Light Spirit Epic Chapter 1069: Explore in the dark night (22)


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Chapter 1069 Exploring the Dark Night (22)

Although the roar of the crash is like destroying the sky, the impact of the bolide is not as severe as it sounds, leaving no scars on the ground, and the flames are not ignited by the surrounding cloth. This is just some kind of sound and light effect in the game.

“Ugh…Failed again…” A teenager in a thin chainmail climbed up from the ground, he was in the center of the explosion just now, and it was obviously him who was sent back with the meteor.

“Dan, Daniel…?” Husky was stunned for half a second. He had sensed before that he would see Daniel soon. Sure enough, we’ll meet again soon, it’s really fate (Kama).

The young apprentice knight named Daniel just set off to fight monsters with a teleportation scroll, but he was sent back in less than five minutes——and, I am afraid he was sent back after he died.

He died within five minutes of starting, how weak is this guy? A drop of sweat appeared on Husky’s forehead.

“Ow… it hurts so much…” The young apprentice knight grabbed his waist and got up from the ground, the pain from the previous death was still eroding his nerves: “Hey, it’s dead again, that **** fire dragon It’s really hard to deal with.”

“Fire dragon?” As soon as he heard this, the evil star got excited. They had planned to set off to find the fire dragon, but now they heard that someone knew the whereabouts of the fire dragon, so they rushed to push the boat: “Do you really know the whereabouts of the fire dragon? Take us there!”

“Hey? I don’t plan to go for the time being!” Daniel cried and said with a sad face: “My sword was broken in the battle just now, and the armor is even more damaged and needs to be repaired. Now I want to challenge the red fire dragon, it’s just courting death. Ah!”

“You don’t need to fight it, just watch it from the sidelines. The battle is resolved by this uncle.” Shaxing said with confidence.

Daniel frowned suspiciously, and the young man with a poor face looked even more pathetic once he frowned.

He sighed and asked Husky, “Your friend?”

“Uh…” The canine boy glanced at his companions and replied a little reluctantly: “It is indeed Husky’s friend Wang.”

“Who is your friend, stinky boy.” Sha Xing’s mouth scolded very viciously: “I am your guardian.”

“Guardian? Does it mean [mentor]?” Daniel used his worldview to understand Shaxing and others again: “Sir, you are really a young mentor…”

“Don’t look at him like this, he’s actually an adult uncle.” Husky repeated the words that King Arthur used to describe the evil star.

“Shut up!” Of course, it also attracted the angry fist of the evil star. After the dragon punched the canine boy, he continued: “You don’t need to worry about our affairs, you just need to take us to the designated place. This is also good for you. Watching the battle on the side, you may You can learn how to defeat the dragon.”

“Is it really possible…?” The boy apprentice knight’s eyes were full of suspicion. But he thought about it, just watching from the sidelines did nothing to him, and he had just finished challenging the fire dragon, and he was already familiar with the map where the dragon was located. Even when the situation was very bad, he could ensure a successful escape. Bringing this group of strangers to challenge the dragon will be beneficial but not harmful.

“Then… well, let’s go now.” Daniel quickly opened his inventory, changed into light armor, and put on a large shield. After confirming that he had complete protection, Daniel opened the teleportation scroll: “Take my hand, we are going!”

Husky reached out and grabbed Daniel’s arm, and the teleportation scroll was activated at the same time. A swoosh sounded, and when everyone recovered their vision from the shroud of white light, they found that they had been teleported to a cave.

In the dark cave, there are bursts of warm breath, and the sound is low and dull. Every indication is that this cave is inhabited by terrifying giant beasts.

…Where did the evil star seem to have seen this scene before?

“That guy Arthur really did a very boring thing.” Xinghuilong’s face was full of unpleasantness.

“Huh?” Daniel hummed oddly. Apart from him, the other teenagers present were also confused and didn’t know what Sha Xing was talking about.

Of course they can’t know.

“Hmph… well, this will be a very interesting experience.” Xinghuilong smiled hilariously: “Let’s go in. —You, take off your armor first!”

“Me?” Daniel frowned again: “We’re going to fight the fire dragon! If you don’t wear anything, aren’t you courting death?”

“Oh, believe me, before the powerful attack of the fire dragon, your so-called armor is as fragile as a piece of paper. When you go into the cave wearing this, you will only make a lot of noise and be alarmed in advance. The fire dragon, missed the opportunity to strike first.”

“I’ll try not to make any noise…”

“Trust me, that guy’s ears are very sensitive. No matter what you try, it’s futile. It’s the most correct way to challenge the dragon without wearing armor.” Everything about the fire dragon is well known.

