Light Spirit Epic Chapter 1226: Recuperate in the silent night (3)


Chapter 1226 Resting in the silent night

At the same time(?), Great Britain, the base of the Knights of the Eastern Sky, Elsenburg. Web


A strange sound came from Husky’s stomach.

“Are you hungry?” Juliet Roosevelt, who was taking care of the children, looked at her watch. It was only after four o’clock in the afternoon.

Husky patted his stomach embarrassedly. Today, he spent a whole day visiting the research institute and the Knights Base. Just walking, did consume a lot of physical strength.

Juliet smiled softly and suggested, “It’s too early for dinner, but you can have afternoon tea first.”

“Okay, Husky wants to eat cake!” The dog boy wagged his tail happily. His tail almost touched the male star as he swayed from side to side.

The evil star on the side subconsciously protected the demon knife around his waist, fearing that Husky’s tail would hit the hilt of the demon knife and be affected by the magic power of the demon knife. Although his concern is completely unnecessary, as long as the crimson demon sword is properly stored in the scabbard, it will not have a negative impact on the outside world.

Juliet also saw the strange behavior of the evil star. She cleverly pulled the two children away, and asked in a low voice: “So, did Lord Pasiva give that to you?”

“Yeah.” Xinghuilong hummed casually as an answer. Carrying something so wicked as the crimson demon sword made him a little nervous.

“As long as you strictly follow the safety rules, there will be no problem.” As Juliet led the two orc teenagers to the direction of the restaurant, she muttered to herself: “It is fantastic to have a dragon test the performance of the demon knife. The wonder. Lord Pasiva is truly a genius.”

“Let’s go too, Grand Duke Xingxing.” Apprentice knight Daniel also said to Xinghuilong: “The Ceylon black tea in the restaurant in the base is the best, you must try it——“

“I don’t like drinking tea very much.” Xinghuilong agreed casually, and just took a step, suddenly a knight dressed as a messenger hurried over in the corridor, almost colliding with the evil star.

Dragon swiftly avoided, the messenger hurriedly nodded at the evil star, then ran to Daniel’s side, and muttered a few words in the ear of the apprentice knight boy.

After listening to the messenger’s report, Daniel’s face suddenly turned pale, as if something extraordinary had happened.

“What’s wrong?” Shaxing asked curiously.

“Um…” The pale-faced Daniel was not only panicking, but even showed an unprecedented level of anger. Wang he shivered and replied, “Just now there was news that my mother’s condition had suddenly deteriorated and she had been sent to the intensive care unit of a nearby hospital.”

The evil star responded with a moment of silence.

“…It’s too bad. The doctor said that my mother’s condition can no longer be delayed, and surgery must be performed immediately.” Daniel frowned deeply: “Grand Duke Shaxing, although it’s a bit sudden, you can take me right away. To hunt nightmares?——go now!”

Xinghuilong immediately became unhappy: “Are you crazy? Go hunting nightmares without preparation, and you may lose your life!”

“It doesn’t matter!” Daniel said indifferently: “If I die, the insurance company will pay a temporary insurance money, and the money will be received within twelve hours, then I will ask you– —-“

Clap! Xinghuilong shot without any warning and slapped Daniel: “Calm down! The purpose of your trip is not to die, but to come back alive to save your mother, right! Save yourself by sacrificing yourself to save your mother, Let her know about it, she won’t be happy!”

“Yes, but——“

“You guys are so slow, what are you still dawdling about?” Juliet, who had taken the children out for a distance, turned back and urged, just to see the scene of the dispute between Xinghuilong and the apprentice knight boy. Looking at the fiery red palm print on Daniel’s face, she couldn’t help asking curiously, “Grand Duke Shaxing, did this kid do something wrong? Why did he beat him?”

Xinghuilong briefly described what happened.

“So it is.” Juliet pouted slightly: “Simply put, it is to let this child get enough rest and full of energy, so he can challenge the nightmare, right? If it is only a small matter, There is only one solution.”

“Oh? What method?”

“Using the [Deep Freezing Sleeping Pod].” The girl smiled and said, “This is a technology that is still under development in Great Britain and will not be disclosed to the public. However, the Knights are recruiting testers internally. If this child applies for the test If so, you should be able to use it right away.”

Daniel seemed to see the ray of hope, and asked nervously: “Then, what is that [refrigerated sleep pod]…does it really work?”

Juliet smiles confidently: “It uses low temperature to force test subjects into a deep sleep state similar to hibernation. The effect of one hour of deep sleep is equivalent to ten hours of normal sleep. Start using the cryopod now, go to Get five or six hours of sleep, and when you wake up tonight, it’s like taking a whole week off. If that doesn’t make you feel refreshed, I’ll take full responsibility.”

