Light Spirit Epic Chapter 1172: Selection in the ring (3)


Chapter 1172 Selected in the ring (3)

These portals, needless to say, each lead directly to the portal of the battleship [Attack Palamedis].

Seeing the surprised look of the candidates, Cador smiled lightly: “From now on, you can use the transmitter attached to the bracelet to call the battleship, and send it to our battleship at any time to receive battle supplies. The battleship. The arsenal provides you with various types of weapons and supplies, which I believe can bring a certain degree of convenience to everyone’s battle. Of course, they are not free. You must use the money you have earned these days to buy corresponding The more powerful the weapon, the more expensive it is.” Seglade laughed inwardly. The group of them already had the most powerful weapons in their hands, and there was no need to buy weapons from warships. Of course, in order to get the weapon inserts (and the system to activate them) on the Luna Steel series of weapons, they have to get the corresponding supplies from the ship’s arsenal.

“By the way, in addition to the money you have used to buy weapons, you can also unlock [a certain item] that you have sealed in the locker of the battleship, as well as unlock [a certain item] that you have learned. Magic].

Of course, the items you store in your lockers are usually powerful items, or your favorite weapons. They affect the balance of the event. In order for the candidates to have a relatively fair battle environment, whether it is to unblock an item or to unlock a magic, the price required is more than ten times the original estimate of the item or magic as a [punishment].

The more rare and destructive props or magic, the more this [Punishment Multiplier] will be magnified. The organizer of the round table test does not recommend that candidates use money to unblock props or magic, because unblocking magic or props at this time will be very expensive and not cost-effective. “”Master examiner, I have a question. “A slightly old voice suddenly asked. Bedivere looked in the direction of the source of the sound, and it turned out to be the Great Mage Logan.

“Excuse me.”””The effect of the [Bangle of Sealing Demons] should be to seal all the photons that suddenly entered the body, making it impossible for people to use magic? You really have a way to make me wear the bracelet, only Unblock [a specific magic]?” Logan was indeed a mage, and the question was very professional.

“Oh, Mr. Logan, you underestimate our science and technology in Great Britain.” Cadore sneered contemptuously: “Our technology in Great Britain is the first in the world, how could such a trivial thing be difficult for us?– —-Each magic has its specific photon wavelength and texture. Just let [Magic Sealing Bracelet] memorize the corresponding wavelength and texture, so that it keeps sealing other photon wavelengths, only for that specific wavelength Let it go, the problem is solved.” Bedivere was confused.

“Very well. I have no more questions to ask.” Logan understood without difficulty.

“Very good, now disbanded——” Cador nodded, just about to say disbanded.

“Wait. There is an additional rule.” Someone interrupted Cador of the Round Table.

Another person jumps from the deck of the battleship. He was dressed in a black robe that looked elegant in the Egyptian morning light. This man is the adopted son of Constantine, Knight of the Round Table, Cador.

“Hello everyone, I am Constantine, Knight of the Round Table, one of the examiners for this exam.” The young Knight of the Round Table introduced himself: “Although I am not in charge of the [Trial of Strength] examination process, as a A military doctor, I have the responsibility to remind you: No murder is allowed in this ring match.” There was a slight commotion among the candidates present.

“This is an additional condition that King Arthur suddenly promulgated last night.” Constantine continued: “The sixty-seven candidates present are all elites who have gone through a lot of tempering and finally stayed. Each of you will become The most precious wealth in the world has made great contributions to future wars. Therefore, King Arthur ordered you to cherish your opponents and never allow them to take their lives in the ring match.—— Candidates killed by the opponent will directly lose the qualification for the round table trial, do you understand!?” The candidates present made a more intense commotion.

“But the sword has no eyes, and if you’re not careful, it will ——” “No!” Constantine assured loudly: “As long as it doesn’t completely destroy the opponent’s head, or kill him instantly with a venomous poison. I can revive a dead opponent. You can cut off your opponent’s hands and feet, or even cut your opponent in half, but you must not attack the head! Do you understand!?” Constantine said confidently, Of course he was quite sure. The competition is conducted under the supervision of the organizer of the round table trial. Once someone is seriously injured, first aid can be given immediately. No matter how many pieces the body is cut into, as long as Constantine’s [Hand of God] is there, the wounded can be sewn up again.

Nevertheless, it’s really annoying to have to be careful not to kill your opponent in an already life-threatening fight.

