Light Spirit Epic Chapter 1231: Recuperate in the silent night (8)


Chapter 1231 Rest in the silent night (eight)

As soon as he heard Albert say this, Phileos also heard something strange from the tiger’s tone, so he frowned and said: “Little tiger, you should be very clear, here we are. It’s in [that line of work]. If you get a job from us, you’re probably doing something that’s illegal——“

“I know very well.” Albert hurriedly interrupted: “I was mentally prepared before I came here to look for a job, even if I would get my hands dirty. I’m not a child anymore, You don’t have to worry about me, Uncle Phileos.”

The Leopard Man thought for a moment: “Hmph, very good. Let me think about it again.”

Albert got a little impatient: “You can’t bring me to Father Sphinx and let me talk to him directly.”

“I don’t think that’s an easy task.” Phileos shook his head: “Daddy has a lot of time, but he’s very busy. We don’t need to take up Daddy’s time for this little thing.”

“Um…” A faint drop of cold sweat appeared on Albert’s forehead. He also expected that things would not be so smooth. It’s easy for Daddy Sphinx to see him when he needs it, but it’s harder for him to see Daddy Sphinx on the other hand.

It should be.

However, the radio in the staff lounge rang, and the voice of Daddy Sphinx was heard: “Phieleos, bring him to see me.”

“What. But, Dad…”

“I’ve made up my mind, no more rambling.” Papa Sphinx closed the line.

“Ugh…” Phileos showed an expression of surprise and loss, as if he had just suffered a defeat somewhere. After he sighed, he turned to the tiger and said, “You heard that too. Then come with me. But be careful, don’t talk nonsense in front of Daddy Sphinx. He needed to use you before. He must be polite to you, but things are different now. He’s a big man who can kill you hundreds of times with a single finger, understand.”

“Oh…” Albert agreed absentmindedly. Things went more smoothly than Tiger had imagined, and Albert also found it incredible. Has his plan been revealed? It’s impossible. It really made Dad aware of his thoughts. Albert had already died outside the door of the Cairo Grand Casino, and it was even more impossible for Dad to meet him.

The Sphinx must have other plans. Maybe he wanted something from Albert.

The backstage of the Cairo Grand Casino is a huge maze, and the deeper you go, the more unfathomable it becomes. After passing through the long corridor and taking three or four elevators at different distances, Albert was taken to the deepest part of the casino, a super luxurious room like the King’s Palace.

However, the lighting in this room has obviously been adjusted to the user’s preference, and it is so dim that one can only see the faint silhouette of the great man above the main hall.

“Are you here yet?” whispered Father Sphinx from his throne, “It’s none of your business here, Phileos. [That] is starting to get a little tighter, you go and do it well. Get ready for the second half.”

(Second half.)

“Yes.” Phileos hurried out.

“And you, my little grandson—“The Lion-Man came down from his throne, stepped over several steps of ruby, and came to Albert: “You make up your mind with me. At work, you should be ready to get your hands dirty.”

“Yeah.” Albert nodded, “I’m no longer a child, and it’s not that I haven’t done dirty work. I know exactly what I’m doing. Murder and arson, etc., just A piece of cake.”

“The job you are going to do is very dangerous, and you may be disabled or even lose your life. Is that okay?”

“I was originally a warrior.” Albert replied calmly: “A true warrior is not afraid of risks.”

“Huhu, that’s a good answer.” The majestic lion man put a palm on Albert’s head. His palm was as huge as a rock, bringing an invisible weight to the tiger man youth.

But what he said next was a big surprise to Albert: “Then, take off your clothes and let me check.”

“Uh…” The tiger stiffened.

“Would you like to?”

“No… not…” Albert swallowed and began to unbutton his shirt. What the **** is Dad doing, why did he suddenly ask Albert to undress.

Probably to check if the tiger is armed.

Once he took off his crisp white suit jacket, Albert’s sturdy pectoral muscles were revealed to Father Sphinx. Daddy Lion looked at Albert’s body through the darkness of the room, as if examining a slave.

“Very good, I exercised well.” Sphinx reached out and stroked Albert’s belly, and muttered to himself: “Although there is a little fat on the stomach, it can be eliminated immediately with proper exercise. Not a problem.”

