Light Spirit Epic Chapter 1092: Searching for secrets in the sand sea (14)


Chapter 1092 Searching for secrets in the sand sea (fourteen)

“And it’s it again?!” Bedivere exclaimed in surprise. This desert ship, the werewolf had already met once when he was a bodyguard in the caravan yesterday. At that time, Kana did not allow Bedivere to board the ship to explore, so the werewolf could only watch the desert ship disappear into the sea of ​​sand!

This time—I don’t know if it was accidental or inevitable, but Bedivere ran into this unmanned ghost ship again!

“[Again]? Have you seen it?” King Arthur’s intelligence network is very wide, he must have heard the legend of the desert ship. But this is the first time I have seen this mysterious treasure ship so close.

“Look at what your metal detector has brought us!” The werewolf roared at the murloc prince: “This is obviously not a groundwater vein!”

“But the metal detector did not detect anything wrong. There is indeed something buried in the ground here.” Tristan looked at the golden sand ship from a distance, as if he wanted to find out how the ship sailed in the sand sea.

Om—— Ignoring everyone’s conversation, the big ship began to roar. As Bedivere had seen before, there was an indescribable roar from the desert ship. Its engines began to fire, and the ring-shaped stern injectors radiated a bright golden flame, providing enough propulsion for the treasure ship!

It’s running away! !

“Go after it!!” King Arthur ordered loudly. Due to the loud noise from the treasure ship, King Arthur who followed behind the treasure ship could only suppress the ambient noise with a louder dragon roar so that his companions could hear it.

“Arthur! Don’t chase!” Bedivere also tried his best to shout to stop: “It’s too dangerous!!”

“What did you say?!” Arthur replied loudly, apparently inaudible to the werewolf. Once the treasure ship sailed, the noise and dust it made were not much more common, and the iron cavalry that Arthur and Bedivere were riding were eating dust behind the sand ship!

“Cough cough cough! Meow!” Bedivere couldn’t stand the oncoming sand and dust, and hurriedly covered his face with his clothes: “Arthur! Can we avoid it first?! Kekekekekeke !——What a big dust!”

The King of Knights seemed to have understood the werewolf’s complaint this time. He turned the steering wheel and drove the cavalry away from the center of the sandstorm. After he escaped the dust bombardment, he turned the steering wheel again and marched side by side with the huge sand ship!

“Evan! Can you hear me?!” Arthur shouted to the dragoon in mid-air: “You land on the deck of that ship first, and control it!!”

“What?! But—” The half-dragon youth also seemed to be quite critical of King Arthur’s plan.

“Aren’t you looking for [City of the Dead]?” Bedivere hurriedly complained: “Can you leave this kind of sandboat alone, that’s not our purpose!”

“You’re wrong, Bedivere!” The corners of King Arthur’s mouth turned up, showing a look of joy that he couldn’t help himself: “There are rumors that the desert boat is the messenger who guides people into the [City of the Dead]! Regardless of the underground water veins How, if you find this ship, you will definitely be able to find the [City of the Dead]!—And, no matter if you can find the city of the dead, this treasure ship must also contain rare treasures that are priceless. Find one from here and send it to you. To Greenville, I don’t think she’ll have an opinion!”

Are the results still for treasure? ! —Bedivere couldn’t help roaring in his heart.

But King Arthur was right. Since you have encountered this rare treasure ship, it is worth chasing after it. Maybe there is something good hidden in the treasure ship?

Although this move is a bit reckless, Bedivere believes that Arthur’s superb skills will surely turn a bad situation into a good one.


The king of knights drove the iron cavalry at full speed and walked side by side with the treasure ship. And Ivan is driving a dragon cavalry, trying to approach the treasure ship from the air. But because the sand and dust raised by the treasure ship is so powerful, it seems unrealistic to approach this method from the air!

Thinking of this, Bedivere pulled out his tungsten tongue whip and shouted, “Arthur! Get as close to it as possible! I’ll see what I can do!”

“Got it!!” Arthur twisted the steering wheel and let the cavalry drive close to the edge of the huge sand boat. This is a very dangerous move, after all, their iron cavalry is just a small machine, and there is an insurmountable huge size gap with the other party. If one accidentally hits the hull of the treasure ship, the iron horse will be shattered, and the people riding on it will not be spared!

“Are you close enough? Hurry up!” Arthur urged.

“Wait a minute—” The werewolf patiently measured the distance between the cavalry and the treasure ship.

He must hit with one hit. If he misses, due to the inertia of the whip, he may lose his balance and fall from the iron cavalry, get caught in the sandstorm at the stern, and be buried alive by the wind and sand!

“Okay!” The werewolf waved his hand like a gamble, and let the tungsten turtle tongue whip fly out!

This half-biological, half-metallic whip, powered by electricity and freely controlled by Bedivere like a tentacle, has a sharp blade on its end and stabs straight into the hull of the treasure ship!