A trace of dissatisfaction flashed across the face of the poisoner Bett. He couldn’t use the venom that would kill him instantly. However, he can still paralyze and incapacitate opponents with other poisons.

Seglade frowned as well, and whispered something in Elaine’s ear. The Luna Steel Great Shield he made for the White Bears can be transformed into a Luna Steel Great Sword. This sword is so powerful that even if it hits the opponent lightly, it is likely to cut the opponent to pieces.

At first, the Leopard Man thought this was a very clever design. After all, the Luna Steel Great Shield had both offensive and defensive capabilities, and its offensive and defensive capabilities were top-notch. But when this new rule came out, it completely hurt Elaine. Segrad repeatedly told the Ice Bear man not to use the giant sword mode of the Luna Steel Shield, so as not to accidentally kill the opponent with too much power——It seems that Elaine can only find another weapon as an attack method, or only With the shield mode of the Luna Steel Great Shield, I slapped the opponent (lightly).

The bear man nodded again and again, but the expression on his face became more and more solemn. Even the dull-witted he realized how bad he was. His grouping was not good in the first place, and the opponents in the same group were all strong like monsters; now, he must be careful to accommodate the weapons in his hand, Elaine’s situation can be said to be extremely unfavorable!

“That’s all I have to say. Take care of yourselves.” Constantine, after giving the main points of the exam, immediately turned and left, leaving the candidates behind. Some of the candidates already expressed their dissatisfaction with the very thin booing of Constantine who left, although it was not Constantine’s fault at all.

“Hmm… well, let’s go to the arsenal and pick some suitable weapons,” Palamedis said to the group.

“Is there enough money in hand?” Bedivere asked worriedly.

“Definitely enough.” Palamidis didn’t even have time to explain to the werewolf that the casino made a lot of money. In fact, Bedivere has made a total of more than 1.2 million in the past two days, while Palamidis and the others have also made more than 2 million in the casino. After deducting various expenses, their group’s “military funds” There are more than three million in total. There are more than enough weapons to buy in the arsenal. Besides, there is no need for them to buy weapons at all. The only thing they need to get is the plug-in system.

A few minutes later, a large number of candidates entered the battleship. [Attack on the Palamidis] The four weapon depots were almost full of people. In addition to the candidates who purchased weapons, many staff members were also helping, pricing each weapon selected by the candidates, and proposing various options. item recommendation.

“Here is a candidate, what weapons do you want?” A “staff” wearing black clothes and a half-covered mask, with only the part below the nose showing, was holding an electronic account book, enthusiastic Standing in front of Bedivere and the others.

The werewolf was stunned for half a second: “Ass—Aslan?! What are you doing here?” “Huhu, now is the time when there are not enough manpower, I am here to help.” King Arthur said with a wicked smile .

While the candidates were shopping for weapons, the King of Great Britain disguised himself as a staff member of the battleship and joined in the fun. Those who knew him naturally knew him, and those who didn’t know King Arthur would only treat him like a (weirdly dressed) ordinary staff member.

A drop of cold sweat appeared on the werewolf’s forehead.

“That’s enough time.” Albert whispered maliciously.

“Your Majesty is naughty again.” Palamides also grinned.

“Long-winded, I want you to take care of it.” Only he knew of Arthur’s ghost idea.

“A…Mr. Aslan…I want this meow.” Seglade picked up a small dagger at random. The dagger is well made, nothing special about it but it has four sockets. Remove them all and install them on the Luna Steel weapon, and the plug-in problem of the two weapons can be directly solved.

“Is this 5,000 Egyptian coins, okay?” King Arthur explained to everyone like an ordinary staff member: “To be honest, I don’t recommend this dagger very much. Although there are many slots, there are also many tactics that can be used. , but it doesn’t have much power by itself. Plus there are too many slots, it’s a mess to use.——If I had to choose, this two-slot longsword is more suitable for combat, in any harsh environment You can adapt to any situation.” “I know, meow.” Seglade was reluctant to tell King Arthur what they really meant, “but I still want to buy this kind of dagger for fun, not for anything else, just because it’s fun, meow. If If there’s anything else, I’d like to get four more daggers like this meow—” and then wait for Zephyr to remove all the plug-in systems in the daggers and install them in their own Luna steel weapons, the problem of plug-ins will be All solved.

“As you wish.” Without doubting Arthur, he wrote down Seglade’s order in the electronic ledger: “Want anything else?” “Aslan, here it is. Are lightsabers for sale?” Bedivere asked curiously.

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