Light Spirit Epic Chapter 1152: Fighting at the Oasis (5)


Chapter 1152 Fierce Battle in the Oasis (5)

At this remark, Palamidis was first stunned, then angry. Sang Wu Novel Network

He tried to contain his scowl, but the anger oozes out of his words uncontrollably: “Stop kidding, Ms. Rosetta! I should have told you: I have a wife. , and I love my wife very much!” “I know.” The Queen of Gems continued to smile without caring, as if she was playing tricks on the big cat: “But your character is so similar to Sean that I miss you so much. Upright, gentle, and easily shy, there are not many such good men in the world.

One day. Just one day, I want you to pretend to be mine and date me. I won’t ask you to do anything eccentric, we just go shopping, watch movies, eat, and do some ordinary romantic things that a villain would do. After this day, we will only treat each other as friends, and will never have any unreasonable thoughts. It’s just such a simple request, can’t you be accommodating? “Palamidis hesitated, eyes wandering away, avoiding Rosetta’s scrutiny: “Vivian wouldn’t be happy to hear this…” “She would never know. And you are just an actor, play your role well, let me dream again, and I can get paid. This should be an easy beauty difference. “It’s really a beautiful job. Having a sweet date with a glamorous woman for a day and getting a legendary precious gem is simply a combination of wealth and beauty. Such good conditions, in exchange for any A man with normal physical function will not miss it.

But the big cat always thinks something is wrong. Even if they are only acting with each other, the leopard warrior always feels the suspicion of being unfaithful to his wife.

Palamidis glanced at Rosetta secretly again: “Even so, I still——” Rosetta smiled slyly: “You don’t have to promise me right away, I will give you time Think about it. But you’d better hurry, unless you want to see my date change to a Sphinx.” “You just said that Daddy Sphinx is not a good guy…” Pa Ramidis groaned in confusion.

“I know. But it’s also one of the ways to solve the problem peacefully.” The Queen of Gems showed a sly face: “Mr. Palamedis, don’t look at me like this, I’m still a little woman after all. I only Knowing to pursue his own peaceful and peaceful life, in order to achieve this goal, he sometimes even compromises with dangerous elements. Besides, God knows how things will turn out? Maybe the Sphinx is a good person?” This woman is also an old fox. How much better is the Sphinx. She can do whatever she can to protect herself. I am afraid that these businessmen do not distinguish between right and wrong, and only focus on how to obtain greater benefits.

That’s a no-brainer. What’s more, they had no solid evidence to prove that Father Sphinx had evil intentions.

“Okay, I have finished what I have to say, and I should also remove this [shady world].” Ms. Rosetta smiled indifferently: “What should I do, please think about it carefully.— —Oh, one more thing: this magic might have a small side effect.” “Side effect? ​​Will it damage my brain?” “No, no.” The Queen of Gems shook her head: “But this magic will stimulate people deep memories that allow you to see… hallucinations? When it’s lifted, you may also briefly see something that happened a long time ago, old fragments of memory that you don’t even remember yourself. If If you see it, don’t be afraid. When everything goes back to the way it was, when you find yourself sitting at the dining table in that crystal box again, please keep quiet and don’t do anything unusual. Please take everything I just said to you , as if never.” “This time…is it my turn to act in front of Daddy Sphinx?” Palamidis smiled wryly.

“There are some things, it’s best never to let him know.” With a wave of the Queen of Gems, she unraveled her magic.

The shady world is torn from the eyes of the big cat, and the flow of time is about to return to normal. At the same time, some kind of wonderful memory also flowed into Palamidis’ mind – or rather, from the depths of his mind!

Darkness. silence. The irritating smell of disinfectant.

He finds himself in a room full of medical equipment, set up like some kind of research facility, and like… a delivery room.

He is one of many swaddling babies beside him. Strangely, these babies never cried, they all fell asleep peacefully.

Someone came over. The footsteps and voices were distorted and blurred, and it was impossible to tell who it was, not even a man or a woman.

“The success rate is only one percent. Even so, is the first phase of the Pandora Project considered a success.” The Pandora Project? I seem to have heard it somewhere.

The other looked at the babies and said, “What to do with these failures?” “Of course…[dispose of].” The other answered blankly.

