Light Spirit Epic Chapter 1070: Explore in the dark night (23)


Chapter 1070 Exploring the Dark Night (23)


The tip of the lightsaber stopped a few inches from the dragon’s chest and was blocked by the dragon’s hand!

The dragon just deliberately made a way to fool the evil star!

“Hahahahahaha!——You are the dumbest adventurer I’ve ever seen!” Long smiled sinisterly, blocking the weapon in Shaxing’s hand with his arm, and the other With one hand, he knocked Xinghuilong over! Under the strong impact, the evil star flew out ten yards away!

Touch! He hit the stone wall with a thick, muffled sound. However, thanks to the game’s settings, Shaxing didn’t suffer particularly heavy damage—just spit out blood.

“Is there really no problem with him meow?” Hal asked worriedly when he saw Shaxing lost in the battle.

“Haha, it’s exactly the same as I remembered, although the stance is opposite.” Sha Xing wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth and got up.

Just as he got up, the dragon had already come to him.

“Boy, what’s your name?” In the gloom, the dragon’s eyes emitted two terrifying golden lights.

“Shaxing.” Xinghuilong’s face was unmoved, and he was used to such scenes.

“Then, evil star.” Greedy saliva dripped from the corner of the dragon’s mouth: “Dare to challenge me, you are dead! What are your last words?”

“That——” there was a sneer on Shaxing’s face, he made a provocative gesture, and recited from his memory: “If you can win, I will talk about it!”

In an instant, the battle between the dragon and the evil star began.

“Hoo!” The dragon spit out fire rain, and thousands of fine fireballs shot like lava droplets, each shot was enough to set people on fire.

The evil star leaped forward, using subtle movements to avoid the rain of fire.

The fireball shot to his chest, the evil star leaned back slightly, and the fireball brushed past his left shoulder;

The flame tongue was about to engulf his left leg, but he twisted his waist with amazing softness, and the flame only blew over his heel;

Fine pieces of fire rushed towards the face, Sha Xing stretched out his fingers and flicked it a few times, and the fire pieces with sharp rubble flew away.

Each attack was disintegrated in the instant that it almost hit the male star, and the flames only left many burning marks on his armor, but they always couldn’t hurt him.

However, this is all within the dragon’s expectations.

“Roar!” The giant dragon raised a wall of fire, and the flaming fire rushed towards the ground, forcing the evil star to dodge in mid-air.

“Hey!” The giant dragon spit out a huge fireball and hit it in the direction where the evil star landed. The cunning dragon calculates the opponent’s movements, and lays a deadly trap before the evil star reaches the predetermined trajectory!

Wait until you hit the ground and then dodge, it will be too late. Sha Xing had a clever move, kicked the stone wall with one foot, and used the reaction force of the stone wall to change the direction in an instant.

Touch! The fireball hit the evil star and exploded! Jin Shining rolled his head, and under the impact of the explosion, took the opportunity to roll over in front of the giant dragon.

“What?!” Facing the sudden change, the giant dragon was taken aback for a moment, but he was not frightened by the battle.

Clap! The tail slammed **** the evil star, and the evil star who should have cut off the opponent’s tail was swept away!

Pounds! The evil star slammed into the stone wall of the cave again and fell!

“Is he really okay?!” Daniel, who was watching the battle, could not help but ask worriedly.

“Hey hey hey! It’s okay!” Shixing stood up as if nothing had happened, wiping the blood from the corner of his mouth: “Everything I did just now was just a tribute to the previous battle.”

Although there was a piercing pain on his back, this kind of pain was a common occurrence for Shaxing, and he could endure it: “I still can’t learn Arthur’s fighting style.”

He deliberately imitated Arthur’s actions, and wanted to use Arthur’s way to defeat the red fire dragon in front of him, the evil star of the year. But that obviously doesn’t work. Sha Xing can’t match the speed of Arthur when he was young, and the precision of his sword is not as high as Arthur’s.

“Never mind!” Sha Xing raised his lightsaber and pointed at the head of the dragon: “I’ve had enough of it. I’ll use my own fighting style to fight you!”

At the same time, Bedivere returned to the Cairo Hotel in a cavalry. When he pushed the shiny new iron cavalry into the underground parking lot, he couldn’t help but give the **** parking lot guard a few more glances.

The guard didn’t say anything, and let him go in a sullen manner, letting Bedivere park the cavalry in the underground parking lot.

When he climbed off the cavalry, locked the vehicle, and was about to go back to his room from the elevator in the underground parking lot, a voice behind him stopped him: “You have a very nice car, sir. “

“Huh?” The werewolf turned his head and saw a middle-aged man getting out of his luxury RV, probably also a resident of this hotel.

