Light Spirit Epic Chapter 1180: Selection in the ring (11)


Chapter 1180 Selected in the ring (11)

The helmet is big and round, a full circle fatter than ordinary helmets, like a hood for a big-headed baby, and like the heads of those puppet mascot costumes in an amusement park, it looks very funny.

“This… one—point—all—no—cool—wang. [.xs51.Novel novel]” Huskie lengthened his voice and complained road. He couldn’t imagine what effect this ghastly thing would have on that shiny and cool suit of armor.

“We don’t want cool. As long as there is no problem with functionality.” Vivian’s face was slightly displeased.

“However, wearing it can’t even stand still. Fighting with this is courting death.” Shaxing pointed out the shortcomings of this design in one sentence: “No, this thing is completely useless.” Uh !” Vivienne and Li Daoyuan shuddered at the same time. The results of their continuous efforts over the past few months seemed to be completely denied in an instant, and it was strange that they did not lose.

“Husky just doesn’t understand Wang.” The canine boy touched the big helmet, tilted his head and asked, “Why do you have to put food, air and diapers on the armor? You can’t put the restaurant toilet Would you like to bring it with you?” “It’s not as simple as you think.” Vivian denied without thinking.

“Wait…” The Oriental suddenly thought of something, and took a deep breath: “Son, what did you just say? Can you say it again?” Husky said just now, [Can’t you take the restaurant toilet with you, Wang]?” The dog boy repeated.

Li Daoyuan was stunned for a second, then shook his head, thinking that method was not feasible.

Then he coughed dryly, and finally came up with a feasible plan!

He actually started taking his armguards off!

The oriental man who took off the crab shell revealed his slightly emaciated arms. With his fair hands, he picked up the pen and paper and began to draw continuously on the drawing.

“What are you doing, Mr. Li Daoyuan?” Vivian glanced at the drawing curiously.

“The child is right, really right!” The Oriental laughed excitedly: “Our idea was wrong from the beginning. In fact, the solution is very simple, just tell the child Same, just take the dining room and toilet with you!” That’s right, what Li Daoyuan drew on the paper was not the new design of the armor.

That’s a machine. More precisely, it’s a small supply ship!

“We applied the principle of defuzzy armor to this, and made a supply station that can completely isolate the shadows and move. With this, other armors don’t need a food bank at all, and the air bank can be greatly reduced. And excretion — well, a small carry-on bag will do the trick. They drive this to the Dark Continent and don’t usually need to wear armor. The armor’s outboard time is only limited to five hours. !” “How to solve the dark pollution when entering and leaving this ship?” Vivian asked.

“It’s very simple, we make an air lock, and [disinfection] treatment is carried out before people enter and leave! There is not much pollution, and a little bit of dark pollution can be easily removed with ultrasonic waves!””If Is the supply station damaged in the middle?” Vivian asked again: “The lives of the crew depend on this supply station. Once the armor is damaged and leaked, everyone will have to wait to die.” “Then we will do more. A few supply depots—three is enough? This way, even if one or two of the supply depots are damaged, everyone can still use the backup supply depot to maintain life. As long as it is not a major damage, a little damage Should be able to fix it!” “Hmm…interesting.” Vivian couldn’t think of any comments.

“All technical problems have been solved!” Uncle Crab dropped his pen and rushed out with the blueprint: “I have to show this to Master Merlin! Then we’ll start building supply ships right away! Great, Finally, we can complete the development of the turbulent armor before moving the capital!” He was about to leave when he suddenly turned to look at the dog boy. He ran back quickly, picked up Husky and hugged him: “Thank you, little genius!” “Ow! The thorns on Uncle Crab’s body are so painful!” Husky complained.

“What does [moving the capital] mean?” Sha Xing asked curiously, looking at the figure of Li Daoyuan hurriedly leaving.

“Don’t you know yet?” Vivian smiled softly: “In a short time, Arthur will announce to the nation that the restoration of [Holy Camelot] has been completed. The capital of Great Britain will be re-opened from London. Move back to Camelot.” Shaxing frowned: “I still don’t understand. Your capital is now in London, isn’t it good? It is prosperous and comfortable here. Such a good city, there is no reason to give up, more There’s no need to move anything?” “I know. But Camilo is the capital that Arthur’s father sacrificed his life to protect. Even if it once turned to ashes, Arthur would go back again.” Vivian touched it. Hal’s cat head: “Because that’s his home.” She saw the doubts on Xinghuilong’s face and asked, “Shaxing, where is your home? You don’t have a home you want to go back to.” Is it?” Ginny’s face was blank.

