Light Spirit Epic Chapter 1105: Searching for secrets in the sand sea (27)


Chapter 1105 Searching for secrets in the sand sea (twenty-seven)

Shhh! There was a muffled sound outside the house, like the sound of a wooden stick scraping on the sand.

“Ouch!” What followed was Seglade’s cat-killing scream.

When Seglade hurried back to the house, Father Odin couldn’t help but grin, as if he knew the Leopard youth would be frightened: “What’s the matter? Did something scare you? ?”

“This, this, this gangbang! It smashed meow!” Seglade was incoherent as he spoke, almost biting his tongue to the point of bleeding.

“It’s not broken? Didn’t you wake up?” Dad looked at the alloy steel rod in Segred’s hand, which was still intact.

“I-I’m not saying this is broken meow! You, you look outside, meow!!” The young Leopard Man pointed to the window and motioned the old man to look.

Papa Odin put down his work and walked slowly to the window. In fact, he didn’t need to look at it deliberately at all, he was able to predict the result before looking at it.

The giant bone fossil on the open space outside the house was split in half and shattered to the ground.

Different from the wound that Solare cut at noon, Seglade had already chosen another location to cut his knife this time, and cut it from the hard part of the fossil. Despite this, the power of the blade of the rapier is still enormous. It splits a whole fossilized giant bone with ease, like cutting butter.

After suffering the blow at noon, the inside of the fossil is certainly damaged, and there are tiny cracks that are invisible to the naked eye. But the damage to the fossils by Seglade’s blow just now was real, there was no doubt about it. As a result, it was difficult to tell whether the Luna Steel Long Spear was more lethal at noon, or the current Luna Steel Rabbit Sword was more lethal—it could only be said that their lethality was equivalent, not There is too much difference.

However, this weapon has been greatly lightened, it is as light as air and as thin as a finger.

Such a light weapon can bring such powerful destructive power, this is unscientific, so unscientific!

Seglade danced in panic and was speechless for a while. But Father Odin had already guessed the thoughts of the young Leopard Man.

Dad handed the second weapon core with runes engraved to Seglade – the core of Bedivere’s dagger, and asked, “You know the principle of Luna Steel is quantum Collapse, that is to say, the volume and mass of the huge object are compressed into the subspace, right?”

Seglade nodded, calming down a bit.

Father Odin asked: “However, have you ever thought about why the mass shrinking in the warp affects the real world?”

“Uh…warp…and reality…the steel rod is connected meow? Hitting an object with this is like hitting an object with a huge iron rod Object Meow…”

The old man was not satisfied with the explanation: “So what?”

Seglade couldn’t explain any more and could only remain silent, scratching his cat’s head.

He can understand the general principles of Luna Steel. But thinking about it carefully, it seems that there are still many unexplainable secrets of Luna Steel. Since it is hidden in the subspace, the mass of the object should not interfere with the real world, right? After all, reality and warp space do not interfere with each other, right? However, Luna Steel has completely subverted this concept. In short, it is very unscientific.

“I’ve been thinking about this since noon, and my guess is this—” The old man picked up a piece of paper from the table and rolled it into a paper tube, and continued: “This is Luna Steel is a kind of warp enchantment in disguised form. Through discontinuous quantum collapse, it compresses the mass of the weapon itself into the warp layer by layer, just like rolling up this piece of paper tightly. .”

“But this subspace is in a critical state, very unstable.” The old man released his hand, and the parchment rolled into a paper tube immediately stretched out, expanding several times in size.

“When you strike the surface of an object with a weapon, the contact surface of the weapon is impacted, the enchantment will be temporarily removed in a very short time, and the mass originally hidden in the warp will be released in an instant. These The instant release of mass on an extremely small contact surface can cause considerable damage to an object. This is the secret of Luna Steel weapons.

——In the final analysis, it does generate destructive power with its own mass stored in the warp. It is precisely because the warp enchantment attached to it is not stable that it can reach this special critical state of being able to retract and release freely, and its quality can fluctuate. “

Seglade nodded slightly, and seemed to understand a little: “So, what is the function of the Ruenwen you carved on it?”

“That is a kind of circuit of creation magic. In short, it is to let the existing mass of the object continue to expand.” Seeing that Seglade still didn’t understand, Dad couldn’t help laughing: “Looking at your appearance, you should have fought against Solar before, right? Of the five magic swords in that kid’s hand, one of them is the [Creation Magic Sword] enchanted with creation magic. Magic power creates virtual mass, which can become bigger or smaller at will. The Loenwen engraved this time is basically the same as that one, but the mass expansion effect can only be maintained for a very short moment.”

