Light Spirit Epic Chapter 1173: Selection in the ring (4)


Chapter 1173 Selected in the ring (four)

The werewolf looked around in the weapon racks on the floor and on the wall, but could never find a lightsaber-like weapon. He was curious if the arsenal had any lightsabers in stock.

As soon as he heard this, Arthur laughed wickedly: “Lightsabers? We don’t sell that kind of thing here. The weapons in this warehouse are destined to be distributed to civilians, so it’s not good to have lightsabers here. If the guest officers want to get the lightsaber, they have to go elsewhere. But I doubt you can get it in Egypt. The lightsaber is a weapon distributed within the national army and is generally not allowed to be sold in the private sector.” Arthur Said it right. Lightsabers are too dangerous to be sold publicly. Even in the black market in Cairo, there is no trace of lightsabers. It is estimated that the control is very strict, and it is really difficult to get them. Even the photon dagger that Arthur lent Bedivere to use yesterday, King Arthur hurriedly took it back afterward, just not letting Bedivere have a lightsaber.

“Mr. Bedivere, don’t worry about that at all.” Zephyr gave the werewolf a wink, as if he had planned.

Could this guy be able to assemble a lightsaber out of the electronics he can get his hands on? If yes, then God.

That being the case, Bedivere didn’t ask any more questions about the lightsaber. But he still wanted to get a weapon for long-range combat to deal with emergencies. He thought the shield bow he had used before was a good choice, and explained the situation to Arthur.

“Longbow? Are you sure?” Arthur smiled mysteriously: “The longbow must be pulled with both hands, and the process of pulling the bow and aiming is completely passive. Although your shield bow can be used for a while, let go of part of it. Attack, but it is really not very useful, it is only suitable for defending certain strongholds.” “Do you have any other good introduction?” “This.” Arthur handed Bedivere a combination crossbow. It has a capable shape, easy to hold with one hand, and can easily fire special small alloy arrows; it can also be loaded automatically, and the small arrows in the magazine can be installed on the crossbow by pressing a button.

Click. Arthur pressed a hidden button on the combo crossbow. The two shields were opened from the edge of the crossbow and combined into a small shield. Although the shield is small, it is made of a light and strong alloy that can easily block oncoming props.

“It’s got everything you want. And it’s lighter and easier to handle with one hand.” Arthur handed the combination crossbow to the werewolf: “Only 10,000 Egyptian coins.””I want it .” The werewolf loved the crossbow that Arthur introduced. Not only because it was introduced to him by King Arthur himself, but also because the crossbow was truly significant and suited the way Bedivere fought.

The King of Knights is battle-hardened and has far more combat experience than Bedivere. The king’s advice is always better, and the werewolf knows he just needs to be obedient. In fact, a long-range attack weapon that can be used with one hand is always good, it frees up Bedivere’s other hand to use more weapons and bring more tactical changes.

“Hmm~ I want one too.” Albert suddenly became envious.

“You?” Arthur tried his best to suppress the contempt in his eyes, and gave the tiger a white look with a strange look that almost no one could detect: “You…not suitable for using a crossbow.” What Meow? Why meow!?” Albert looked puzzled and angry, like an innocent person who was sentenced to death for no reason.

The king of knights asked back in a tone like flirting with Albert: “You really want to know why? If you know the truth, you probably won’t be able to take this blow.” The meow you imagined!” Albert said angrily.

Bediver shook his head. Then someone will be deeply hurt once, and the werewolf can’t stop it from happening.

“Okay, I’ll tell you the truth.” The King of Knights sneered and analyzed it as if he was scolding Albert: “I’ve seen your battle data. You are rough, brutal, and mindless when you fight. You compare It is suitable for rushing directly to the enemy and slashing, rather than pulling the distance and entanglement with the opponent. Even if you are given a shield crossbow, you will only use it as a shield, and it will not play the original role of the shield crossbow. ? Even if you plan to shoot the enemy from a distance, you tend to rush to shoot and keep missing. This not only wastes ammunition, but also distracts and allows the enemy to take advantage.” “No such thing! I’ve always used a longbow too! For example, when hunting monsters—” “Yes, hide in ambush in the dark, secretly shoot arrows to plot against monsters.” Arthur interrupted mercilessly: “This kind of thing only needs to be You can do it if you have patience. But we are talking about fighting against people, two people, face-to-face, with nowhere to hide. Are you really ready?” Tiger was speechless. He couldn’t refute it, because he thought so vaguely in his own heart that King Arthur’s analysis was absolutely correct.

Albert is really not suitable for shooting enemies from a distance.

