Light Spirit Epic Chapter 1093: Searching for secrets in the sand sea (15)


Chapter 1093: Searching for Secrets in the Sand Sea

About noon, Great Britain, the palace of King Arthur.

“The knot, the end of the bark…” The dog boy Husky stretched long and put down the pencil in his hand.

“Ow…” Leopard boy Hal was so tired that he lay on the table and panted.

It was fine at first, but now the math class taught by Aunt Greenville is getting more and more difficult, which is a torment for the two orc teenagers.

Perhaps Aunt Greenville has vaguely noticed something, knowing that Husky and Hal will only have half a day in class every day from now on. Therefore, she arranged the courses very closely, connecting statistics and calculus, and the practice questions she gave were even more overwhelming.

“You have to step up your studies.” Greenville put away the book, “You are far behind the children of the same year, and even that Prince Calvin has learned more than you. Abandoned by society.”

“Wow…will work hard…” Husky was so tired that he could only breathe, and he didn’t bother to argue with Aunt Greenville.

“So~” Xinghui Longshaxing, who was still dozing off on the table next to him, jumped off the table and changed from a little lizard to a teenager in golden armor before landing: “It’s lunch break time. , leave these two boys to me.”

“Wait… the evil star? What are you going to do with the children?” Greenville frowned slightly and asked uneasily.

“Fishing. We made an appointment yesterday to go fishing at the beach.” Xinghuilong lied calmly.

Uncle Shaxing is so witty! — Husky secretly applauded. What a perfect excuse!

“Fishing? You? With them…?” Greenville looked at Xinghuilong more suspiciously: “I didn’t even know you could fish.”

“Oh hehe, you don’t know too much about me.” The corner of Shi Xing’s mouth showed a mischievous grin: “You thought dragons would only jump into the sea to catch fish, right?”

The queen frowned again. Queen Greenville, who has a part of the dark elf blood in her body, has excellent hearing. If it is elsewhere, she must be able to easily hear whether the other party is lying again from the other party’s heart sound.

However, in this castle protected by a special barrier, ordinary detection magic — such as eagle eye — will not work. The effect of the enchantment is so powerful that even Greenville’s super-hearing will be greatly reduced. This castle was originally such a special existence. When the Grand Duke of Palinlor gave the castle to King Arthur, the king deliberately kept this enchantment so that the people living in the castle could retain a certain degree of security.

If the evil star had already practiced and prepared to a certain extent in his heart, then the lie he told would not necessarily be able to see through the lies he told. —— This is a reminder that Arthur left to the evil star before he went to Egypt.

What’s more, the evil star is a dragon. The structure of the dragon’s heart is very different from that of humans. It is much bigger to hear whether the dragon is lying from the heart sound of a dragon than to listen to the heart sound of a human.

As a result, the evil star was cleverly fooled.

“Humph…Okay.” Greenville couldn’t tell if Sha Xing was lying, so she could only compromise: “But Sha Xing, you go out with two children by yourself, it always feels a little bit awkward. Inappropriate.”

“What’s wrong?” Xinghuilong squeezed out a little displeasure between his eyebrows: “It was your King Arthur who asked me to be the bodyguard of these two little devils, and I just did it. You think I am not qualified to protect the two Kid?”

The queen was stunned again: “No. You alone can withstand the fighting strength of an army. I have never doubted your strength. But taking care of children is another matter.”

She looked at Xinghuilong with slightly disgusted eyes. The evil star in front of her was a fifteen or sixteen-year-old boy with a slightly immature face under the golden head. Although she knew that Xinghuilong’s body was an adult dragon that had lived for tens of thousands of years, Queen Greenville had a wonderful intuition and felt that the evil star was sometimes really unreliable — at least not. The kind of person who has the patience to take care of children.

The evil star also noticed Greenville’s thoughts from the queen’s doubtful eyes, and he couldn’t help but feel a little sullen: “You are judging people by appearance.”

“Ahahahaha, no no no, how could it be…” The queen smiled and tried her best to hide the embarrassment on her face: “That’s it. You are just taking your two children to go fishing, I really don’t care. I’m very worried. It’d be much easier if someone else was with me. Maybe me too—”

She was about to say she was going to go with Shaxing and the two teenagers, but she immediately met Husky and Hal’s dissatisfied eyes: “Aunt Greenville wants to take the opportunity to force us to learn Wang (meow). “

“How could it be.” Shaxing immediately used a sarcastic tone to [defend] Greenville: “Although she doesn’t know anything about fishing, she will definitely not hinder us from fishing – right, Queen Greenville? “

The queen glared at Xinghuilong: “Very well, you boys are going to play together, I understand. So… um, Lancelot?”

