Light Spirit Epic Chapter 1181: Selection in the ring (12)


Chapter 1181 Selected in the ring (twelve)

After hearing Logan’s words, Bedivere was even more dissatisfied. [.xs51. Novel worry-free]

He pouted and protested: “[Time]? Is it your [Time Magic]?—I would like to learn how powerful your [Time Magic] is.””Actually, you It’s over.” Logan smiled indifferently, wiping a bit of salt on the corner of his mouth.

“What?!” Bedivere was startled and hurriedly looked down at the situation on the table. Within a few seconds of the two of them talking, not only Logan’s own lunch, but Bedivere’s, and even the lunch that Arthur left behind when he left in a hurry, were all swept away. And empty!

“Uh.” Logan hiccupped: “Thanks for the hospitality.” “When did you take my lunch…” The werewolf looked at the great wizard in disbelief: “This is the time Magic?” “Perhaps.” Logan stroked his gray beard and smiled mysteriously: “With infinite time, I cannot be defeated. But using these means to win you is indeed a bit disgraceful. Child, you You are a very powerful warrior, and I have to give you the highest respect. Therefore, I must give you a puzzle that will give you a glimpse into the essence of [time magic]. If you can solve this puzzle If so, there may be a chance to crack my time magic and defeat me.——How about it? Is this a good suggestion?” The werewolf immediately grinned and showed a fierce expression: “I don’t need charity from my opponent. !!” “Don’t get me wrong,” Logan Chaimashan clarified: “This is not a charity. I’m just giving you a little hint, so that you won’t lose incomprehensibly. The most important thing for you knights is [fairness] Sex], right? That’s [fairness] that I identify with. Even if you lose in the end, I’ll tell you the secrets of [time magic] to convince you that you lose. So, what I’m telling you now It’s just a mystery.” Bedivere glared at Logan without saying a word. This old man is so arrogant.

“Then—” Logan pulled a bracelet from his pocket.

It was a small silver bracelet, and there was not much magic in it, and it seemed to be just an ordinary thing.

Playing with the silver bracelet, Logan explained casually, “This time I unlocked the bracelet for a small amount of money from my locker. I didn’t spend a lot of money to unlock my staff, and I didn’t. Bought a new weapon, didn’t even unlock my ability to use magic. I brought almost nothing and went into battle with the only long sword I have now. And this bracelet has no special magic effect, it is only tied A warp was set up—in other words, it was a [storage bracelet].” “I know what that is.” Bedivere himself had a storage ring, which he used exclusively for his storage. The [Magic Bow—The Fire of Nare]——of course he knew the usefulness of such magic items.

So the werewolf couldn’t help but ask doubtfully: “And you’re going to fight me like this? Where did the [time magic] go?” Logically speaking, since Logan didn’t unlock any magic, he must be bound by the magic bracelet. Restricted, can’t use his [time magic]? Then he just ate three lunches in an instant, what kind of trick did he rely on?

Bedivere has a sharp eye and has exceptional dynamic vision. Even the guys who are as fast as Palamides and can move at supersonic speed, the werewolf should be able to see some afterimages when they move, so they can’t detect anything, right?

But Logan had just finished three lunches under Bedivere’s nose. The werewolf didn’t even see the shadow of the opponent moving. What speed is this? Absolutely faster than the speed of light! Logan has no other way to achieve this effect than using magic! The old man said that he had never unlocked magic at all? !

Are you lying? Is this deliberately disturbing Bedivere’s words?

Not quite right. The werewolf felt from the other’s piercing eyes that Logan’s words were not at all false. What he said should be the truth, although the mystery cannot be explained by common sense for the time being!

“Can I ask a question?” Bedivere whispered: “What’s in the bracelet?” “Water. The most common distilled water.” Logan answered bluntly: “Except Besides, there is nothing else.” This should also be the truth. If there was any powerful magic weapon in the bracelet, the people of Great Britain would have checked it out long ago.

If so, unlocking this bracelet from the locker will cost an exorbitant amount of money—all powerful items are given a high price that is more than ten times the original price of the item, and the candidates simply cannot afford it. pen money!

It was an ordinary storage bracelet containing ordinary pure water.

Bediver understood, but was completely confused: “You unlocked a water-filled treasure bracelet from your locker? But…why?” This It’s the puzzle I gave you.” Logan smiled more mysteriously. His expression was not at all smug or arrogant, but full of kindness and sincerity, like a teacher teaching students: “Son, make full use of your wisdom and guess. Our afternoon battle will be very interesting. Don’t lose too easily.” After speaking, the great mage Logan left a note with a denomination of one hundred Egyptian coins and left. The money should be to make up for Bedivere’s lunch.

The werewolf can’t help but feel depressed.

At the same time, Great Britain, the palace of King Arthur.

“Greenville!” The king of knights returned to Great Britain from the teleporter, and hurried home on his dragoon, calling his wife loudly as soon as he slammed into the door.