Keng! As it hit the hull, the whip-headed dagger was delicately caught between the gaps in the treasure ship’s golden lustrous armor plates. It builds a path that leads straight to the way of the treasure ship!

“Arthur, it’s up to me to stabilize here!” Bedivere yelled, “Go!”


“Just go!!” the werewolf shouted, extending a hand from King Arthur’s back and grabbing the side of the cavalry’s joystick.

“Then be careful yourself, Bedivere!” The King of Knights didn’t say much, jumped out of the cavalry and landed on the werewolf’s whip!

“Woo!” Suddenly feeling the weight of Arthur’s whole body, Bedivere used all his strength to stabilize the whip, the iron cavalry, and himself!

Jump! Arthur took advantage of the jump, flew forward in the direction of the tortoise’s tongue whip, and grabbed the armor plate of the golden treasure ship with one hand!

“Humph!” As soon as he landed on the hull of the desert boat, he immediately struggled to climb up. Model The shell of this treasure ship is composed of countless golden armor plates as high as a person. There are quite large gaps between the armor plates, which are enough for Arthur to stand and crawl. He climbed very smoothly, and in a few seconds he was close to the side of the treasure ship!

“Arthur… Be careful…” Bedivere had just retracted his whip and continued to keep the cavalry running side by side with the sand boat. But there was nothing he could do here. His only remaining task, I am afraid, is to maintain this momentum and continue to sail, waiting for Arthur, who has finished exploring the treasure in the ship.

The werewolf looked up again. The dragon cavalry that Ivan and Tristan were riding had completely submerged in the sand and dust, and the two of them might have had a hard time. The moment the dust rises, it always floats to the sky first, so approaching the desert boat from the air is really not a good idea.

He suddenly had a bad feeling that he seemed to be missing something.

“Arthur?!” Bedivere exclaimed. Oops! The treasure ship has moved, and it has begun to sink into the sand sea!

At this time, the king of knights just climbed onto the deck of the desert boat, and seemed to want to find the door to the inside of the sand boat from the deck.

The werewolf can’t help but feel a chill! According to his memory, there was no door to the inside of the ship on the deck of the treasure ship! It’s a flat deck with no way in! Even if there is some kind of secret door, it is absolutely impossible for Arthur to find the location of the secret door in such a short time!

And the ship is sinking! !

Arthur will sink into the sand with the treasure ship!

On the deck, the naked Arthur will be buried alive in the sand in an instant! !

Too bad! !

The treasure ship sank another full ten feet, half of its golden hull in the sand! If it goes on like this, Arthur will really die! !

While Bedivere was worried about the situation of the King of Knights, he completely forgot to consider his own safety. In fact, in the direction of the treasure ship, there is a huge…

Quicksand pits! !

This quicksand pit connects to the depths of the ground and is constantly sucking in everything around it! !

The desert ship isn’t just diving into the ground, it’s crashing into this giant quicksand crater that eats everything! And the defenseless Bedivere also drove his iron cavalry toward this quicksand pit!

Bedivere still has two metal probes hidden in his chest pocket. And they are shaking like crazy at the moment, as if reminding that there is danger ahead of the werewolf!

“What?” Bedivere only reacted now because he was worried about Arthur.

“Oh, **** it!!” The desert landscape is always changing, and by the time Bedivere finds the huge quicksand pit ahead, it’s too late!

Swish swish swish swish ——————– The bow of the treasure ship slammed into the quicksand, creating a tornado of sand and dust!

Countless sandstorms rushed towards his face, and Bedivere was unable to resist. He was swallowed up by the sandstorms before he even had time to cover his face with his hands, and was swept up into the sky! !

“Wow ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah” Werewolf screaming and trying to stabilize his iron riding. But he knew that this iron cavalry couldn’t save him — the iron cavalry’s engine had been replaced with an electromagnetic engine, so it couldn’t fly high!

Pounds! ! He only felt dizzy in front of him, his entire body had been swept away by the wind and sand, and he instantly fell into the sand of the quicksand!

It hurts! Bedivere thought he might have broken a few ribs. Even the soft sand on the ground hits the ground with enough force to smash an ordinary person to pieces!

Spin, spin, spin! The sand flow is like a real wave, turning the werewolf continuously, and pulling him to the center of the quicksand pit, a huge black hole! Where the dark cave connects to is still a mystery! But Bedivere knew very well that as long as it was swallowed by that black hole, it would be bad!

Even if he knew, he couldn’t do anything! Most of his body was caught in the quicksand, completely unable to move, he could only watch himself being swallowed by the quicksand pit! !

The werewolf turned to look at the surrounding environment again. The desert boat had crashed into the middle of the sand pit and was completely engulfed by the quicksand pit.

Hopefully Arthur had found the entrance on the deck first. In that case he can still be saved! ——Bedivere prayed so in his heart. And he himself had given up hope of being rescued.

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