance has long been unknown. All we know is their rules and how to play.” Dad Sphinx reached out and patted Albert shoulders. Of course, he slapped the tiger’s shoulder armor with a palm. The shoulder armor with strong impact resistance was still unable to completely resist Dad’s slap, and Albert could clearly feel the weight of Dad Lion’s palm.

If I get hit by this palm without wearing armor

“This is sports. It doesn’t matter where it comes from, what matters is whether the sport is popular.” Papa Sphinx sneered: “Then you’ll join my [Sandstorm Sphinx team] , bring victory to our game!” A drop of sweat the size of a pea appeared on Albert’s forehead: “Yes, but I don’t even know the rules of American football!” “You don’t need to understand its rules right away, just a little bit. Someone will explain it to you later. The rules are actually very simple, and in five minutes you can understand the basics of it – that’s enough.” Dad patted Al on the shoulder again, and almost covered the whole tiger. People Pai Crooked: “And what you have to do is even simpler: sprint into the enemy’s line with the ball, rush to the bottom line of the opponent’s position, complete the [touchdown] (), you can win six points for the team. In short, run ——Dodge the enemy’s block and keep running until you reach the finish line, and you can win.” “Uh,” Albert sweated even more: “Simply put, but” “You and the giant Nimmi today Don’t you do the same thing in the battle of Nimitz?” The Sphinx said again: “You finally bypassed the needle rain thrown by the giant and rushed behind Nimitz. That series of fluent movements is simply wonderful. Absolutely. I believe that you will be able to do the same thing again, my lovely little grandson.” Albert became more and more embarrassed when he said this. He blushed and whispered: “Well, Dad, can you stop calling me [little grandson]? The deal with the Queen of Gems is over, we don’t need to keep pretending.” “Okay, I’ll call you. [Little Tiger] Alright.” Father Sphinx patted Al on the shoulder again, “Young people are so shy, hehe.” (That’s not the problem at all!) At the same time, the elevator also reached its purpose land. Judging from the feeling of weightlessness along the way, Albert and the others have been sent to somewhere very deep underground. What is in this deep underground?

“Wow ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah!”

“Welcome to the deep underground paradise, [Dark Arena].” Sphinx said dramatically as he stepped out of the elevator with open hands.

Albert walked out with a puzzled mind, observing everything in this “Arena”.

The so-called Diablo Arena is actually an underground gymnasium – a stadium built in a huge underground space that can accommodate more than 100,000 spectators!

And in the center of this stadium is a pitch specially designed for American football. It’s at halftime right now, with crews manning the pitch on one side, and a lot of cheerleaders and live shows on the other. There were about 30,000 spectators on the stage, and they were already excited just watching this half-time performance. It is hard to imagine how crazy they will be in the real game!

Albert couldn’t help but glance at the huge scoreboard on the field again. This is the [Sandstorm Sphinx team] against the [Guinea Giants], and the Sphinx team is 21 to 35, a large margin behind. No wonder Daddy Sphinx was so eager to get Albert to play. He probably wanted to rely on Tiger, the foreign aid, to restore the decline of the game.

But what can Albert, a layman who knows nothing about American, do? Can one tiger turn things around?

The wondering Tiger is taken to the Sphinx’s lounge. In front of him was a group of orcs who were naked, sweating profusely, and gasping for breath from exhaustion. The scene seemed very hopeless.

Father Sphinx came to a slender and elegant tiger man: “Hiloma, this child will be taken care of by you. Let him be a storm runner-[Sandstorm King]( ).” The players in the team suddenly widened their eyes and looked at Albert with an incredible look. The leader named Shiloma Tiger-seemed to be the captain of this team, and even more surprised and inexplicable exclaimed: “This, this kid?! How can he be qualified!” Daddy Sphinx raised his hand and glanced at his watch: “Is there five minutes left in halftime? You can explain American football to him in these five minutes, and then go to the field. “”Yes, coach.” The tiger man Shiloma replied. Although there is obvious dissatisfaction written on his face, Father Sphinx’s decision is absolute, no one can stop it, and can only be faithfully and thoroughly implemented.

Albert had another drop of cold sweat on his forehead, as if he had been involved in some very troublesome incident. () “The Legend of Light” only represents the views of the author Raven D Vixas. If you find that its content is in violation of national laws, please delete it. The position is only committed to providing a healthy and green reading platform . 【】,thank you all!


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