The other party’s eyes fell on Shaxing’s golden armor: “But you don’t also wear…”

“This is paper, and there is no defense at all.” Xinghuilong jumped back and forth a few times: “Look, there is no sound at all.”

Shaxing’s “armor” is something that has undergone special visual processing. It was originally just a commoner with zero defense. This guy doesn’t like wearing the cumbersome armor of humans, but he wants to keep his beautiful golden look in reality, so he made this request to King Arthur – and this request was very simple. Satisfied.

“Okay, okay.” Daniel had nothing to say, so he had to follow Shaxing’s advice, remove the armor from his body, and put on a set of commoners.

“Put away your weapons and try not to make any noise. I’m the only one in charge of the battle.” Shaxing ordered.

Husky and the others reluctantly put all the weapons in their inventory. Empty-handed, they became dedicated to watching the theater.

And the only weapon on Shaxing’s body is a hilt attached to his waist belt, the hilt of a lightsaber. When the evil star moves, it hardly makes a sound, but in battle, it can directly unfold the blade composed of photons, slaughtering the opponent with its terrifying lethality. In some ways, the lightsaber is really a lightweight and easy-to-carry weapon.

“Then, let’s go.” Shi Xing lowered his center of gravity as low as possible, and slowly touched the cave in a half-squatting position. The crowd followed cautiously.



The giant beast at the end of the cave was snoring like thunder, and it seemed to be sleeping very deeply.


Shaxing took a group of teenagers and went deeper into the cave. The surrounding red crystals shimmered, so the cave wasn’t very dark. It was filled with an unpleasant sulphur smell.

Because of the need to keep quiet, everyone did not speak up and did not have any conversations along the way. Everyone was just sticking to the cave wall and moving their bodies carefully, fearing that a single mistake would cause an excessive noise and wake up the sleeping dragon in advance.

They keep going. The number of red crystals in the cave is increasing. Because of the dense relationship, they emit brighter light, which illuminates this extremely dry cave filled with sulphur powder between the cracks.

(The setting seems to be a little different from what I remember?)

Then, as if afraid of the huge creature in the depths of the cave, all the red crystals suddenly stopped glowing before reaching the corridor at the end of the cave. The cave where the giant beast was should be covered with red crystals. But these red crystals composed of fire dragon stones, the inner photons have been swallowed up by the giant beast, and have lost their luminous properties.

In the depths of the cave, the giant beast was sleeping in the darkness, and its body was faintly glowing. The black smoke coming out of its nostrils as it snored made it even more terrifying, reflecting the red glow.

The shape of this fire dragon and the creation of the atmosphere are good, and it did not make the evil star feel too embarrassed. Xinghuilong is still very satisfied with this. The rest is up to the combat part. Sha Xing took out the lightsaber from his waist, walked to the dragon, raised his sword and stabbed the fire dragon’s forehead!

Keng! !

The dragon reaches out its claws, blocking the blow. The intrinsic photons naturally condensed on the dragon’s claws are much higher in purity than the light saber’s photon stream. When two photon weapons collide, the one with the lower photon concentration must receive a larger reaction force. Naturally, the lightsaber bounced back heavily.

“Ugh!” Shi Xing took a few steps back, wearing no armor and almost falling down.

“I’m still wondering why I’ve been arguing since just now. Sure enough, a mouse ran in.” The dragon got up, and the fire from its nostrils illuminated the cave.

The evil star stood up and muttered to himself: “Isn’t it really impossible to assassinate? Is it programmed to wake up and fight back when attacked?”

The dragon grinned disapprovingly. His words echoed in the cave with the characteristic hissing sound of lizards, low and deadly: “For what? For fame, fortune, or power? You humans are dying one by one for these frivolous things, really. Ridiculous!”

“ can’t catch up with the conversation?” Husky, who was watching quietly, not only complained.

Apprentice knight Daniel scratched his head: “That’s the dialogue automatically played by the character’s artificial intelligence. In fact, it can only be adapted to a few specific scenarios, so just ignore it.”

Seeing that everyone present was in a daze, the dragon sent a tail sweep. Seeing that Sha Xing couldn’t dodge in time, he raised his lightsaber to block. The huge kinetic energy generated when he swung the lightsaber not only blocked the sweep of the dragon’s tail, but also bounced the tail, causing the dragon to lose its balance all at once.

“What?!” Long was startled, and his bulky body fell to the ground.

“Suffer to death!!” Xinghuilong took the opportunity to stab the flawed dragon’s chest, taking its heart!


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