Light Spirit Epic Chapter 1136: Lost in the Oasis (18)


Chapter 1136 Lost in the Oasis (18)

“Okay,” Sha Xing picked up the soup bowl and quickly finished the thick soup, then wiped his mouth with a napkin: “I have nothing to do with you here, go back to rest as soon as possible. Wait until you make up your mind to challenge. Let me know when you have nightmares, and I will take you there. In addition, I advise you: Don’t do part-time jobs. Sleep more during this time, and keep your animals sharp.” “Raising your essence…?” See Daniel Casting a suspicious look at himself, Sha Xing further explained: “This is similar to the principle of resisting hypnosis. To fight against mental pollution, you need a healthy body and mind. If your mental state is not full, it is easy to be taken advantage of by nightmares. “Of course, this also means that Daniel can no longer rely on part-time money to make money for his mother’s surgery.

This also means that this is a desperate move. If Daniel can really defeat Nightmare and successfully become a regular knight, his mother’s surgery fee can be collected immediately; otherwise, the young apprentice knight will lose everything.

“Understood.” Daniel sighed, he accepted the gamble: “Then, I’m afraid I have to quit this job. I’m sorry, Sister Black Cat.” Rather than the poor pocket money earned by part-time work The money, little by little, is enough to collect enough surgery expenses, it is better to break the boat and put everything together to promise a nightmare.

“It doesn’t matter.” The black cat also sighed, trying to suppress the anger in his heart, and said calmly: “Then you can go back and have a good rest.” “Thank you.” Daniel bowed to everyone and prepared to leave.

“By the way, Husky, can I have a word with you alone?” He said to the canine boy before leaving.

“Eh? Good.” The dog boy followed the apprentice knight boy into the backstage.

After Daniel walked away, the black cat gave Shaxing an angry look: “It’s good now, you scared my cook away. It’s rare that the child’s food is so delicious that other guests don’t like it. Absolutely.” “But you are employing child labor.” Xinghuilong poked at it mercilessly, refuting the black cat to the point of being speechless.

In the backstage of the cafe, Daniel just changed out of the chef’s clothes and put on the civilian clothes of the servants of the Knights.

He breathed a sigh of relief, looked at Husky and said, “Husky…you really are a puppy. I thought you were there when I saw your ears and tail in the simulation. Just kidding, I didn’t expect you to be an orc in reality.” “Hey hey hey.” Husky wagged his tail and smiled: “It was originally a Wang. Husky will not lie to you Wang.” After a while of silence , Daniel stammered and said: “I actually only have one question to ask you. How did you recognize me?” “Recognize you?” Daniel looked at the canine boy intently, and asked seriously: ” You know. I was working in the kitchen just now, but you seemed to know I was here before you suddenly rushed in. I just don’t understand—you’ve only seen me in the simulation system, We have never met in real life. How on earth did you know that I was here?” Husky stuck out his **** prank and kicked the ground with his little foot: “Brother Daniel really wants to know this?” I want to know. This fact makes me care too much.” The young apprentice knight’s face was vaguely nervous: “If you who have never met me can simply know that I am nearby, does this mean that other acquaintances also Can you easily detect me? What did I do wrong and let my identity be revealed? Did you recognize me by that puppy nose?” “Not Wang. Husky smelled it for the first time too. Brother Daniel’s smell is bark.” The canine boy smiled mysteriously: “Your scent can’t be smelled in a simulation game.” “Why is that?” Daniel was even more puzzled.

“Hehehe, it’s because of this woof.” Husky pointed to the mug that was hanging to the side for washing. Those glasses were exactly the drinks they had just drank before their meal, and among them were the glasses of frozen lemon Coke that Husky had drank.

Daniel stared at the cup, trying to find a clue on it. The cola was very icy, and even though Husky had finished the drink, the glass still had the residual coldness of the cola, causing a mist on the crystal clear surface of the glass, which could not be dissipated for a long time.

And on the cup surface with white mist, there is still a palm print, which is exactly the same size as Daniel’s hand.

Of course, these drinks are also prepared by Daniel in the kitchen. As he prepares the drink, he also prints his palm print on the cup.

“You recognized me from… my palm print…?!” Daniel looked even more surprised.

“Hehe…” Husky grabbed Daniel’s hand lightly and spread it out: “If you are an ordinary person, Husky will definitely not recognize Wang. But brother Daniel’s palm print is very special. , Husky recognizes the woof at a glance.” He touched Daniel’s palm with his puppy paw. That palm was really special, full of calluses and scars.