“Oh, Arthur?” The queen was drinking tea from the pre-noon meal in the hall, her attitude very calm.

Arthur was taken aback. When the king rushed in, the queen was so calm, it seemed King Arthur was very stupid. He suppressed the surprise on his face, lowered his voice and asked, “My queen, I heard that you were attacked last night? Are you okay? Are you not injured?” “How would you know, Your Majesty?” Queen Greenville looked a little unhappy: “Could it be that Dad sent someone to inform you? He just likes to worry. I’m fine, I don’t even have a scratch. It’s a pity that I Accidentally, the attack was too heavy, and all the Twilight cultists were killed, and half of them were not left to interrogate.” Indeed, Greenville has received formal practical training, and also has super hearing to assist in battle. It is not for ordinary people to defeat the queen. easy thing. It is also a common result for her to win dozens of strong men one-on-one. Arthur’s queen is still as brave (fierce) and fierce (crippled) as before.

A tiny drop of sweat emerged from the corner of Arthur’s forehead: “Anyway…you’ll be fine. It’s his dereliction of duty when this happened despite Lancelot.” Don’t blame Sir Lancelot, Your Majesty.” Greenville took another sip of tea and said slowly: “I ordered him to protect the children yesterday. They went fishing. I thought it was just for a charity party, wouldn’t I? Too big of a problem, who knew the security guards at the party were so useless. Anyway, it wasn’t Sir Lancelot’s fault, Your Majesty. He arrived in a hurry last night and got hurt for protecting me from the enemy’s sneak attack. A slight injury.” “Really——” Arthur suddenly became furious: “So the situation last night was still very dangerous?! Even a swordsman like Lancelot was injured, and you said that yesterday Isn’t it dangerous late?” Greenville smiled lightly: “No, nothing. It’s just a sneak attack by an enemy pretending to be dead, so it’s not critical. Lancelot just got a scratch on his arm in order to protect me. After treatment , now there are no wounds left.” “That’s good…” The Knight King actually still has a lot of questions, but he hasn’t seen Lancelot himself, so he won’t ask anything for the time being. .

The king suddenly thought of something, and immediately took out a small glass bottle from the storage pocket of his belt: “By the way, since I came back early, I will give this to you first.” “Oh, so beautiful! ‘ Queen Greenville looked at the contents of the bottle. It was a crystal rose. The thousands of crystal-clear petals of that beautiful rose constantly reflect colorful rays of light under the sunlight, which is unimaginably dazzling, more beautiful than any gem in the world.

Arthur gently opened the glass container with roses, and the flowers emitted a more beautiful halo under the direct sunlight, reflecting the living room like a seven-color rainbow world.

Wang said softly: “This is the [Desert Flower] picked in the oasis of the Sahara Desert. It blooms only once in a thousand years. It is said that its flowers will never wither, and it can be stored for at least a thousand years in this state. ——My queen, I wish you a happy seventh wedding anniversary.” “Arthur…” Queen Greenville smiled. That superficial and sweet smile is as beautiful as a crystal rose.

She wanted to reach out and touch the crystal rose, but King Arthur hurriedly said, “Watch out for the thorns!” It was too late. Greenville, who was fascinated by crystal roses, accidentally stabbed her hand by a thorn. Although the wound was not deep, she felt the pain and pulled back her hand subconsciously.

“Are you all right?” said King Arthur worriedly.

“I’m fine, I’m fine.” The queen smiled foolishly, wiping her bruised fingers with a handkerchief: “Remind me again that beautiful things are usually prickly.” “Just like you. , my queen.” King Arthur joked, stroking the queen’s beautiful and tender face with his hand.

Then, the two looked at each other deeply.

Start kissing.

Fast transition from kissing to hugging, intensified.

Half an hour later, the two were lying on the bed in the bedroom. The queen showed her head from the quilt and said with a smile, “Oh, that’s really good.” King Arthur also showed his head from the quilt and said with a smirk, “It’s just [not bad]? I’ve stored up my energy for days~IndoMTL .com~ I vented it all at once.” “Beautiful.—It’s morning, you don’t do business, you just care about doing this kind of thing with your queen, is it really okay?” Queen Greenville laughed road.

“Just leave the main business to the prime minister to handle it.” King Arthur leaned closer to the queen’s cheek and kissed a few times: “But the private interview with the candidates has not been completed, I have to go back to Egypt once. Before… how about we fight again?” “Yes, my dear king.” Queen Greenville replied jokingly, and the two got into the quilt again.

But as soon as the queen got into bed, she couldn’t help yawning: “It’s weird…suddenly…sleepy…?””Greenville? ‘ Arthur shoved his wife suspiciously.

No response. The only thing that responded to King Arthur was the Queen’s low, almost non-existent breathing.

Without warning, she closed her eyes and fell into a dead sleep.

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