Albert’s body was touched and touched by his father, it was itchy and uncomfortable, and he couldn’t bear it anymore. His face was flushed, and he looked at the giant suspiciously: “Dad, shouldn’t you be…”

“What’s the matter, go ahead and take off your pants.” Father Sphinx squatted down and looked at Albert. When he was squatting, he was almost the same height as the tiger man youth, and his huge body like a mountain gave a huge sense of oppression.

“Yes, but.”

“You want to work here, don’t you,” said Papa Sphinx dispassionately. “The first rule of the job here is: Obey me absolutely. No matter what my orders may be. Unreasonable.”

A drop of cold sweat dripped from Albert’s forehead, and he was only now beginning to feel that something was wrong, and he couldn’t stop scolding Chanel in his heart. It was the **** woman who got Albert into such a big trouble. He’s probably out of character this time.

The tiger reluctantly took off his trousers, leaving only a pair of shorts all over his body. Sure enough, Father Sphinx began to poke and poke between the tiger’s thighs, and it had a tendency to move upwards. If it goes on like this….

“Old…Dad…” In fact, Albert’s face was flushed, his heart was numb, and he didn’t know how to react.

“Well, the legs are quite strong, and they should be able to last a while. … At least through the second half.” The Sphinx ignored Albert’s strange gasps. Said to himself.

(So what the **** is the second half..)

The tiger was getting more and more depressed, but he didn’t dare to openly resist such a big man as the Sphinx, so he asked in a low voice: “Take off your pants and **** too…”

“Hmm. Underpants.” The Sphinx didn’t seem to understand Albert’s words, and was taken aback for a moment. Then he chuckled: “What are you thinking about, my little grandson.”

He clapped his hands: “Bring the protective gear.”

As if someone was waiting in the dark, when Dad gave an order, four servants immediately brought something like a suit over. The servants knelt down beside Albert, holding a set of strangely shaped objects in their trays.

Through the darkness of the room, Albert glanced at the objects.

That’s… armor.

No, not quite right. Although breastplates, arm armors, leg armors, and even helmets are all available, that set of equipment does not seem to be the armor that knights usually wear. They are uniquely shaped and appear to be specialised for a certain project.

“Help him put it on,” ordered Father Sphinx.

The servants acted immediately and began to put on the armor for Albert. The structure of this armor is really complicated. It consists of many finely crafted armor pieces and is fixed on the tiger’s body with ropes. Tiger alone may not be able to wear such complex armor at all.

“This…what the **** is this…” Albert became more and more puzzled. Half a minute ago, Father Sphinx let the tiger strip off and touched Al’s body. Half a minute later, he ordered someone to bring such a set of armor and began to put armor on the tiger. What the **** is going on here. .

“You don’t need to rush to understand now, anyway, you will understand everything soon.” Father Sphinx patted the tiger’s crotch: “The crotch must be worn well, otherwise it will be There is no end to the fierce collision.”

“What, what, meow..” Albert’s voice changed, when a servant (and a woman) was putting on the tiger’s crotch guard. The cup-like crotch guard just buckled on Albert’s important parts, and was fixed to the tiger’s waist with elastic rubber bands, giving him a slightly uncomfortable pressure.

After putting on the protective gear, the servants started busy dressing the tiger The loose shirt was buttoned over the protective gear, it felt like an extra layer of leather, very strange. And Albert’s lower body was covered with a kind of elastic tight pants, which almost merged with the tiger’s leggings, and it felt very strange.

And then there’s that oddly shaped helmet. Its inner layer is soft and the outer layer is hard, and its round structure is completely different from the general knight helmet. It seems to be specially designed for maximum impact resistance.

What the **** are you doing? The more he wore, the more confused Albert felt. The lights in the room were too dim, and Albert had no idea what he was wearing in this outfit. Damn, he didn’t even understand the purpose of this protective gear. Did Father Sphinx make Al dressed like this to fight some kind of battle?

To be so exaggeratedly dressed, it’s almost armed to the teeth, so it must be some kind of fierce battle.

Albert’s forehead broke out in cold sweat. Tonight is bound to be a tough night.

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