Light Spirit Epic Chapter 1158: Fighting at the Oasis (11)


Chapter 1158 The fierce battle in the oasis (eleven)


A strange wind sounded from the very center of the clearing, bringing an incomparably gloomy chill. .there are reads where there should not have been vents;. Since there are no vents, where can such a sudden airflow come from?

“Be careful, Your Majesty, this forest is a little weird,” Evan reminded.

“Hmm.” Arthur snorted. The opponent is probably planning to use all his strength to fight against King Arthur, and of course King Arthur cannot be neglected. He began to remove the seal of the holy sword and drew the sword of the holy king from its scabbard.

Swish swish swish swish! ! The stronger the wind, the whole forest seemed to be in a storm, swaying constantly.

No, it’s really in a storm. The woods in Area Zero fell frantically, dragged by some invisible force, and moved closer to the center of this open space! It’s as if there’s a black hole that’s constantly sucking all the trees in the woods! !

“Your Majesty?!!” Evan reminded again with a higher volume. The woods that were attracted were pressing in front of the two, as if they were about to turn Arthur and Ivana into meat sauce! Very bad! !

But his worries are completely superfluous! Before the fallen woods approached the clearing, those trees turned into countless rays of light, and were completely sucked away before they hit the two of them. At a speed invisible to the naked eye, they were instantly sucked into an invisible black hole in the middle of the clearing. middle!

The entire forest disappears in seconds! !

They were sucked away, compressed into a little bit, and finally turned into a fist-sized tree seed that landed in the middle of the clearing!

The red tree species like blood exudes an ominous aura!

“Arthur!!” Bedivere and Tristan also arrived at this time, and the werewolf youth shouted: “Are you okay?”

“Beddy!” The King of Knights turned his head and glanced at the werewolf: “What’s wrong with you? Your face is really pale?”

“Arthur, you are!” The werewolf looked worriedly at the cuts and scorch marks on the King of Knights: “Have you experienced a hard battle?”

“Fighting hard? Huhu, it doesn’t count.” Arthur sneered, turning his head to look at the tree seed in the clearing: “But it’s hard to say, after all, the battle is not over yet.”

Bediver also saw the crimson tree seed and couldn’t help sighing: “It really is!”

“Sure enough?”

The werewolf frowned: “We always thought that something was controlling the plants in the forest to attack us. 80 eBook../ But we were probably wrong from the beginning. — —It was this forest that attacked us. This forest is not a collection of countless biochemical monsters, it was originally a whole, a biochemical weapon out of control!”

Although the shape is different from what Bedivere has seen, the crimson thing is the [Forest Seed], the tree seed weapon used by the Druid coordinators to fight the ferocious gods.

That little tree species is a forest, an ecosystem, a collection of countless plants! It is both one and infinite, infinite one!

“Is that so? That’s it.” Before Bedivere explained all this, King Arthur had already had a similar idea, but there was insufficient evidence to make a rash conclusion.

So, the ancients created this tree species? What is the purpose? The tree weapons used by Druids are too similar to this crimson tree, are they the same species? So, is there some kind of connection between Druidism and the ancient gods? Which of these tree species came out first between the two? Who is borrowing whose technology?

A lot of questions swirled in Bedivere’s mind, but he couldn’t find time to ponder them for a while.

Because, the crimson tree species in front of everyone has begun to move! !

Countless thorns emerged from the tree seed, crimson thorns that seemed to be covered in blood. Their lethality is obviously different from the thorns in the previous battle with Arthur. Just by looking at them, you can easily feel the vicious power (curse) amount (curse)!

Rumble Rumble Rumble Rumble Rumble! ——The earth began to shake, and the ground began to twist wildly, like a turbulent sea!

This forest has been completely condensed into a whole, and this piece of land has become barren, so there is no need to continue to protect it! Therefore, the crimson thorn giant will start to use the most vicious moves, killing the four present! !

Whoa, whoa, whoa! ! Thousands of red thorn branches emerged from the ground, waving frantically like tentacles, and slapped and swiped at Arthur and his party frantically!

“Damn it!” Arthur swung his holy sword to counterattack while dodging, cutting off the crimson thorns that were swept in the face: “You take care of yourself, I can’t fly with your back at the same time reads;! “

“Ow!” The werewolf struggled to slash the thorns with a photon dagger. His body was not in the best condition. The missing part of his body was that his internal organs would ache when he moved. sports! Therefore, he was forced to retreat by the thorns, and he was very embarrassed for a while!

And this is not the worst situation. The crimson thorn giants have tens of thousands of fire mecca flowers all over their bodies, and they begin to shell Arthur and others violently! Countless fire seeds exploded around the crowd, igniting pillars of fire! The thorns and the sea of ​​fire forced everyone into a desperate situation in an instant!