The appearance of the middle-aged man caught Bedivere’s attention: it was an orc.

More precisely, this is a lion, a very rare race of orcs. Although he is old, his lion’s golden fluffy lion mane is so handsome that he can vaguely feel that he is some kind of big man just by looking at this person’s outfit.

Bediver looked at the uncle lion, stunned for a few seconds, and then said: “Sir, you know the goods. I just bought this iron cavalry, and it was refurbished not long ago. But it is no longer Original, the anti-gravity engine and thrusters have long since been replaced with something else.”

“I can see it.” The lion-man only glanced at Bedivere, his eyes involuntarily sticking to the cavalry’s outer shell, as if there was a great attraction to him : “Can I touch it?”

“Well…you can do what you want.” Bedivere doesn’t like his mount being touched by strangers, but it seems that it’s not very good to refuse the other party like this, so he pretends to obey the lion man uncle generously. .

The man put his hand on the cavalry’s shiny silver shell and stroked it gently. Although this is a lion man, he seems to be different from ordinary orcs – his palms do not have any lion hair, but are exactly the same as human hands, which are a pair of thick white male palms .

Is this man really a lion? Or is it half lion and half human? Bedivere couldn’t help but doubt for a while.

The lion man just touched the outer shell of the cavalry, and immediately took a few steps back with interest, and muttered with doubts in his mouth: “It’s strange. This child is the mount of a former friend of mine. It’s too similar. But… it’s impossible. The iron cavalry from decades ago cannot be refurbished to a brand-new state. Am I being overly concerned?”

This guy knows Sword Saint Yake! ? Bedivere exclaimed in surprise. He almost wanted to question the lion-man’s uncle’s relationship with the Sword Saint Ark, but the werewolf finally gave up. It was late at night, and Bedivere was so tired that he wanted to go back to his room to take a shower and sleep immediately, not wanting to cause more trouble.

“Little brother.” But the lion-man uncle didn’t want to give up, and said to Bedivere: “I’ll give you a good price, can you sell this iron cavalry to me?”

Bedivere was upset when he heard this: “Sorry, this cavalry is not for sale. I’ll need it tomorrow.”

“Really?” The man was very generous, instead of entangled in the werewolf, he politely took out a small piece of paper from the pocket of his expensive suit and handed it to Bedwin Er: “If you change your mind, please contact me. Call the number on the back of this card, give my real name, and you can talk to me without interruption. I am waiting for your good news.”

“Uh… well.” Bedivere still had a bit of hostility when he took the card, and he asked curiously: “This iron cavalry may just look like the mount of one of your friends, and it may not be the same inside at all. Something. I might be a liar, and I might sell you this cavalry for a million dollars—so you want to buy it?”

“Well, I want to buy it.” The uncle lion didn’t even frown. One million feelings for him are just a small amount like pocket money: “This child may not be the same as the original one. , but I’ll still buy it. Money is not a problem, it’s a memorial to my dead friend.”

The werewolf was silent, and this uncle lion may really know the sword saint Ark, and the two may even have a deep relationship. Bedivere picked up the card and looked at it again. This person’s name——Saladin——was printed in clear black font in white, in the center of the pure black card, which was concise and powerful. Very stylish.

“Then, Mr. Saladin.” Bedivere collected the card, turned and left: “Good night.”

“Good night, little brother.” The other party did not keep the werewolf, nor followed him, but politely watched Bedivere enter the elevator in the parking lot.

Seeing the elevator door shut, Bedivere has a ghost in his heart. King Arthur intends to hunt down the fugitive Sword Saint Yake, perhaps this uncle lion can provide them with some useful information. The werewolf contacted this uncle Saradin, and got as much information as possible from the uncle’s mouth. Maybe it can help the king of knights, God knows.

Saladin? ——Be sure to visit this wonderful lion man when you have took the elevator back to the floor of his guest room. I thought Elaine, who was in the same guest room as him, had already slept. But before he could open the door, he heard a rapid panting sound in the room. The panting sound of Elaine the polar bear. The voice was so fast that it sounded like asthma.

Bedivere doesn’t know if Elaine has a respiratory illness, or if the Ice Bears would have gotten sick at this time. In short, that sound sounded very unpleasant—God, the polar bear may have even been attacked by other candidates, and is currently fighting in the room! And with Elaine’s clumsy skills and unwieldy brain, I’m afraid he will be at a disadvantage in battle!


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