Light Spirit Epic Chapter 1106: Searching for secrets in the sand sea (28)


Chapter 1106 Searching for secrets in the sand sea (twenty-eight)

“Yes, really good!” Shaxing nodded in praise, avoiding a necromancer’s spear.

“So, uh, can you help me?” Sha Xing rolled again, dodging the frantic slashes of the three undead warriors. His principle is not to take the initiative to kill the enemy, and to leave the experience points of the monsters to the teenagers as much as possible.

But these monsters seem to regard the Shaxing as the leader of the team, and have been chasing the Shaxing to attack, making Xinghuilong a little breathless. He had to step back, wielding his lightsaber to block from time to time, or simply use his light and agile steps to dodge the attack!

Daniel saw that the evil star was in trouble, so he took advantage of the moment when the evil star was leaning down to avoid the sword, and set up several iron arrows and scattered them. The power and weight of the iron arrows were very impressive. They stuck on the monsters, knocking the menacing undead warriors back a step. The retreating monsters slammed into other undead warriors again, and the entire piece of monsters froze, although only for a moment.

“Very good!” Calvin, the little murloc prince, had been waiting for this opportunity for a long time. He rushed up with a stride, and the staff in his hand had already released magic. A huge ice sword thirty feet long quickly took shape and attached to one end of the staff! The staff in Calvin’s hand immediately turned into the hilt of a great sword, and he was holding this great sword about ten times bigger than his own size in both hands, ready to shoot!

Unmoving Wang—— Husky couldn’t help smirking when he saw the great sword in Calvin’s hand. Even with his combat technique [arm burst], he couldn’t swing a giant sword of that size. It’s pointless that Calvin spends precious magic use times to create such a huge thing but can’t use it.

——Or maybe not!

Prince Calvin smiled smugly, almost ignoring the laws of physics, and unscrupulously drew a sword! !

The huge ice sword swept out and slammed into more than a dozen undead warriors, easily knocking these monsters into pieces! Of course, the Great Sword of Ice could not last for a long time. This blow slashed about a dozen undead warriors and the great sword shattered into pieces. It turned into countless ice cubes and fell to the ground. Take advantage of the momentum to chase up the enemy soldiers to repel again!

“Unbelievable Wang…” Husky looked at this seemingly impossible, but a strange phenomenon actually happened: “How the **** did you do it?”

“Haha!” Calvin jumped back a few steps, dodging the attacks of several monsters rushing up, and explained with ease: “These are two magic tricks, one is created by ice-based plastic surgery. The big ice sword, and the other one uses kinetic energy magic to speed up the ice sword and play it out.”

That’s right, this is Calvin’s new combination magic—-[The Great Sword of Ice].

This “new” magic isn’t actually anything new, it’s just a combination of two kinds of magic, [Ice Formation] and [Orbital Acceleration]. Of course, at the cost of double the consumption of magic, its destructive power is also enormous.

“Idiot! Don’t waste the number of times you use magic!” The evil star, who just got up from the ground, scolded, “I don’t know what kind of enemies I have to face in the future. It is best to keep all magic and combat skills warm!”

“I know, but just now was a good opportunity!” Calvin muttered in disapproval. A large group of enemies gathered together and waited to be defeated in one fell swoop. This kind of opportunity is really not easy to come across. The murloc prince felt that it was worthwhile to spend two magic uses here at once – and today he There are thirteen opportunities to use magic left, so how about a splurge?

At the same time, three necromancers rushed towards Husky at the same time. The swords and guns they wielded attacked from all directions at the same time. As a last resort, Husky had no choice but to use his combat skills [integration of the inside and the outside]. With a higher level of body manipulation ability, he twisted his body flexibly like a circus juggler, and at the same time dodged the successive attacks of the monsters. !

“Crouch down!” Seeing that Husky was in danger, Daniel immediately shot three arrows in a row. His arrows landed on the monsters’ foreheads, chests, and right shoulders, blocking the necromancers’ next move.

Husky took the opportunity to attack, swept out the long sword in his right hand, and cut off the head of one undead; at the same time, the shield of his left hand slapped the waist of the other undead, knocking the lumbar spine of the monster with only bones into pieces ! The third Necromancer was just about to fight back, but Daniel’s arrow was taken on his arm. Husky slashed the monster’s left arm with only bones, and then dragged the sword horizontally, cutting the monster in half!

“Hahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhha With the help of his combat technique [Powerful Dash], the thrusting looks extremely ferocious. The monster’s sword brushed past Hal’s ear, but was blocked by Daniel’s wooden arrow for half a second, unable to keep up with the speed of the sprinting Leopard boy. As a result, they could only watch Howl rush to him and let the leopard boy raise his sword and stab out!

Incomparably sharp, the scorpion needle stabbing sword that slashed iron like mud, directly penetrated the chest of the first monster, and smashed the monster whose whole body was composed of bones! The sword edge remained undiminished, and continued to penetrate the chests of the second, third, and fourth monsters, until the fifth monster was finally knocked out!

Pounds! A skeleton raised a big sword and slashed it down, thinking that he could hit the leopard boy who had just finished his heavy attack and had not yet been able to completely deal with it. But Hal had seen through the movement of the monster for a long time. Before closing the move, he rolled over, and the big sword only slashed past him!

Nevertheless, the impact of the big sword hitting the ground was still very strong, and Hal was knocked away by the impact and rolled away.

Three necromancers took this opportunity to attack the Leopard boy together, wielding giant hammers, swords and spears! Just getting up from the ground, Hal, who has not had time to take precautions, is about to be hit by monsters!

“Hmph, I really can’t help you.” Calvin released an icy fog, and at the same time launched another ice arrow. Frostbolt hits ice fog. In an instant, a powerful freezing air storm rolled up, condensed into a larger ice arrow, and smashed it heavily, just in time to meet the three undead warriors! Those undeads themselves are composed of pure skeleton bones, and their resistance to shock and cold is extremely poor, and they were shattered under the impact of giant ice arrows! Frostbolt did not stop its momentum, and continued to fly far away, crushing four or five enemies along the way!

“Oh—” Howl panted and ran back to join his comrades, still maintaining the original sparse but orderly battle formation to meet the encircling enemy forces. But his slightly irritable gasping voice showed that the Leopard boy’s physical strength will bottom out in the near future!

Daniel looks around again. Only about one-tenth of the undead warriors were killed, and the remaining monsters kept coming up and surrounded everyone. They didn’t come madly like a tide, probably because they were afraid of being destroyed by Calvin’s large-scale magic group. But they switched to tactics similar to wheel battles to drain the crowd. If it goes on like this, it’s not just a matter of exhaustion of combat skills — before that, everyone will be exhausted!

Must come up with a way to kill these monsters more efficiently!

He has been observing the surrounding terrain for a long time, and since the lighting in the field is so dim, this has become an easy task. But now, after a long period of observation, the apprentice knight boy has roughly grasped the outline of this venue.

This death arena is a bowl-shaped structure, and when everyone is sent here, it happens to be in the center of the death arena, which is the bottom of the bowl. The further up you go, the higher the field gets until you hit its walls. However, it is very vast here, and it takes a long distance to reach the edge of the site, and the difference in terrain is even more difficult to detect.

Using this, maybe…

Daniel suddenly pointed straight ahead and shouted: “There! There must be a way to escape in that direction!!”

“Escape? But—“

“Continuing to be besieged is a dead end, you can only escape!!” the apprentice knight boy shouted again.

“Flee!” Shaxing also supported Daniel’s proposal. He also noticed at this time that the escape route indicated by Daniel was the best. The distribution of enemies along the way was quite sparse, and it was the correct route to kill a **** path.

“Husky and Hal are the forward, Calvin and I are the last! Everyone run!!” At the same time as Daniel gave the order, everyone rushed out!

Several necromancers attacked with swords, trying to prevent the middle man from escaping. But Howl rushed up with a single stride, raised his rapier and launched a [Powerful Dash], piercing through several enemies with one blow, clearing a straight line of space! !

More necromancers attacked to defeat the leopard boy who just finished his fierce attack and was full of flaws. But Husky caught up later, raised his great sword to block the monsters’ attacks, and then launched [arm burst], with a powerful slash, instantly defeated five undead! !

At the rear of the team, several more enemies were chasing after them. After Calvin released a viscous ice fog palace, it froze all the stupid enemies that rushed over! Daniel took advantage of the situation to shoot several arrows, and the heavy iron arrows pierced the frozen monster, smashing these undead warriors in an instant!

“Run, run, run! Don’t stop!!” Daniel shouted continuously, urging everyone to run to the heights.

Hasky wondered in his mind that he could already see the walls on the edge of the Deathmatch from a distance. The wall made of black steel seemed unbreakable, and the dog boy suspected that this death battle field was originally a closed area, and only by killing all the monsters could they escape. If that’s the case, wouldn’t Daniel’s escape plan be useless?

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