Light Spirit Epic Chapter 1137: Lost in the Oasis (19)


Chapter 1137 Lost in the Oasis (Nineteen)

Opening the door was a female knight in black armor – obviously not the Queen of Gems herself.

The one who followed closely behind, surrounded by three other guards, slowly paced into the box with graceful and gentle steps, was the Queen of Gems.

Hearing rumors that the Queen of Jewels is Africa’s richest man, a wealthy man with enormous wealth, Palamidis initially thought she should be an elderly woman. In theory, this is exactly the case—without at least fifty or sixty years of capital accumulation, how can a self-made businessman become a rich man?

However, to the surprise of the Leopard warriors, the Gem Queen looks much younger than expected. She looked like a young woman in her twenties or thirties, not even a middle-aged woman. Is it because she has pure dark elf blood? By the way, how long do dark elves live? Palamidis had little knowledge of ethnography and had no clue about the matter.

Some people believe that purebred drows must be dark-skinned, dark-skinned, evil offshoots of elves. In fact, this perception is completely wrong. Dark elves, such as the gem queen in front of Palamides, her skin is smooth and delicate, like a peeled egg. Aside from a slight lack of blood, her complexion is almost indistinguishable from that of an average Caucasian woman;

And her hair and pupils are pure black. The biggest difference in appearance between dark elves and ordinary elves (light elves) is said to be this black hair. Ordinary elves (light elves) have golden hair and turquoise or emerald eyes, while dark elves have black hair and eyes, or a black color. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t noble. Black hair and black pupils did not hide the noble atmosphere of the dark elves, but only added an elegant mystery to them.

Palamidis turns his attention to the Queen of Gems’ ears again. That’s right, those pointed ears are the biggest feature of elves. In addition to superhuman sight, ordinary elves have excellent hearing; while dark elves have excellent eyesight and superhuman hearing. Those ears can easily hear the sound of a needle falling to the ground within a radius of 50 kilometers, and it can also easily hear the subtle changes in people’s heart sounds. Therefore, all lies are meaningless in the presence of this dark elf gem queen, who is a human lie detector.

The slender, teenage woman wore a black evening gown with sequins that looked like sparkling gems in the light.

No, not “as”. On closer inspection, those are indeed gems. Very small, but extremely elegant, carefully selected diamonds are exquisitely hand-set on dark silver sequins, which are neatly sewn on the clothes piece by piece, forming one wonderful pattern after another. Make this seemingly simple, but in fact extremely exquisite sequined evening dress, as if it has become a work of art.

Palamidis couldn’t help but marvel that the Queen of Jewels’ dress tastes were nothing short of extraordinary. She chose a luxurious evening dress that would never put her to shame, and was careful not to let the excesses of the dress obscure her own charm. This priceless, yet simple and low-key dark silver gemstone evening dress is like the endless sea of ​​stars in the vast universe, with a mysterious beauty that embraces everything. It not only low-key and implicit set off the elegance and nobility of its owner, but also powerfully tells others what kind of [person] the owner of this dress is.

This gem queen is definitely a wise man. A noble person who is meticulous in his work, has a sharp and introverted personality, and has a very high taste in life. Like Daddy Sphinx, she is a giant commercial crocodile, an old monster, and definitely not a character to deal with. Palamidis couldn’t help secretly swallowing a mouthful of saliva. Today’s dinner party can be described as unpredictable, and it may be more difficult than he imagined.

“You’re finally here, Ms. Rosetta.” Father Sphinx rose from his seat to greet the guests: “We are truly honored that you are here for today’s dinner.”” Sphinx Si, you don’t need to be too polite with me. We have talked about business several times, so let’s avoid unnecessary politeness.” Ms. Rosetta, the queen of gems, walked up to the crowd and looked at the old Sphinx with a slightly indifferent look. Dad glanced: “So, you called your whole family this time?” “Yes, let me introduce: this is my son, Palamidis. The other two are his children, which are mine. Grandsons, Zephyr and Albert.” Palamidis muttered to himself. Father Sphinx knew that the Queen of Jewels had the absolute ability to lie, but he lied recklessly and regarded Palamides as his son. But looking at Dad’s calm expression, he doesn’t seem to be afraid that his lies will be exposed? But is it really possible?

