Light Spirit Epic Chapter 1227: Recuperate in the silent night (4)


Chapter 1227 Resting in the silent night

In the restaurant on the west side of the Dongtian Knights Base, the children had just found a seat to sit down, and Husky looked around curiously and asked, “Hey, why didn’t Brother Daniel follow me?”

“He has his own business to do, of course he can’t follow us all the time. (Baidu search network updates the fastest and most stable)” Shaxing fooled the past smoothly.

“Oh—” Husky seemed to sense something from the look of Uncle Shaxing.

“Forget that. What would you like to eat? The strawberry cake here is delicious. Would you like to try it?” Juliet asked with a smile.

“Okay, howl wants to eat strawberry cake meow!” The leopard boy also agreed with a smile.

“Husky wants to eat chocolate-flavored ice cream, super-sweet–the kind of woof!” The canine boy also wagged his tail.

“Huhu, okay, wait a minute.” The girl smiled and walked away, busy ordering food.

“Uncle Shaxing doesn’t eat meow?” Hal looked at Xinghuilong with big watery eyes.

“I don’t like sweets.” Xinghuilong was thinking about other things, and was a little absent-minded: “And I’m not as greedy as you two brats.”

“Hehe, Uncle Shaxing is afraid of cavities.” Husky laughed mischievously: “It’s okay, as long as you brush your teeth well every morning and night, there will be no cavities!”

The evil star then gave Husky a mischievous grin, revealing a row of white teeth: “There are usually three hundred and seventy-two teeth in a dragon’s mouth, each of which is as huge as you are. What should I do to brush my teeth better?”

“Uh, don’t use Huskies to bark!” The canine boy giggled, got behind Hal and pretended to hide.

“Don’t worry, with your small body, you can’t even pick Lao Tzu’s teeth.” Xinghuilong said with a wicked smile.

The faces of the two teenagers changed greatly: “Uncle Shaxing is so scary (meow)!”

“啾!~” Balloon Fish Pochi ran out of the iron cylinder around Hal’s waist and shouted in protest at the evil star.

“Wow!~~This is a balloon fish?! So cute!!” Juliet came back with the children’s dessert and screamed at the sight of Pochi. Then they teased the animal fish together, making Pochi amused and quickly circled around the group.

“So I can’t stand women and children the most…” Facing the playfulness of the little devils, Xinghuilong had to cover his forehead and muttered.

Husky frolics and eats his ice cream quickly, then jumps up from his chair clutching his stomach and yells, “Ow! Stomach hurts!”

“Little idiot, who told you to eat in such a hurry—-go out of the bathroom and turn left.” Juliet covered her mouth and smiled. Web

“Ooooooooooooooo——” Husky covered his **** and hurried out.

Of course, it’s all about acting. The canine boy ran into the bathroom and walked around in a circle before coming out.

He took a closer sniff while he wasn’t being watched by the adults.

“Brother Daniel…” The canine boy looked into the distance worriedly, and immediately ran towards the end of the corridor along the smell.

About ten minutes ago, Daniel was led by the Knight Pariston to the frozen dormancy laboratory of the Eastern Knights.

As soon as the door was pushed open, a chill came over him, causing the apprentice knight boy to shudder.

Under the soft, almost dim lighting, there are twenty refrigerated dormant chambers neatly lined up in the foggy laboratory, about half of which are already occupied by volunteers.

Because the technology of frozen dormancy chamber is still in the small-scale clinical experiment, there are not many people using this device, and the possible side effects it may bring are not yet clear, so there are certain risks in use. The anxious Daniel did not consider these possible risks at all. He just wanted to jump into the freezer as soon as possible to get a good night’s sleep, wake up at night to hunt nightmares, and if he succeeded, he would get the upgrade approval from the Knights, and he would be able to mobilize funds immediately. operate on his mother.

“Yours is warehouse No. 7.” The knight said dispassionately, “Take off your coat and lie down in it.”

“Understood.” Before the glass cover of the freezer was opened, Daniel quickly took off his coat, leaving only a pair of shorts ready. He lay down in the freezer, and shivered by the freezing cold air.

“This is a disclaimer for the pro-**experiment. Sign it here.” Knight Parison handed over a document.

“Okay.” Daniel signed without even looking at it, and asked worriedly: “Does this… really work?”

“There is sufficient medical research to prove that deep hibernation in cold conditions can restore more energy. But this is only a mental recovery, and physical recovery is difficult to guarantee.”

“That’s enough.” Daniel muttered to himself comfortably, finding a comfortable position in the freezer to lie down.