“Forget about crossbow weapons. Instead, it’s — uh, it’s delivered.” Arthur looked up into the distance, where a staff member was walking with a weapon Come. There was still a faint green smoke on the weapon, and it seemed that the weapon had just been remade from the studio.

“My Haitao sword…” Albert was dumbfounded when he looked at the freshly baked long sword: “Oh my God! What did you do to it?!” Sharpened, it becomes a single-edged knife. The worn side was fitted with something else, a large-caliber barrel, and a revolver-like cartridge near the hilt of the barrel. In order to be suitable for the firing of firearms, even the handle has been improved to a certain arc, making it feel quite weird to hold! I don’t know whose idea, they turned the Haitao sword that Albert borrowed into a gun blade! ?

“My god, my god, my god! There’s no beauty in this, it’s ugly!” Albert looked at the gun blade and was about to cry.

But that’s not the case. At least Bedivere, who is watching from the sidelines, doesn’t think the gun blade is not beautiful. It’s gone from a sculpted beauty to some sort of complex mechanical aesthetic, where every driveshaft, every gear, looks stunning.

“And why did you transform it into a gun blade?! Didn’t you just say, I’m not suitable for long-distance combat with a gun?” Arthur smiled again: “Oh, it’s loaded with shotguns. A caliber of scattered iron beads. When firing, eighteen rounds of large-caliber iron beads are randomly scattered at a 60-degree angle. Even a blind man can hit the target. The power is not enough, but it should be more than enough for medium and long-range suppression. Is there anything else you are dissatisfied with?” After speaking, he pushed away the bullet as big as a fist on the blade of the gun. Each of the six bullet holes in the cartridge is as thick as a thumb, and it looks very scary.

Albert froze again. He was repeatedly stunned by King Arthur’s refutation, but he was not convinced. Although he was not convinced, he couldn’t say anything. After all, the gun blade was not owned by Tiger. He had borrowed it and had to return it, and Great Britain, which had the true sovereign power of the weapon, had the right to make it whatever it was.

Arthur shoved the gun blade into Albert’s hand: “One hundred thousand. Do you want it? If you don’t, it will be used as a backup weapon for other candidates.” “Ow…Yes, Of course…” Albert took the spear blade in confusion. In fact, things are not as bad as Tiger imagined. Although significantly remodeled, the finely carved patterns on the weapon are still pleasing to the eye. More importantly, Albert is also holding a single-edged machete in the other hand, and fighting with a machete in both hands is a little easier than a machete in one hand and a straight sword in one hand. He needs some time to get used to it.

“By the way, I have to find a weapon for Elaine next, meow.” Seglade walked up to King Arthur and explained the whole story to Arthur.

“Really? That’s not easy to handle. We happen to have a test weapon here, which other candidates can’t handle, but it’s just right for Elaine.” Arthur tapped a few times on the electronic notepad. It seems to be calling for the staff to bring weapons.

A few minutes later, several more knights joined forces to bring a large and heavy stake. It was a very strange weapon, a bit like a giant stick, and a bit like those pile drivers used in construction on the construction site. It also has a huge engine attached to one end, and the engine and weapon grips become part of the gauntlet, and it seems that the entire arm needs to be threaded in to hold the huge pile driver.

“Uh… wow!” The white bear man was dumbfounded, the most stupid he could only utter such a direct sigh.

“Impact Cone (). The price is 10,000 Egyptian coins.” Arthur introduced: “This thing was originally used for siege, and can easily break through the strong protection of the city wall. But it can also be used against people. It’s very interesting, one blow can knock people out hundreds of yards.” “Aslan!” Seglade couldn’t help but get a little angry: “Are you listening, meow?! What I just said was [To Yi Ryan is looking for a weapon that won’t smash people to pieces], not [find him a weapon that will smash people even more] Meow!” “Trust me It’s alright.” Arthur With a sneer, he turned to Elaine and said: “When fighting against people, the use of this thing is not to stab the opponent. It will poke a big hole in the person. Just stab them at their feet diagonally! Cone! The impact of the thorns on the ground will lift all the dirt and people flying out. Do you know what that means?” “No, no?” Elaine shook her head stupidly.

“One of the conditions for victory in this ring match is to knock out the opponent.” Bedivere continued in a low voice.

“Correct!” King Arthur nodded with a smirk, “I can assure you that anyone who takes the frontal impact of the impact cone will definitely fly far away. You don’t need to hurt people at all, just use the impact force. You can defeat your opponent.” “Great! Put a hard hat on this kid, and he will become a migrant worker.” Albert suddenly thought of the picture of the white bear man working on the construction site, ruthlessly sarcastically.

“No, no!” Elaine responded with a blushing face. He thought that yesterday’s work at the construction site to make money was a mess. His stupid expression caused everyone to burst into laughter.

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