The knights of the round table who were responsible for guarding the queen were waiting outside the living room, but when they heard Greenville’s call, they entered the room: “My subordinate is here.”

“Can you go out fishing with Shaxing and the two children?” the queen asked: “If you are here, I will be at ease.”


“It’s okay, I don’t need your protection for the time being.” Greenville smiled, raising her eyebrows at the evil star: “In that case, you should have no opinion, right?”

Greenville turned to Lancelot to help take care of the children, a change the evil star did not expect. He originally just wanted to find an excuse to spare the queen so that Husky and Hal could smoothly rendezvous with Calvin on the Ice Crystal.

Wait…Isn’t Lancelot Charlotte’s older brother?

Thinking of this, Sha Xing suddenly had an idea, almost wagging his tail and said to Lancelot: “Okay, then I’ll take care of you, Sir Lancelot. With you here, we can let it go. Thousands of hearts.”

“Uncle Shaxing Wang (meow)?!” Husky and Hal glared at Xinghuilong at the same time, feeling as if they had been betrayed by Shaxing.

“What? Do you have any opinions?” Xinghuilong shrugged irresponsibly: “Of course, the more people fishing, the happier they are. Otherwise, Queen Greenville is worried, so she can only do this. .”

Haskie remained silent, looking at the evil star with mournful eyes. The eight-year-old canine boy certainly didn’t know the reason why Uncle Shaxing deliberately wanted to please Uncle Lancelot, but Husky could clearly feel that Uncle Shaxing must have an intention.

The problem is that Uncle Lancelot appears to be a close associate of Aunt Greenville. Is he willing to cooperate with Husky and the others, let them slip away smoothly and reunite with the murloc prince?

If it doesn’t work out, it’s more than just a day of fishing at the lake. Uncle Lancelot will probably expose the fact that Husky and the others went to play that virtual game and let Aunt Greenville know about it. thing. Uncle Arthur had told Huskies not to let their mother, or Aunt Greenville, know they were playing this game. Mothers must not allow them to play such a violent game, and once it is exposed, they may not be able to play that game in the future.

Thinking of this, Husky couldn’t help but look at Uncle Shaxing with more mournful eyes. I hope Xinghuilong doesn’t screw things up this time.

“By the way, we need to prepare a swimsuit.” Worry is worry, Husky still needs to prepare for what is going to happen: “Aunt Greenville, can we take a swim?”

Considering the possibility of swimming through the long waterway inside the Ice Crystal again, Husky and the others would either take off their clothes or get wet, and either way the fur on their bodies would get soaked, they would become suspicious, or they would get wet. It’s a good idea to have an excuse ready at the outset.

“Well, of course.” The queen smiled and beckoned to the people to prepare the children’s swimsuits: “But be careful when swimming. You must watch these two children carefully, don’t let them go to the water. Too deep to play.”

“Yeah.” Xinghuilong replied nonchalantly.

“By the way, you have to bring a lifebuoy!” Hal said quickly, as a landlubber, how dare he go into the water without this.

“Huhuhu, of course.” The queen smiled and gave some more orders to the servants.

At the same time(?), Egypt, in the black market of Cairo.

After several hours of cooling, the “giant stick” that Seglade had cast was completely annealed and silent.

Inside the huge crystal-like shell, the black rod loomed, its scorching red color completely disappeared, and it shone a cold light in the sunlight.

Daddy Odin had been staring at the weapon for the entire time, not taking his eyes off it for almost a moment. It was because he looked at this giant stick for a long time that he did not notice its slow and wonderful qualitative change.

“Okay…so you actually made a crystal stick. Now let me see, what’s so special about it?” The old man stood up from his chair, ready to use the Dragon Hunter A special arcana consecrates this weapon.

“Uh, wait a minute, it’s not good yet, meow.” The Leopard Man quickly stopped him and stood up from his chair.

He took out his hammer and aimed it at the huge crystal rod on the iron felt and knocked it down!

——Keng! !

Kala la la la—the giant crystal rod was shattered after a crisp cracking sound like ice cubes.

No, it should be said that the crystal on the outer layer of the “giant rod” was shattered by Seglade, but the iron rod in the center was still intact. Countless crystal fragments fell to the ground, more than expected, and the true form of this wonderful weapon was finally revealed in front of the two of them.

“Huh?” The moment the real appearance of the weapon came into his eyes, Father Odin couldn’t help gasping for breath.

Odin, who had seen countless magical weapons in his career, thought that there was no weapon in the world to surprise him, but at this moment, he couldn’t help but exclaim: “This, this!? “–6139+189243–>


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