Light Spirit Epic Chapter 1099: Searching for secrets in the sand sea (21)


Chapter 1099 Searching for secrets in the sand sea (twenty-one)

This battle in the death pit was supposed to be fought by one player.

The system expects a fifteenth-level knight to be able to complete the trial of this death pit alone with the extraordinary skill of being one-to-one against one hundred.

But now Husky and the others have accidentally run into this death battle pit. In desperation, they can only help each other to make up for their respective deficiencies and bite the bullet to survive this war.

There are at least fifty necromancers surrounded by them, that is to say, they must fight ten at a time.

The situation was so bad, the dog boy Husky made a quick decision and took the sword apart. He held a long sword in one hand and a shield turned into a sword shell in the other, and was ready to fight. He knows that this configuration can make him live longer in the melee, and if he has spare energy, he can even find time to help his companions!

The leopard boy Hal holds the newly obtained weapon in both hands, the scorpion needle stabbing sword—[Eternal Sleep]. Although he knew that the venom of this sword would not be effective against necromancers with only bones left, he could at least rely on the sharpness of this stabbing sword to give it a shot.

The little murloc prince Calvin raised an iron staff with a smile on his lips. His newly learned spells can now be put to good use. When this group of stupid enemies is sent to the door to die, and run to a suitable distance and range, Calvin will use a ruthless move to destroy a large number of enemies in one fell swoop!

Just as Daniel pulled out his sword and shield to fight, Husky ran over and shoved a bow into the apprentice knight boy: “Brother Daniel, use this to support us! I want to ensure safety and earn money at the same time. Experience points, this is the best.”

Daniel found Husky’s green tree and wooden bow, and immediately understood the intention of the dog boy.

The experience point mechanism of this game is very simple, similar to ordinary role-playing games. When a monster is killed, anyone who has dealt damage to the monster will receive an equal share of experience points, regardless of the amount of damage.

That is to say, even if the small bow and arrow have caused a small damage to the monster like mosquito bites, when the other team members kill the monster, Daniel can evenly share half of the experience. Assisting teammates with bows and arrows is the safest, labor-saving and effective way to grab experience. Of course, the premise is that the teammates are willing to help Daniel in this way.

“Thank you…Thank you so much…” Daniel was so moved that he stuttered a little. A young apprentice knight who lived a poor life and was weak and weak, he was always looked down upon by other apprentice knights. He had never met a good teammate who was as helpful as Husky and the others.

“Yes, thank us. But be careful when you shoot, don’t hurt us too.” Calvin urged with slight dissatisfaction.

He doesn’t particularly care about the lack of experience points, but with such an unknown stranger shooting arrows behind his back, the murloc prince always feels uneasy in his heart — besides, this guy Daniel sees He was weak to death and looked very unreliable. I just hope that the arrow skills of this weak apprentice knight are not too bad.

“They’re here! All ready!!” Shaxing yelled. The army of necromancers is already closing in.

The crowd formed a relatively sparse battle formation, but kept a proper distance from each other, and began to face the undead army!

At the same time(?), Africa, in the black market of Cairo, Egypt, it was about evening.

“I’m back.” Magic Swordsman Solar pulled a large cart of goods and walked slowly back with difficulty. The small wooden cart he had originally launched was completely inadequate, so he had to find a bigger one—a cart almost the size of a pickup truck.

“Wow…” Seglyde couldn’t help being stunned. In addition to being frightened by the cargo in the car, he was also frightened by the power of Solar: “Exchange, exchange so much. Meow?”

“Um, huh, huh.” Solar stopped and rested for a while, sweating profusely from the heat, and couldn’t wait to take off the scarf covering his face.

He took a list from his arms and read: “Twelve fangs from three-headed hellhounds, two tons of scales from a siren, five tons of moonstone crystals, and five tons each of aluminum and titanium. Please. Do the math, my friend.”

As originally agreed, Solar went to the black market to sell the Luna Steel Javelin, and the weapon materials in exchange were ten times as much as the original.

“And there is a little money left, please accept it, my friend.” The magic swordsman shoved a bag of money into Seglade’s hand. From the weight of the bag of gold coins, it can be estimated that there should be about 100,000 Egyptian coins in it, which is not a small amount of change.

Seglade looked at the exquisite high-purity aluminum and titanium ingots on the car: “I can’t find Uzi ore, meow?”

“I tried very hard to find it, but there is really no stock in the whole market.” Solar said embarrassedly: “It is said that the Uzi mine in Damascus has been exhausted due to over-exploitation, and I want to find it later. This special mineral will definitely become more and more difficult. I bought the two metal materials with the best hardness and toughness for you on my own initiative. Do you think these can be used? If you are not satisfied, I still have the receipt. Return the goods.”

Seglade frowned, reached out and touched the shiny aluminum ingots: “Forget it, this is pretty good too. Let’s make Luna steel from aluminum-titanium alloy.”

