Light Spirit Epic Chapter 1157: Fighting at the Oasis (10)


Chapter 1157 The fierce battle in the oasis (ten)

Bah! ! —— The deadly silver bullet pierced the air, slashed the space, and shot straight at the Desert Rose. (.

It’s crystal clear petals radiate a pitiful soft light under the moonlight. It is extremely fragile and delicate, as if a gust of wind can blow it to pieces. Ivan’s bullets are even more of a problem. In the middle, it will be able to ravage this extremely rare desert rose!

“No!——” shouted the King of Knights, but it was too late. Even if he dropped Evan and flew past at full speed, his speed would not be able to catch up with the bullets flying halfway.

Fifty yards, thirty yards, ten yards! Seeing that the bullet of the black iron pistol was about to shatter the Desert Rose, however, at that moment, it was——

——a twisted waist, dodged the bullet’s attack! !

Whoosh! A vicious silver bullet brushed past the rose, but it couldn’t shoot down half of its petals! It swayed in the wind like a willow branch, and no matter how violent the storm, it could not be broken or damaged!

The desert rose is in full bloom, and the white ball of light wrapped in countless crystal petals glows dazzlingly. It’s in action!

To be more precise, the flower stem full of black thorns connected to this crystal flower is twisting! !

The next second, countless black thorns emerged from the ground, and this monster also showed its true colors reads;!

The black thorn giant rises from the sand! The desert rose growing on its head is actually its eyes!

“Oh, **** it!” King Arthur groaned. It seems that it is not an easy task to pick this beautiful rose back to his dear queen!

At the same time, countless fire meizi flowers also began to crawl. They broke off the ground, jumped onto the black thorn giant, and merged with the thorn branches! The whole body of the black thorn giant is covered with fiery red lily of the orchid flowers, but they are the “turrets” on the giant!

With a wave of the black thorn giant, he raised thousands of fiery seeds and threw them towards Arthur and Ivan! Due to the powerful force of the giant’s waving action, the flying speed of these flower seeds is simply amazing, which is completely different from the previous bombardment!

“Damn!!” Arthur swooped down to the ground, using the force of gravity and airflow to dodge quickly! Countless fire seeds brushed past him and behind him, fell on the sand, and ignited a raging fire! !

Ivan was not idle either. He raised his gun and fired, dozens of silver bullets swept away at the Desert Rose!

But the black thorn giant raised his other hand and easily blocked the bullet’s attack!

“What about this?!” Arthur raised the hand that didn’t catch Ivan, squeezed out a dragon fireball and threw it at the opponent! Longyan’s firepower is very powerful, and it can wield great lethality when facing plant-type creatures!

However, the black thorn giant waved with one hand, and the black thorns on its body secreted some kind of incombustible mucus, forming a protective film! The flame hit its huge arm and went out in an instant!

” This guy has been watching our battles, and he already knew what moves we would make. [… almost all the books I want to read, it’s much more stable than the average station, and the updates are faster, full text There are no advertisements.]” Evan analyzed: “This is too bad! It must be dealt with with moves it has never seen before! Your Majesty, what are you waiting for? Unblock the holy sword!”

“No, no, not now.” King Arthur was quite stubborn. Before he went out for a private visit, he tightly wrapped the sword of the holy king with a sealed cloth strip, and he did not intend to open it now. Moreover, the seal is so tightly wrapped that it is not something that can be done in an instant. How can there be time to unseal the holy sword when the battle is so urgent?

“Okay, I’ll use the dragon scales to summon Javier to help.” Evan stretched his hand into his arms.

“Yes, let’s do it.” Arthur urged while trying to dodge the black thorn giant’s fire-seed bombardment.

“Come on, ha—” Evan just took out Javier’s contract dragon scale and was about to summon Cuifenglong, but a black thorn suddenly appeared from the ground, blocking Arthur’s On the flight path, Arthur, who was flying at high speed, was about to collide with the sharp spikes! !

“Humph!” The King of Knights turned sharply, flew out at a different angle, and dodged before hitting the deadly wall of thorns! Unexpectedly, this slamming will hurt Evan! The half-dragon youth who just took out the dragon scales and used all his energy to summon the contracted creatures, did not hold his hand for a while, and his contracted dragon scales flew out of his hands, landed on the ground with a clatter, and buried in this vast piece of glass sand. ground!

“No!———” Evan exclaimed. This is an important bond between the half-long youth and his dragon brothers. Losing it is a big problem!

“Uh, sorry!” King Arthur apologized disapprovingly: “Go back and help you find it back!”

