Light Spirit Epic Chapter 1100: Searching for secrets in the sand sea (22)


Chapter 1100 Searching for Secrets in the Sand Sea (22)

“Processing meow?” Seglade turned to look at his father: “What do you mean by processing meow? Can this iron rod be further processed meow?”

“Yes. For example, engrave rune characters in it.” Dad explained with a sneer.

“Luen text?” The leopard man scratched his head in confusion: “What are you talking about… in Norse mythology, Loen text meow?”

Father Odin smiled: “Yes, it is the Loen text.”

Seglade was immediately displeased when he heard it: “Dad, you said it yourself, overly embossed weapons are not real, only immature children would make such weapons meow?”

He’s also been taught a lesson by his dad about this, and he still holds a little grudge about it.

“Huhu, that’s what I said.” The old man waved his hammer in disapproval and replied half-jokingly: “But the Loen text——I’m talking about the real from the age of mythology. The handed down Loen characters, not the fakes handed down by modern gods—they are decisively different from ordinary embossing.”

Seglade rolled the old man a glance: “That’s superstition, meow.”

“It’s not a superstition.” The old man said mysteriously, and gestured in the air with his fingers: “That is a special script handed down from the ancient gods, and they do have peculiar power. I don’t understand it very well, but if I want to explain it, they are a special kind of [magic circuit]. As long as the Loen text is engraved on the weapon, when the weapon is swung, the free photons in the air will resonate with the Loen text. , flows in a specific direction, and becomes a specific magic phenomenon.”

(It feels so high-tech meow.)

(But when it comes to the ancient gods, it seems that nothing is impossible, meow.)

Seglade frowned and asked half-understood: “So, it’s a kind of enchantment, meow?”

Dad smiled again: “It’s about the same. But it’s different from ordinary enchantments. Ordinary enchantments need to consume materials, but the Loen text is only engraving. No materials are spent, and other enchantments can be achieved by desperately working hard to achieve it. the effect, do you think it is wonderful?”

Seglade thought about it, and suddenly jumped up: “Wait…so, you want to carve this alloy core meow?! No! Its strength will decrease meow. !”

Dad sneered and asked: “How much can the strength of such a thick iron rod be reduced by carving on the surface?”

Seglade was at a loss for a moment.

“Come on,” Father Odin played with the hammer in his hand. The hammer began to deform and turned into a sharp carving knife: “Come on, carve it without dying, give it to me. During this time, you can prepare the alloy ingots required for the next weapon. .”

“I only hope that these Loen words are really useful, meow.” Seglyde handed the alloy rod of the inner core of the weapon to Father Odin, and let the old man carve it on it.

He glanced at the dark carving knife in his father’s hand again, and asked curiously: “By the way, my hammer can also be transformed into that way?”

“Okay.” When I asked this question, Dad had already started to carve.

He used that razor-sharp carving knife to carve some crooked characters on the giant aluminum-titanium alloy like cutting butter—no, it’s not so much words, it’s more like pits, different depths , pits of varying sizes and complexity beyond words.

Father Odin played with the black carving knife in his hand and said a little boastfully: “This is a [universal tool] (-) unique to the dragon hunter family, not an ordinary hammer. It can theoretically It takes countless forms to make it easy for blacksmiths to forge weapons. However, if you want it to change into other forms, it takes a long time to practice, creating a high degree of imagination and concentration.”

“And you gave me such a priceless treasure, meow?” Seglade also clenched the hammer in his hand, and the residual warmth on the hammer when he struck the iron passed to the palm of the young Leopard Man, and there was a A very familiar feeling.

“Hehe, it’s okay to send it to you, even if I keep it, it’s useless.” Although Father Odin’s tone was as calm as the windless sea, there was a hint of sadness in it: “The dragon hunter family can use I am probably the only one left with such a versatile tool.”

At the same time, somewhere in the Sahara Desert.

When Bedivere woke up, he found himself in total darkness, tightly wrapped in a paralysis.

The night falls, and the sky is full of stars, twinkling. Such a beautiful view——

Huh? wrong.

The hunger level in the werewolf’s stomach told him that it was about four or five in the afternoon, and it was not yet dinner time. The falling of night is even more unreasonable.

Then what’s going on with this [Nightfall]?

Bediver struggled to get up, the numbness beginning to be replaced by excruciating pain. He couldn’t get up completely, and stopped halfway through, so he had to maintain an awkward posture and half-sit on the ground.

It hurts. Burning pain all over the body. The ribs seemed to be broken several times, but luckily the bones of the arms and thighs were not broken.