Although it doesn’t have the intoxicating super toughness of Uzi steel, weapons made from aluminum-titanium alloys will be very, very light and incredibly tough. After many compressions, the thicker aluminum alloy steel bars are quantumly collapsed into the slender blade of the rapier, and the power must still be amazing, and it must be as light as air.

The Luna’s tempered aluminum-titanium alloy can directly compete with light-blade weapons even if it is not enchanted. If the enchantment continues, the power can be expected.

“It’s great.” Father Odin is already gearing up and ready to show off his skills: “This batch of weapons will definitely make more money, let’s see.”

Seglade clenched his hammer and remained silent. All he cares about is making a batch of powerful weapons for his companions that can cope with the ring competition. And it’s best to make it before tomorrow morning. After all, today is the last day’s rest time. It is still unknown what will be arranged for the round table trial tomorrow (maybe it will start the ring match tomorrow).

“It’s not too late, let’s start making swords, meow.” Seglade unloaded all the necessary supplies from the truck.

“It’s very late today. If you’re tired, you can go back first.” Father Odin said coldly to Solar: “I don’t need you here for the time being, unworthy descendants.”

“Dad, it’s too much.” The magic swordsman scratched his head, but there was no special sadness on his face, maybe he was used to being treated like this: “Then I’ll go back to the hotel first, you guys. Be careful.”

“Humph.” Father Odin brandished his hammer: “No one has ever dared to mess with me unless they die.”

Seglade remained silent. Father Odin’s skills are either better than Solar’s, or he is inexplicably disgusted by the people in the black market of Cairo? The young leopard man had been here for a whole day at his father’s stone house, and he had never seen a half-person figure who dared to approach this house of his father Odin. Logically speaking, a famous craftsman like Father Odin should have a very prosperous business, right?

“What are you still doing in a daze? Aren’t you in a hurry?” The old man shoved the young Leopard Man on the shoulder roughly: “Come in!”

“Oh…” Seglade picked up the weapon material in his arms and slowly walked into the stone house.

Similar to the previous design, Seglade mixed titanium and aluminum ingots in proportions, one part mixed with Cerbertooth powder, which was used as the skin of the weapon; the other part was mixed with the powder of Siren Scale, which was used as the weapon the inner core. The metal ingots, which have been highly refined and purified, are very easy to process, and the two alloy ingots used for the outer skin and the inner core are made immediately.

“Aluminum and titanium,” Father Odin sneered as he looked at the alloy ingots he had made, “That boy Solal can’t forge weapons, but the idea of ​​purchasing materials is quite reasonable. These two They are all metals with high corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance. Weapons made from this can be immortal for thousands of years. Coupled with the characteristics of Luna Steel, they will definitely become famous swords that have been passed down through the ages.”

“I didn’t think about keeping them for eternity, meow.” Seglade looked at the two sets of alloy ingots that were constantly cooling in the water tray, “As long as they can make a good weapon that is good enough, meow.”

“As you like,” Dad also pretended not to care, looking at the alloy ingots: “Looking at the weight, are you going to make two weapons, or four?”

Seglade used up about a fifth of the aluminum and titanium ingots it bought back. If only light weapons such as rapiers were cast, no matter how Luna Steel collapsed their volume, these materials would be enough to make four or five rapiers.

“One meow.” The young leopard man said, “Just make one meow. This time I have the confidence to make it quantum collapse even more, so that all these alloy ingots will become the blade of a rapier meow.”

Dad didn’t say anything and looked at the two aluminum-titanium alloy ingots. Their quality is comparable to the previous Uzi ingots, and when they are made, they are huge alloy rods as thick as thighs The same as last time.

Although both aluminum and titanium are light metals, they may really be able to compress even more. However, compressing a giant stick as thick as a thigh into a blade as thin as a finger? The idea couldn’t help but be a little too crazy.

“I’ll watch you do it. If you screw it up, it’s just a long sword, and it can sell for a good price, it doesn’t matter.” Father Odin said with a sneer.

Seglade ignored the sarcasm of the old dragon hunter and began to swing the hammer, processing the alloy ingot for the core.

After several beatings, the inner core of the aluminum-titanium alloy ingot is as thick as an arm, which contains more aluminum and is very flexible.

Seglade plans to start processing the alloy ingots for the outer skin of the weapon again, wrapping the outer skin around the inner core in a spiral shape like last time, so that the two can be fused to achieve the purpose of a strong inner core and a hard and sharp outer skin.

But Father Odin stopped the leopard youth: “It’s rare for you to make this kind of thing, so don’t you plan to process it more in the inner core?”–6139+xs210634–>() “Lightning Walk” Biography” only represents the views of the author Raven D Vixas. If you find any content that violates national laws, please delete it. The stand is only committed to providing a healthy and green reading platform. 【】,thank you all!


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