The only possibility is that the Sphinx used some kind of powerful hypnotism to insinuate himself into believing that Palamides was his son? When he believed so strongly, his heart felt at ease, and the lies he uttered became flawless, at least the Queen of Gems couldn’t hear it from his heart.

To be able to do this, the Sphinx is really good. Terribly powerful. How strong a will does a person have to have to hypnotize himself to the point of believing in a lie and believing it to be true? How much motive does a person have to have to spend such a huge amount of hard work to make one’s own lies become [facts]?

Palamidis coughed dryly, bowed in a salute, and took the words of Papa Sphinx: “Good evening, my dear Lady Rosetta. I am Palamidis, my It’s an honor to dine with you tonight, child Zephyr and others.” Since he couldn’t lie in front of Rosetta, the queen of gems, Palamides omitted many details about his identity. This is also the rhetoric they have prepared in advance. Every sentence tries to avoid flaws, and strives to be vivid and natural without revealing anything.

“Um… it’s you.” Ms. Rosetta muttered in a low voice, with a complex expression that was almost imperceptible, mixed with doubt, surprise, and even a little bit of anger.

“Is it me? Have we met somewhere?” Palamidis asked curiously when asked.

It is no exaggeration to say that even by orc standards, Lady Rosetta, the Queen of Gems, is a rare beauty in the world. And Palamides is not lewd. If he had ever seen such a stunning woman on other occasions or somewhere, even if the big cat hadn’t been heartbroken, he would have at least left a strong impression in his heart.

As if hearing the cat’s honesty from the beat of Palamidis’ heartbeat, Ms. Rosetta’s face flashed again with a subtle expression.

“It’s nothing, don’t worry about it.” She said it briefly, bowed to everyone, and sat down with everyone.

Of course, only Father Sphinx, Queen of Gems Rosetta, Palamidis, Zephyr, and Albert were seated at the banquet. Phileos, Dad’s other bodyguards, and the female knight guards brought by the Queen of Jewels stood side by side on both sides of the crystal box, silent.

“Now that everyone is here, let the banquet begin.” Father Sphinx clapped his hands lightly, as if giving an order to the restaurant staff.

The waiters in the restaurant pushed open the door and came in with the appetizers of the dinner. When they carefully placed the plate in front of the crowd and lifted the lid, Palamidis saw only one salad. Although a salad, this dish is anything but ordinary. It is crafted from a variety of rare fruits, most of which are exotic objects that Palamides had never seen in his life. Fortunately, the big cat had previewed the ingredients for tonight’s dishes, and he could at least name the food on the plate—the crystal apple slices like transparent jelly were precisely cut into twelve absolutely equal pieces. The servings are carefully arranged on the side of the plate to look like a blooming crystal flower.

The golden pear pulp next to them is cylindrical, which is made by carefully taking out the most tender and smooth part of the pulp and discarding the rest that are not perfect. The golden pulp cylinder is engraved with wonderful patterns, and inside is hidden the tender and juicy shark fins that have been boiled in chicken broth for a long time. The golden honey pears reflect the bright golden yellow like gold dissolves under the light, and are infinitely reflected inside the crystal clear and elastic shark fins, so that the highly transparent shark fins, and even the crystal apple blossoms on the side, faintly reveal a gold of noble halo.

The shredded emerald cucumbers on the side set off this luxurious golden light very well. The mouth-watering emerald green and golden yellow complement each other. Together with the special salad dressing of fresh and milky white, the whole salad looks very good. Alluring.

Looking at this dish like a work of art, Palamidis was a little reluctant to eat it. Albert, who was sitting beside the leopard warrior, didn’t care at all, picked up the knife and fork and ate and drank. The sweet and dense golden pear meat is paired with the fragrant but not greasy chicken shark fin. These two exquisitely balanced and harmonious flavors are rippling in the mouth of the tiger, which is simply fascinating.

“Hmm~” Albert swallowed the food in a and then exclaimed with a satisfied expression: “I haven’t eaten this delicate food for a long time.” twitched. Oops!

“For a long time?” Ms. Rosetta’s eyebrows showed a trace of doubt, she seemed to hear something wrong.

Palramidis shuddered once again—and it was revealed!

According to Daddy Sphinx, since they are Daddy’s children and grandchildren, they must also be rich and live a luxurious life, right? However, the tiger showed such a contented expression after only one bite of the salad, and behaved so poor that he didn’t look like the eldest young master of a rich family at all. It’s no wonder that it doesn’t show up like this!

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