Light Spirit Epic Chapter 1153: Fighting at the Oasis (6)


Chapter 1153 The fierce battle in the oasis (6)

“But…” Phileos hesitated. Phileos was slightly disturbed by the request of Palamidis, which made him deviate from the content of the mission.

“Dad, can you still eat anything, meow?” Saifer couldn’t help but complain.

But his rant immediately greeted Palamidis’s eyes: “long-winded.” Palamides only had his thoughts. Considering that one day in the future, he may become an enemy of the old Sphinx because of his interests, the Leopard Warrior felt that it was time to educate his righteous brother Phileos, and let this die loyal to the Sphinx. The guy at Kes has radically changed his mind.

He wanted Phileos to realize that he was only being used by the Sphinx.

“Philaos, it’s not a big deal. Father Sphinx’s words are not everything. You don’t have to follow his orders rigidly.” The panther warrior put his arm on his adopted brother’s On his shoulders, he said in a persuasive manner: “You need to learn to relax yourself, don’t be too serious about small things. Otherwise, you will be exhausted one day.” Phileos thought for a while before saying: “Okay, Palamie. Let’s go have supper and catch up by the way. I have a lot of things to talk to you about, and I can’t finish it all in one night.” “There’s a ring match tomorrow, please don’t drink anymore, Uncle Palamidis.” Albert elongated his face and reminded: “I don’t have time to serve you who are throwing up all over the place.” “Got it, stinky brats.” At this time, the elevator had stopped on the floor of their hotel room. Now, the leopard warrior pulled his brother to say goodbye to the two young people: “See you later.” Although he was worried about his father, Zephyr looked back at the two uncles in the elevator, and a drowsiness hit his heart. He decided it would be better not to get involved in the uncles’ narration (nag) and old (nag), so he shook his head and left.

7pm, Great Britain, London, in King Arthur’s palace.

“We’re back!” Husky shouted as soon as he stepped through the door.

The servants in the bedroom were busy receiving the canine boy and his party, but Queen Greenville was not there.

“Has Her Majesty the Queen returned from a dinner party?” Lancelot asked.

The housekeeper glanced at the hand account and replied, “Not yet. The charity gala will end at 8:00 pm. Queen Greenville intends to attend the ceremony such as the ribbon-cutting ceremony of the gala dinner. How can she come back so early.”

“Well, looks like we’ll have to wait here-“

Shaxing just wanted to say something, but the voices of women came from the living room next to him: “Husky?”

“Oh, it’s Mommy!” The canine boy immediately ran into the living room when he heard the familiar voice.

Shaxing and others also followed into the living room, only to see the mothers of the children waiting here.

Hasky was squatting at the table in the hall in a half-kneeling position, embracing his mother, Lian Yin, coquettishly.

And Vivienne, who was sitting on the side with dignity, also set her eyes on Hal. At that time, the Leopard boy was being carried by Xinghuilong on his back.

“Mom, are you here to pick us up meow?” cried Hal excitedly, he hadn’t seen his mother Vivian for two days.

Shaxing smiled and put the Leopard boy down and sent it to the succubus.

“Chirp!” The little carp that was lying on Hal’s head also came out, looking at Vivian curiously.

“Is this little thing obedient?” Vivienne wasn’t surprised when she saw Pochi, as if she had known about the balloonfish for a long time.

“Ah, mother knows Pochi?”

“Of course I do. It’s the familiar I sent to protect you.” Vivian teased the little fish with her fingertips and said with a smile, “Do you like this gift?”

“Well, I like meow very much!” Hal touched the caudal fin of the little carp, making the little fish turn around, “Pochi is very obedient, very sticky, super cute meow!”

And, it’s a fish swimming in the air! What better way to grab a child’s attention than this!

“That’s good.” Vivian stroked her younger son’s head pitifully, “Have you had enough fun today? I’ve caused Uncle Arthur and the others two days of trouble here, it’s time to go home. ?”

“Going home…. Meow?” The Leopard boy peeked at Husky, who was still coquettish to Lian Yin.

“You’re reluctant to part with Husky and want to continue playing with your friends, right?” Vivian saw through her son’s thoughts and couldn’t help laughing: “In that case, things will be easy to handle. .Because Renine and Husky are going to live in my research institute.”

“Yes, we—” Lian Yin wanted to interrupt, but she suddenly felt that something was wrong, and hurriedly shouted: “What? Are we going to live in your research institute? Your Majesty has already given it to us. Arranged a new apartment——“

“Oh, you don’t need to be polite with me, Lian Yin.” Vivian seemed a little unreasonable in the wonderful place: “Arthur arranged a new residence for you, and sent someone to protect your mother and son. But you are always alone and helpless, what if those Twilight cultists come to life again?”