“What a waste. The Pandora project has invested so many resources, even if it is a failure, it should not be thrown away.””Then what do you say?””Leave them in the wilderness and let them fend for themselves. In this way, we can continue to observe the development of these failed products without causing any burden on the organization and the country. Maybe some of them will grow into useful talents for the military, for us?” “This is a waste of time.” Another researcher was not interested in his colleague’s proposal: “Besides, alienated genes are like infectious diseases and must be strictly controlled. If they grow up and marry normal orcs and have children, they will This [infectious disease] is brought to the next generation, and the problem is serious.” “They won’t. I will implant chips in the bodies of these failures and keep track of them. When they plan to have children, put [Pandora’s legacy] ] If they carry on, we will take action and take their children away. They will be watched for the rest of their lives, and they will not be able to fly. In this way, the security protocol of Pandora’s plan is perfected.” “Humph…” The vicious researcher thought for a while, and his mind changed: “Yes. The more research material the better, even if it is a failure, maybe it can show its value. Although I doubt that these are discarded How long will the waste in the wilderness live?” He will survive.

I don’t know how long it took, the world turned from dark to dark. In Dianpo, the baby was thrown to the ground, and beside him was a barren wilderness.

“Are you afraid?” The man who couldn’t see his face walked up to the baby and patted his head: “Just be honest, just be patient. I know you will live.” The sound of footsteps, the man left.

“Uh!” Palamidis came back to his senses, and now that the shady world has been lifted, he returned to his original place – the crystal box of the Celestial Restaurant on the top floor of the Cairo Hotel.

Clap la la la la! The fireworks show is coming to an end. With the aftermath of an explosion, brilliant fireworks are scattered frantically all over the sky, illuminating the night like day.

“Huhu.” Ms. Rosetta was still watching the fireworks show intently, and after all the sparks fell into the sea and completely extinguished, she sneered a few times: “Today’s fireworks show is very exciting, I am very satisfied. “” “As long as you are satisfied, my dear lady.” Father Sphinx saluted and answered humbly.

“Then,” Seeing that the dinner is almost over, Rosetta, the queen of gems, winked at her bodyguards: “I have other business to deal with, it’s time to go back. Good night everyone.” I wish you a good evening too, my dear lady.” Father Sphinx didn’t mean to keep Rosetta, and it was estimated that he thought his goal had been achieved, and there was no need to continue to entangle the Queen of Gems.

Ms. Rosetta saluted and left with her men.

Both of these great men got their wish, and they were relieved, but Palamidis was left uneasy. The big cat tried his best to keep this anxiety in his heart, so as not to let Daddy Lion notice it.

“Well done everyone.” Father Sphinx smiled at the leopard warriors and others: “You guys are tired too, go back and rest. I’ll give you a thank you tomorrow.” “No need, you We have already received a lot of gifts.” Palamidis thought of the more than one million Egyptian coins that his father had given them before, and this expensive dinner.

“ I won’t waste your time.” Father Sphinx didn’t dodge Palamidis much, “Phieleos, take them back to the hotel.” “Yes, Father Sphinx.” Philaios the leopard agreed with sincerity, as if he was receiving the will of a monarch.

Palamidis didn’t speak, and led his son Zephyr and the tiger man Albert, accompanied by Phileos, out of the Celestial Restaurant, and took the elevator back to the room.

As soon as he entered the elevator, he asked his righteous brother in a low voice, “Phieleos, you haven’t eaten all night, so aren’t you hungry?” “No problem.” Philaios replied indifferently , “Remember? We are orcs, and we won’t starve to death if we don’t eat a meal a month.” “That’s not the point.” Palamidis frowned, “You stand there watching us eat, but you don’t. I’m too embarrassed to eat on an empty stomach. I know it’s Daddy Sphinx’s arrangement, and I know you’re not in a position to dine with us, but you still need something to eat, Otherwise, it will cause adverse effects on the body.” Phileos was stunned for a while before answering: “Okay. After I send you back to the room safely, I will go to dinner immediately. Is this okay?” Palamides Shaking his head stubbornly: “No. Just let the little devils go back by themselves. Let’s go out for a late night snack. I’ll treat you.” If you find that the content is in violation of national laws, please delete it. The position is only committed to providing a healthy and green reading platform. 【】,thank you all!


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