Seglade struggled to recall previous battles.

Magic Swordsman Solar did have a great sword that could grow in size at any time. That magic sword was a very tricky weapon, and it made the students of the same age as Solar suffer. Fortunately, it has been temporarily “confiscated” by the organizers of the round table trials and stored in the locker of the battleship Britannia.

“So, you made the blade of this rapier look like that, meow?” Seglade played with the Luna steel rapier (stick) in his hand, “using magic power to further magnify its power. mass so that it expands at the moment it hits the object to increase its destructive power?”

“Correct answer.” Dad nodded again: “This is an essential supplement to the weapon, further enhancing its existing properties.”

Therefore, originally made of light metal alloys, the blade of the rapier, which is much lighter than Uzi steel, can also achieve the same power as Luna’s tempered Uzi spear. And this rapier is as light as air!

…just amazing!

But actually, what’s even more remarkable is Father Odin. It only took him one afternoon to thoroughly explore the principles of the wonderful material that just came out, Luna Steel, and follow the principles of the steel itself to further enhance the characteristics of the weapon! This is the formidable insight that a master craftsman who aims to create the best magic weapons all his life and has touched countless kinds of strange weapons can have a powerful insight!

“Although there are still many unexplained principles in Luna Steel, well, winning by quality is probably the feeling of this weapon.” Dad muttered to himself: “Let’s make more, let us Let this craft continue to evolve.”

Seglade thought for a while: “Before that, can you teach me to use the Rune Rune Meow? Just teach me the rune word fehu. It should be very useful Meow.”

“Hehe, you think so beautifully.” Father Odin’s attitude turned cold for a moment, and he said arrogantly: “Why teach outsiders the precious knowledge of the dragon hunter family?”

Seglade’s forehead was marked with a clear vein, but he didn’t say much, and continued to bury his head in forging weapons.

After all, Papa Odin is not obligated to teach Seglyd anything — they only have a business relationship.

Night is falling, it should be time for people to stop their work and eat dinner. However, there was a continuous sound of hammering iron from Father Odin’s stone house, ding ding dong dong non-stop. Seglyde is making a batch of Luna steel weapons after sleepless nights, and is constantly optimizing the manufacturing process, expecting them to be useful in future battles.

At the same time, somewhere in Great Britain, in a virtual world.

The fierce battle between the teenagers and the undead army has just begun, and the two sides are currently in a scuffle.

A necromancer wields a heavy axe and slashes diagonally over Husky’s head, a deadly blow!

Keng! The canine boy Husky raised the shield of his left hand, blocking the blow of the necromancer. After the big sword part of the child and mother sword was separated, it was a very solid shield. It did not disappoint the canine boy. Not only did it block the attack, but it also bounced the battle axe away, causing the necromancer to lean back and slightly. lost balance!

At the same time, a feathered arrow flew over Husky’s right shoulder and landed on the large black hole called the left eye of the Necromancer. The monster hit by the arrow immediately lost its balance even more. In order not to fall backwards, it twisted its body reluctantly. At the same time, it also showed a momentary rigidity, and it was full of flaws!

“Haha!!” The dog boy took advantage of the situation to draw a sword and cut off the opponent in the middle! The Necromancer, whose whole body was made of white bones, collapsed to the ground, and was judged dead by the system, a prop that exploded on the ground!

“Hey! That was a good one just now!” Husky turned his head and praised.

“Hahaha—” Apprentice knight Daniel scratched his with an embarrassing smile.

Of course, he’s only less than five yards from his target, and if he can still miss his arrows from that distance, his archery skills are unprecedented. And he wasn’t so bad.

Daniel raised his bow and shot another arrow, just in the direction of three o’clock. Seven yards away, a necromancer wielding a sword in his right hand! The monster wanted to slash the leopard boy Howl with a big knife, but stopped because of the attack of the wooden arrow. It only has a lot of bones, and the hand holding the big knife is even more unable to grasp the weapon because of the arrow, and the whole body leans back along the hand of the arrow!

“Ha!” Hal on the side saw that there was an opportunity, he also took advantage of the opportunity to raise his rapier and stab, successfully piercing the chest of the necromancer! His stabbing sword [Eternal Sleep] is extremely sharp, and the full thrust can easily penetrate the armor. Of course, the skeleton monster’s rib-only chest cannot be spared, and a big hole is pierced by the heavy attack! This monster was assassinated in an instant, and it exploded with props!

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