At the same time (?), Africa, on the Red Sea stone formation.

As soon as Arthur led Bedivere and his party into the restaurant, they were quickly served lunch. That’s the standard meal for cavaliers — it’s actually fish fillet with French fries.

“The seats over there are empty.” Arthur pointed to a quieter corner of the restaurant: “Let’s have a meal together?” “Well, we have to discuss some things, meow.” Saifer turned to his father and brother wink. He certainly didn’t want to stick with King Arthur for a long time. He also intends to make good use of the spare time after lunch to continue to modify weapons. If Arthur was there, he would have messed up the matter of dismantling the plug-in system at will, and the situation would be more embarrassing.

“Oh, okay.” The king of knights could also vaguely perceive that the Leopard Man was hiding from him, so he stopped talking, and pulled the corner of Labedivere’s shirt: “Beddy, you shouldn’t be with this guy. The heartless orcs are just as ungrateful as they are, and are avoiding me, right? Can you accompany me after lunch?” A big drop of cold sweat emerged from the werewolf’s forehead, and Bedivere smiled bitterly: “With you. Of course. I want to accompany you.” The werewolf grimaced at Zephyr, and when passing by the leopard youth, he sneaked his Luna steel machete into Zefei’s hands, and then left with Arthur.

“Sorry, meow.” The young Leopard Man looked at the backs of King Arthur and Bedivere, feeling guilty. He walked away with his father Palamides, his younger brother Seglade, and Elaine the Ice Bear, finding a more remote corner to eat.

Bedivale, who was “forcibly” taken away by Arthur, was just sitting down to eat when a knight dressed as a messenger rushed into the restaurant and whispered a few words beside King Arthur.

Arthur just listened to the description of the messenger, his face changed: “Really?!” The messenger nodded and turned away. Taking this opportunity, Bedivere also saw the bronze snowflake emblem on the messenger, who was a knight of the Northern Heaven Knights.

“Sorry, Bedivere.” Arthur put down the dinner plate: “I have to go back. I heard that Greenville was attacked last night.” “What?!” The werewolf exclaimed in a low voice road. He lowered his voice again and asked, “Is the queen alright?” “It is said that she was attacked by the Dusk believers at the charity party. There were no decent guards at that time, so Greenville had to kill all the enemies by herself. That silly girl…I just hope she’s not hurt.””God…”Bediver sighed, covering his mouth.

“So, I have to go back and see my queen right away.” Arthur gave the werewolf an embarrassed wry smile: “I planned to go back to Great Britain after watching your first game, but it seems that I didn’t have a chance to watch the game. Yes.—Anyway, good luck, Bedivere.” “Thank you.” The werewolf nodded. “Please send my condolences to the Queen.” “Yes.” Arthur said hurriedly.

So…in the blink of an eye, Bedivere was left out by the two groups. Arthur left and went back to find Zephyr and the others for a meal, which seemed a bit redundant. The werewolf sat dejectedly in a corner of the dining room, eating his lunch on his own.

He is not alone, however. In this restaurant, there are already several forces watching Bedivere, intending to find trouble with the single werewolf.

These hostile eyes are drawn to another figure. Big Mage Logan held his lunch, walked generously and directly to this corner of the restaurant, and stopped just in front of Bedivere’s table.

“Are you eating alone, child?” the old man asked in a loud, deep voice.

“Er…I think…yes.” The werewolf looked up at Logan suspiciously. The old man was tall and sturdy. At this time, he was only wearing a sleeveless short suit. He didn’t look like a mage should dress up at all, but more like some kind of monk who used his fists to control the enemy.

What is this guy here for? Do you want to check out Bedivere’s strength before the battle Or, is he here to declare war?

Bediver watched Logan sit down with unease, and the Master said at the same time, “I know what you’re thinking, child. But I’m not here to pick things up.” “So what are you doing? ‘ the werewolf asked in a low voice, trying his best to be polite.

“A puzzle.” Logan laughed and asserted unceremoniously: “Son, I have been paying attention to you for a long time. You are very strong, and in terms of hand-to-hand combat, it is likely that you are the best candidate in this class of candidates. The stronger one. But you and I still have no chance of winning, and you will definitely lose.” “How would you know if you don’t try this kind of thing.” The werewolf was a little unconvinced. This guy Logan said that he was not here to challenge things, but the old man said that he would win as soon as he opened his mouth. This is simply the rhythm of picking things up!

Da. Mage smiled mysteriously: “Don’t try, you will lose 100%. Because [time] is your enemy, and I have an infinite amount of [time].” “You are absolutely no match. me.” he asserted.

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