“I, I want to try!” Daniel hurriedly said: “Please help me arrange it right away! I can’t wait any longer!!”

Juliet smiled mysteriously, turned her head to the knight who came out of the weapons testing room just now, and said, “Did you hear that, Pariston? Just do it.”

“As ordered, Miss.” The strong knight bowed respectfully to Juliet, then turned to the young apprentice knight and said, “I will handle the application for the frozen sleeping cabin, please come with me. “

“Then——” Daniel hurriedly bowed to the crowd, intending to leave.

“Wait, don’t worry, kid!” Xinghuilong shoved a small object into Daniel’s hand.

“This is…?”

“My dragon scale.” The evil star said without emotion: “When you are ready, use this to contact me. Even if it is late at night, I will take you to hunt nightmares.”

“Thank you!” Daniel ran after the knight named Pariston.

Juliet Roosevelt glanced at Xinghuilong, as if she wanted to ask something, but she didn’t ask because of her sympathy.

“Well, the technology in Great Britain is really getting more and more developed.” Xinghui Longshaxing hurriedly changed the topic.

“That’s not our credit, but the knowledge left by the ancient gods.” Juliet also pretended to be silly and explained: “It is said that a certain great man found a very well preserved in the Turkic marsh seven years ago. There is a huge database of ancient human relics inside. Great Britain has made great strides in technology in recent years, thanks to the database of analyzing ancient human races. We are just eating at best, and there is really nothing to brag about.”

“Nevertheless, being able to understand the profound knowledge left by the ancients is also a great thing.” Sha Xing exclaimed inadvertently as he walked towards the two children who were waving in the distance.

“Hoohoo…it’s really hard-hearted and soft-hearted.” Juliet pursed her lips and smiled and followed. She had only taken a few steps when the phone in her trouser pocket suddenly rang.

“Julie.” As soon as the girl answered the phone, the voice of Viscount Roosevelt came over the phone.


“I have to apologize to you.” Viscount Roosevelt whispered, “I lost magnificently, and I also wagered [Breath of the Sky] to lose that lightsaber to my opponent… “

“You…what?!” Juliet scolded suddenly and furiously: “Are you crazy?! It was a funeral item for little Kamal, how could you take it from his grave Dig it out! It’s also a bet!?”

“I…I just thought that instead of burying such a good weapon in the ground as a burial and letting it rust and rot, it would be better to use it in a more meaningful place.” Viscount Roosevelt was busy He defended himself: “And I have no regrets. If [Breath of the Sky] can be used properly, Kamal will also be happy.”

“But you lost it as a bet to your opponent!” Juliet snarled.

Roosevelt groaned again: “I have never regretted it. I can only say that my opponent is too strong. He can beat me with [Breath of the Sky], which proves that he is more powerful than me. If you deserve that weapon, just give it to him.”

“How dare you—-” Juliet’s forehead appeared a huge blue vein, and the girl was so angry that her brother almost vomited blood. But she suppressed her anger in the next second, and said with a long sigh of relief: “Hey, forget it. That’s fine. Who told you to dig a grave without authorization to disturb little Kamal’s rest. [Breath of the Sky] did not It belongs to you, and of course it won’t stay in your hands forever.”

There was another long silence on Roosevelt’s side.

“Speaking of which,” the Viscount hurriedly changed the subject, “my opponent is using a very interesting [glass] weapon. It looks fragile, but it is terrifyingly tough, and it has a huge destructive power that is completely out of proportion to its appearance. .”

Juliet gasped: “Isn’t it legendary…”

“[Solomon’s ice tool]? Maybe, but it’s hard to say.” Rusef hummed: “It still looks half-finished, and it doesn’t look like an artifact excavated from ancient ruins. But modern It’s really impossible for people to have the technology to make [ice tools], which is a [divine industry] that even the Roosevelt family, who secretly imparted knowledge by Zeus, can’t do it. In short, things are very strange, you can’t tell in a few words at all, you have to see it with your own eyes Take a look.”

“I see.” The girl rolled her eyes and seemed to be thinking: “The replay of the knockout match is tonight at nine o’clock, even if you don’t mention it, I will definitely watch it. Huhu. ……I’m waiting to see how you fail miserably, idiot brother.”

“That’s too much! Anyway, please, I look forward to your professional advice.” Viscount Roosevelt hung up the phone hastily.

“Is it [Solomon’s ice tool] predicted by Zeus Makina…” The girl put away the phone, stared at the blue sky outside the window, and hummed disdainfully: “How is that possible! “() “The Legend of Light” only represents the views of the author Raven D. Wixas. If you find that its content violates national laws, please delete it. The position is only committed to providing healthy and green reading. platform. 【】,thank you all!


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