“Damn it!” Tristan swung his spear frantically, slicing through the thorns. He sprayed freezing gas from the insert of the spear again, trying to use freezing to resist the flames.

His tactics were considered successful. A large area beside him is surrounded by low temperature. The cold ground can freeze the flower seeds before the fire and burn, and also freeze the thorns, preventing their movements to the greatest extent! However, the liquid nitrogen is compressed and stored in the insert of his spear after all, and it will be used up soon!

And Evan is busy dodging the thorns’ attacks, while fighting back with his gun! He fired dozens of bullets in a few seconds, each of which accurately destroyed the Huomeizi flowers on the crimson thorn giant. The seeds exploded together, and the fire burned the body of the thorn giant!

However, nothing works! Those Huomeizi flowers at this moment have completely become consumables. They are constantly damaged, but they are constantly regrowing under the power of the crimson thorn giants. They are probably endless, and they can’t be killed at all! ! And the crimson thorn giant will quickly secrete a non-flammable mucus in the body, which can immediately put out the flame! Although Ivan has enough bullets for the black iron pistol, he will not run out of ammunition for the time being, but these bullets will always run out at the moment!

It’s only a matter of time before everyone’s physical strength and resources are exhausted! A solution must be thought of before the worst happens!

“Cover me!!” King Arthur shouted and rushed forward. His holy sword has been sheathed, accumulating power in the scabbard of the king. As long as the King of Knights gets close enough, he will be able to deliver a powerful blow, and maybe he will be able to chop down the crimson thorn giant!

“Cover Your Majesty!!” Tristan roared like a herald as he rushed to King Arthur to make his way.

Recognizing that the King of Knights is a dangerous existence, countless thorns began to hit Arthur frantically, and the rain of flowers and seeds of the fire meizi also concentrated in front of the King of Knights and fell reads;!

“Beautiful thoughts!!” Tristan removed the plug on the spear and threw it forward! At the same time, he threw out the small flying knife hidden in the long spear. The flying knife came first and hit the plug-in in front!

Clap la la la la la la la! ! The exploding plug-in instantly ejected the liquid nitrogen stored in it, and it was sprayed everywhere! These liquid nitrogen just met the onslaught of the enemy, and froze the countless thorns that came from the thorns and the rain of flower seeds that came on the face!

“Your Majesty, hurry up!!” Ivan jumped up from behind Arthur, and the black iron pistol shot indiscriminately! This barrage of shielding was like a shower, drenching on the opponents, hitting them just before the Huo Meizi flowers shot the next wave of seeds! Countless flaming flowers have been ignited and exploded, creating the hardest hit area for countless fires on the thorn giant! They must be extinguished immediately, which makes the thorn giants have to clone themselves to secrete non-flammable mucus to suppress these flames! !

And taking this opportunity, Arthur has already rushed to the giant! Just a little bit, he will be able to make the most powerful blow! !

“Arthur!” Bedivere also arrived later. The tungsten tortoise-tongue whip in his hand had been thrown out, wrapping up some vines on the thorn giant’s body, pulling it tight and straight!

“Come up!” The werewolf crouched on the ground, ready to act as a stepping stone for King Arthur!

Arthur also spreads his dragon wings ready to flap and take off! He put his foot on Bedivere’s shoulder!

While feeling the heavy pressure on his shoulders, the werewolf instantly tightened his tungsten turtle tongue whip and leaped vigorously! The taut whip brings a strong pulling force, which complements Bedivere’s jumping power, and lifts Bedivere and King Arthur upwards at an amazing speed!

Whoosh! ! The two of them soared at the same time and shuttled between the thorn branches waving in the sky! The thorn giant used hundreds of twigs to cast a net of heaven and earth, trying to prevent the two from getting close to his body, but the werewolf dragged the whip left and right, and his subtle manipulation of the tungsten tongue whip made him and Arthur constantly brush between the thorns. Wipe it, wipe it again! The thorns left countless cuts beside the two, but they couldn’t stop them from rising! They climbed so fast that opponents didn’t even have time to form a line of defense that could really stop them!

“Go!!” Seeing that the rest of the leap was about to end, Bedivere used his last strength to lift his shoulders and lift the King of Knights to a higher altitude! Arthur also flapped his wings and flew quickly!

He approached the thorn giant’s chest and was about to unleash a deadly kill! () “The Legend of Light” only represents the views of the author Raven D Vixas. If you find that its content is in violation of national laws, please delete it. The position is only committed to providing a healthy and green reading platform . 【】,thank you all!


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