Calluses are, of course, the marks worn by Daniel’s hard work day and night; scars, or (mostly) dry, chapped wounds, are the marks left by Daniel’s long-term toil. This is a palm full of vicissitudes of life that should only be owned by an old man in his sixties and seventies, but it was placed on a teenage boy.

Husky once shook hands with Daniel once, and the canine boy recognized the scarred hands.

“I see.” Daniel withdrew his hand, a look of shame on his face: “Did these vulgar and ugly hands betray me.” “Vulgar and ugly? No——” The canine boy shook his head and tried his best to deny all of this: “These hands are the same as Husky’s dad, and they are the same as Uncle Arthur; if Uncle Shaxing didn’t have such a strong self-healing ability, it is estimated that there will be such a situation. Keep your hands up.

Daddy once told Husky that if Husky saw anyone in the world with this kind of hand again, Husky would have to respect him. This is definitely not a vulgar and ugly hand. Every scar and callus on these hands is the result of the owner’s hard work, hard training, and unremitting fighting.

——How can Husky not respect such a person who has worked so hard? “Tick.

After listening to the narration of the dog boy, Daniel, who knew the truth, burst into tears. His two lines of tears fell on the ground with a clear sound.

“Dan, Daniel’s brother Wang?” Husky was frightened: “You, what’s wrong with you, why are you crying suddenly? Is your body uncomfortable?!” “No! No! —” Trainee The knight boy hurriedly covered his eyes with his hands and wiped his eyes with all his might: “I’m fine. I’m just a little excited.” (This kid, he sees everything about me.) For so many years, struggling for life, a moment Daniel, who never stopped, didn’t even take a good look at himself. It was also the first time he had seriously observed his scarred hands.

No matter how hard he tried, struggled to survive, suffered, and despaired, no one ever cared about him, and no one cared about him.

No matter how lush the weeds grow along the road, their appearance will never be remembered by passers-by. What’s more, in barren land, it is impossible to grow lush weeds?

However, Husky saw it all.

He has observed it well, and recognized it well. This child sees people not on the surface, not on the identity, he sees more deeply than anyone else, more real than anyone else. Even a poor man like Daniel, who is as cheap as a weed on the ground, can still be cared about, even he himself can’t believe it.

“Thank you, Husky.” Daniel whispered, “Thank you, and thank you dad. If you see your dad one day, please thank him for me. He disciplined you well. Very good, you have become a gentle and considerate person, I think he must be a wise sage.” “Of course Wang.” Hearing his father’s praise, Husky hurriedly wagged his tail, He smiled happily: “Husky’s dad is the best dad in the world.” “The rest time is almost over, I have to go back quickly.” Daniel hurriedly pushed open the back door of the cafe: “Goodbye , Husky. If there is fate (Kama), we will definitely meet again.” “Brother Daniel, come on.” The dog boy watched the apprentice knight leave and closed the door softly.

At the same time, Egypt, the top floor of the Grand Hotel in Cairo.

“Sorry I’m late.” Palamidis hurried back to the box of the Celestial Restaurant, seeing that almost everyone was there, even Father Sphinx was waiting for him there. The leopard warrior couldn’t help scratching his head in embarrassment.

“Hehehe, it’s not too late, the Queen of Gems hasn’t come yet.” Father Sphinx smiled leniently, as if he didn’t seem angry at all. With a burly figure, he was wearing a solemn and solemn black suit. He looked extraordinary, just like a triad boss or a business tycoon. But the smile of this era giant at Palamidis was very gentle, and it was strange that Palamidis did not feel the slightest sense of coercion at all.

“You…Aren’t you angry?” The big cat sat down beside his son and asked suspiciously.

“It’s the fear of heights that makes you uncomfortable here, right?” Papa Sphinx smiled lightly. “It’s our fault for not being thoughtful enough to blame you. Come on, be honest. Sit and don’t look down. Just bear with it, the dinner will be over soon.” Palamedis was silent, trying to calm himself. Daddy Sphinx is right, if a leopard warrior hypnotizes himself to think he is above the ground and never looks down, he will feel down to earth and fear of heights will become less Terrible. Of course, if there were other things to distract him, Palamidis would be able to get through the night on his own. He can’t wait for this dinner party to start soon, of course—it’s better to end it soon.

Speaking of which, what about the protagonist of the dinner party? When will the [Queen of Gems] that Daddy Sphinx said come?

While Palamidis was wondering, someone pushed open the door of the Crystal Box.

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