“Then, please have a good dream,” Parisstone replied, pressing a button on the control panel next to the freezer. The glass cover of the freezer was immediately closed, completely trapping Daniel in the slightly cylindrical glass chamber. The icy fog surged from all directions of the freezer, making the young apprentice knight a little scared. But he didn’t even have the time to struggle, his body was caught by the rapidly spreading cold, his eyelids were slammed down like lead, and he couldn’t lift it up again. He fell asleep within seconds.

The wise Juliet Roosevelt made a miscalculation about the efficacy of this frozen dormancy chamber.

Yes, this cryo-dormancy therapy can indeed restore people’s energy quickly, which has been fully verified in many clinical experiments.

But that’s for sane adults.

For a teenager like Daniel who has not yet fully developed his mind, the sudden cold and forced sleep will only bring about anxiety and panic, and this panic before going to sleep will bring——

Nightmare (nightmare).

Drowning Daniel begins to be tormented by dreams and falls into a hallucination of cold and darkness.

At first it was just a vision.

My father is a knight, a very powerful knight.

My father is a hero when he goes out on patrol, protects the family and the country against violence and safety.

This idea has been ingrained in Daniel’s heart since he was a child, so he hopes that one day he can become a knight and a hero like his father.

——Until the day when the dream is completely destroyed by the cruel reality.

“Dad…isn’t coming back?” the child asked curiously, looking at his mother.

The woman put down the letter, looking haggard. Despite this, she still pretended to be as casual as possible, and gently persuaded the six-year-old child: “My dear, your father is going to a faraway place to perform a mission, and he may never be able to do it again. Fa is back to visit us. But you have to remember that your dad gave everything for this country, he sacrificed so that the people of Pantraken — and for us — could live and work in peace. Your dad is Hero, even if he never comes back to take care of us, you must respect him.”

“Yeah!” The child nodded with difficulty, taking everything the mother said was true.

Actually it is not.

Time passed, the child grew into a teenager, and he joined the Knights of Great Britain as a matter of course. When he asked if there was a knight named Yang in the knights, none of the knights remembered him.

The truth is that his father, the Dark Iron Knight Dan Yang, was just a low-level patrolman.

He stumbled across a bandit on a patrol a few years ago and was killed in battle. At that time, the knight Yang was even a little-known bronze knight (apprentice knight), but he was inactive at the age of 30 and could not be upgraded to a black iron knight (regular knight) until he died while performing official duties and was reluctantly pursued Called the Dark Knight.

The end of the little man was extremely bleak. Even if he was posthumously named a regular knight, the pensions received by knight Yang’s family were only enough to bury him.

The truth is that the claim that his father was a hero is an outright lie.

The fact is that Daniel’s father is not only not a hero, but also a trash, the kind of mediocrity who doesn’t feel a pity to be arbitrarily dismissed as an abandoned son.

Baron Vincent, the dark iron knight who had commanded the patrol, had Daniel’s father sprint at the front of the team to attract the firepower of the bandit army. The idiot took this as an opportunity to make merit and rushed too far. As a result, his cumbersome and disrepaired armor could not stop the bandits’ spears. s life.

——At least, that’s how it is recorded in the old archives of the Knights of the North.

The death of knight Dan Young has no honor. It was just a reckless man who took the initiative to lead the death without obeying orders.

Daniel collapsed as soon as he read the file. The father he had longed for since he was a child was just a small person.

His father was no hero at all.

The back of the chase is just a lie, but the dream must continue. His mother’s physical condition was getting worse and worse, and the apprentice knight boy could only get promoted as much as possible with ten times the efforts of ordinary people, so that his mother could live a good life.

However, can this dream really come true?

“It’s that kid again…” The tutors who were in charge of training young knights occasionally had discussions, and Daniel, who was hiding in a corner of the castle and doing chores, occasionally heard the tutors’ discussions.

“It’s obvious that I can’t use magic anymore because of my physical problem. My reaction is so slow, my IQ is average, and my physique is even worse than that of people of the same age. All physical fitness data is only up to the standard.”

“What a headache. Can this guy really become a talent?”

——Can this kind of guy really become a talent?

Over and over again that was the question he kept hearing all along. That kind of vague doubt stings his nerves, poisons his mind, and constantly destroys his self-confidence. The apprentice knights of the same period were also constantly alienating him, thinking that Daniel was a hopeless waste.

However, he has no way out. Even if he put in more than ten times the efforts of ordinary people, it was still fruitless, and even if the future was bleak, in order to allow his seriously ill mother to live a good life, he had to persevere.

As a result, it has come to this point.

Lying in this cold, dark glass cabin, fighting one last time against fate.

The invisible weight choked him out of breath in the nightmare.


In his sleep, he made a silent cry that no one could hear.

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