The events of the previous day flashed through Husky’s mind. Lian Yin was struck through the chest by the assassin—the scene at that moment was like a nightmare, forever imprinted in the young mind of the canine boy. Even though his mummy turned a bad luck into a lucky one, and now stands in front of him as if nothing happened, he is still afraid, afraid that it will happen again.

Therefore, even without saying it, Husky secretly applauded and supported Aunt Vivian’s proposal.

“But…” Lian Yin wanted to dodge.

Vivian added: “My research institute is equipped with the most advanced security system in the world, and is guarded by a large number of golems. Each of them has an independent system, and the outside world absolutely cannot invade and control it. I am the only one in the world who has absolute control over the golems. I can confidently say that even Arthur’s bedroom would not be safe enough for my research institute if it were really moving. Do you think this is not enough?”

“No, but——“

“I’ll tell him about Arthur, you don’t have to worry that Arthur will blame you for being independent. Let’s settle it.” Vivienne said a little arrogantly.

Lian Yin was sweating when she heard it, and she couldn’t help Vivian: “Then… well, I’ll cause you trouble tonight.”

“Yeah!” Husky laughed, and he didn’t have to be separated from his friends for a while.

“啾!~” The little carp circled around Husky, as if it didn’t want to part with the canine boy either.

“Hey hey, don’t do this, Pochi, itchy pug—” Husky gently pushed away the little carp that was kissing his little carp with his small mouth.

Vivian smiled: “Husky, if you like this kind of little thing, I will get one for you to play with in the future.”

“Really? That’s great!” Husky teased the little fish while he was having a hard time. Who doesn’t like flying pet fish?

“Then, let’s go.” Vivian picked up her little son and said, “If you use teleportation, you will be able to return to the research institute immediately.”

“Then, Uncle Sha Xing, goodbye Wang (meow).” The two teenagers said goodbye to Xing Huilong.

“What are you talking about goodbye?” Sha Xingsha stood up, “Of course I will follow you.”

“Shaxing, are you here too?” Vivian looked at Xinghuilong with disgust.

“Of course.” Sha Xing said cheekily, “I have no opinion on where you want to take that kitten. But Arthur gave me a commission to protect that puppy. A responsible bodyguard, of course, I will follow him wherever he goes.”

“It’s really reassuring…” Lian Yin said with a helpless smile.

Vivian thought about it for a while, and the original disgust turned into other, more subtle forms. It seemed that she had other ideas.

“Alright, just follow. There are a lot of vacant rooms in the research institute, go back and ask the golems to clean up, and you will be able to make room for people in no time. I have some interesting things hidden in the research institute. I just happened to let you see it by the way.”

“I’m really looking forward to it.” Shaxing replied without a smile, saying that he was looking forward to it, but there was no expectation in his tone.

“Then, let’s go.” Vivian took the lead out of King Arthur’s bedroom.

This is not the first time this teleportation succubus has used spells to teleport back and forth between King Arthur’s chambers and her institute. As long as you leave the palace and reach outside the influence range of the palace’s protective barrier, you can directly use the teleportation technique.

(Note: Due to the petrification punishment, the number of times that humans can use magic in their lifetime is limited, and teleportation, a large-scale magic must be cherished and used. But Vivian, who is a succubus, has no magic. The number of times of use is limited, and she will not feel tired after teleporting several times throughout the day, so she never needs other means of transportation, and it has become a natural habit to use teleportation when going Everyone is about to leave the palace , but a knight hurried into the living room. When he saw Lancelot, the Knight of the Round Table, he immediately leaned into the ear of the handsome golden knight and whispered a few words.

Lancelot’s face changed immediately: “Really?!” “What’s wrong?” Vivian, who had just walked out of the door, turned her head and asked one more question.

“The queen was attacked by the Twilight Cultists, at the venue of the charity party.” The Knight of the Round Table said angrily: “What a coincidence! This kind of thing happened as soon as I left her side!” Vivian’s brows suddenly wrinkled. For a moment, I noticed that Lancelot’s tone was a little strange. But she remained calm and continued to ask: “Have those terrorists been cleaned up? How is Greenville’s injury? Do you want me to take you there?” “No,” Lancelot rushed out of the door first. , “The venue is not far from here, I can get there in an instant with an iron cavalry. I hope that Her Majesty the Queen is all well!” Before his voice completely fell, his people disappeared first.

“Aunt Greenville…is it really okay?” Husky asked uneasily.

“She’ll be fine. She’s not as weak as she looks.” Vivian urged, “Let’s go too.” If you find that its content is in violation of national laws, please delete it. The position is only committed to providing a healthy and green reading platform. 【】,thank you all!


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