He didn’t have time to say anything to Evan, and dozens of black thorns appeared in front of them. These things that blocked the way emerged from the ground, forming a circle after another. Arthur in low-altitude flight is cornered!

Arthur had no choice but to increase his flight altitude. But as soon as it flew to the sky, the thorn giant waved his hands and frequently sprinkled the seeds of the fire mecca! They will only become live targets in the air. The higher the speed, the slower the speed, and the easier it is to be targeted by the opponent! Hundreds of fire seeds were thrown on the face, and it was about to set King Arthur on fire!

In a hurry, Arthur took a deep breath: “Wow!!”

A dragon roar created a strong wind pressure, shaking all the seeds of fire scattered on the face, and temporarily relieved the siege!

But this is only a stopgap measure, the opponent’s attack will not stop! The black thorn giant’s hands are still waving wildly, and more seeds are scattered!

If things go on like this, even if Arthur can use continuous dragon roars, he can’t stop the bombardment of flower seeds one after another!

“Evan, can you take care of yourself?” King Arthur said suddenly.

“Your Majesty, what do you think—Wah ah ah ah ah ah!——” Almost without warning, Evan was thrown down by King Arthur!

And the King of Knights wielded a lightsaber and rushed towards the giant black thorns for a hard fight reads;! !

Hundreds of fire seeds blasted at Arthur head-on, about to set the King of Knights on fire!

Arthur is unafraid, wielding his lightsaber and fighting back! !

Swipe, swipe, swipe! ! The lightsaber smashed all the fire seeds, and the vegetable fuel in the fire seeds flew everywhere!

They ignited, burned, and engulfed King Arthur with a violent impact! !

“Your Majesty!!!!——” Evan exclaimed loudly when he saw this scene as soon as he landed.


His burning body was buried deep in the thorns!

The flames on his body began to set the monster’s body ablaze, in exactly the same way he did it! In order not to be ignited, the black thorn giant immediately secreted some kind of sticky and slippery incombustible liquid from between its thorns to extinguish the flame!

And the King of Knights is waiting for this moment! ! The high temperature of the flame weakened the lethality of the thorns, and the whole body was cut by the not-so-sharp thorns, but they did not hurt the vital points. King Arthur, lubricated by the incombustible mucus between the thorns, suddenly climbed from the monster’s chest. come out!

The monster thought that King Arthur had been burned to death, or had been cut into meat sauce by thorns, but was completely unaware that King Arthur was crawling out of its chest! That’s right, plants don’t feel pain! And the area that Arthur hit is also the blind spot of the giant thorns, the area that the desert rose just can’t see!

When the King of Knights jumped from the big hole in the monster’s chest and jumped in front of the monster, it was too late! Before the giant black thorns could reach out and knock the king of knights away, Arthur drew a sword first!

The pale green lightsaber raised a beautiful green arc in mid-air, intersecting the head of the thorn giant, and instantly cut off its head! Arthur reached out and grabbed the desert rose on the black thorn giant’s head! !

The battle is over! ! Under the sudden kick of the king of knights, the headless giant of thorns fell backwards, while King Arthur did a somersault in mid-air, kept away from the fallen opponent, and landed safely!

Zi——The king of knights was still smoking after landing. In addition to minor burns, there were hundreds of cuts on his body, all of which were cut by thorns, some as deep as an inch. But Arthur didn’t seem to care about these injuries, and stood up leisurely, raising the crystal rose in his hand to observe.

“Your Majesty! What a foolish battle plan this is, you almost scared me to death!” Evan rushed over and complained.

“It’s fine, just a little scratch.” The king of knights played with the beautiful crystal rose and said to the flower, “You should stop now, right?”

No answer. The rose does not seem to have its own consciousness, or it is just a part of a whole with autonomous consciousness. After being cut off, it disconnected from the body and lost the ability to [speak].

If this is just a part of a creature, then what is its identity——?

~ Humans. ~

Something spoke in place of the flower.

~Damn…humans! ~

It’s still telepathy, it’s still in this open space, it’s still misty and hazy, and I can’t tell where the source of the sound I only know how to take a little, I only know how to take it, destroying nature, **** human beings! ~

The voice was filled with resentment, as well as anger.

“Isn’t it over yet?” Arthur stored the Desert Rose in a special container and stuffed it into the Warp storage bag on his belt: “Stop talking nonsense, come as soon as you want, I can I don’t have time to play quizzes with you!”

Silence follows.

More silence.

The black thorn giant that fell to the ground didn’t move for half a minute, but its body was slowly dissolving, seeping into the ground, and turning into a mass of black mucus.

Remain silent. During these few minutes, the entire forest was surprisingly quiet. This dead silence is full of murderous intentions, what is it brewing!

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