The excruciating pain clears his mind, and he begins to recall what had happened before.

By the way, he was swallowed by a huge quicksand pit and should have been buried in the sand sea of ​​the Sahara Desert!

So, where is this place? !

——This is the underground!

The werewolf took a deep breath and immediately understood the mystery.

This is a cave in the ground, and the “stars” in the sky are actually those quicksand pits in the Sahara Desert!

Accompanied by the sand, the light in the sky poured down the small hole in the center of the quicksand, and it became this shimmering star. There are countless quicksand pits in the Sahara Desert, and in this huge underground cave, this spectacular underground star sea is formed!

Bediver looked at the quicksand pits in amazement. The pouring sand did not fill up this underground cave. There is some kind of wonderful power that makes the sand pouring down like a waterfall, before it falls to the ground, it scatters back again and adheres to the ceiling of the cave. .

This is obviously not a force of nature, but some kind of man-made force at work. There is some kind of power that created this huge underground cave, the dark world under the sand sea!

Bedivere not only looked at his feet again. The scenery under his feet shocked the werewolf even more.

He’s sitting on a piece of glass! There is a faint light coming from the ground, and that is the real light source that illuminates the werewolf’s vision.

Yes, stretching for hundreds of miles, the entire underground cave is paved with extremely transparent glass!

Their strength and toughness may be amazing. Bedivere fell from a quicksand pit in the air, and fell to a height of two hundred feet, but on the ground he landed, the glass hardly shattered. There were only a few imperceptible cracks!

Bediver taps the ground with his hands. It feels a little soft. The glass also has rubber-like flexibility. Thanks to this, and also thanks to Bedivere’s sturdy physique, the werewolf fell from such a high place without shattering his bones.

How deep is this subterranean sea of ​​glass? The werewolf followed the ground and looked deeper underground.

But no matter how carefully you look, the glass refracts light, making it impossible for a werewolf to judge its depth!

All I can say is it’s very, very deep! At least tens of thousands of feet deep!

From the foot of Bedivere to the very deep formations, this entire space is completely filled with this kind of flexible glass!

In the deeper rock formations below, there are all kinds of extremely hard volcanic rocks! The fiery red light of the lava, which is faintly revealed in the volcanic rock, is refracted infinitely in this extremely transparent underground glass sea and spreads toward the ground! In terms of structure, it is to illuminate the entire underground glass sea with faint light, like a crystal clear sea of ​​fire!

Above your head is a piece of false stars, and below your feet is a sea of ​​glass that stretches infinitely through [Hell]. Bedivere seems to be suspended in the air, floating between the gap between the sky and the ground!

It was as if there had been some kind of super-powerful explosion that blew a huge hole in the ground. The sand in the ground melted in an instant because of the high heat generated by this terrifying explosion, and reorganized this underground glass sea in the high temperature! !

Such a wonderful scenery, but so strange to the extreme, the werewolf was confused for a while, not knowing what to do with himself.

By the way, Arthur…

Bediver was stunned for half an hour, and as the pain subsided, the werewolf remembered what he had to do.

Must find Arthur and the others and join them.

The king of knights is trapped in the mysterious golden treasure ship, and the fate is still unknown. Bedivere has no time to study this mysterious underground glass sea!

The first goal is to find Arthur and make sure he is safe!

The werewolf covered his head and tried his best to think with his still not sober mind. It is not wise to walk with your feet in this endless subterranean sea of ​​glass. If you want to find Arthur, you must first find a means of transportation—his iron cavalry.

The werewolf looked around, trying to retrieve his He and the cavalry were swept away by the sandstorm and swallowed by the quicksand pit at the same time. Logically, their landing points should be very close. Although the light here is rather dim, it is better than having a wide field of vision, a world that is transparent like a crystal. As long as you open your eyes and search carefully, it shouldn’t be difficult to find an object as big as an iron cavalry!

Bediver narrowed his eyes and looked around, looking for metal objects similar to iron cavalry in the underground glass sea where the high ground is uneven, like the countless sand dunes of the Sahara Desert.

Fortunately, this area is extremely transparent, and the uneven glass hills can be easily seen through. The werewolf soon found his cavalry from behind a small hill…or the wreckage of the cavalry after it crashed.

At this time, the wound on Bedivere’s body gradually healed, at least to the point where it did not affect his movement. The werewolf moved slowly and walked towards the iron cavalry.

And some figures in the darkness are gradually approaching the werewolf.

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