Light Spirit Epic Chapter 106: Contract to Firebird (true)


Chapter 106: The Contract to the Firebird (True)

“Ha, ha, ha,” Bedivere, who was full of scars and gasping for breath, rushed to the pit to take a look before he could check how serious his injury was, “Is it really successful? It won’t. Did you run away again?”

“The life response of the detected target is extremely low, and it is in a low temperature dormancy state.” Lian Yin replied mechanically.

“Finally asleep, **** bird.” Kay swears incessantly, the throbbing pain in his burnt left arm making him grumpy. He can’t wait to smash the ice lake directly, and let the phoenix smash into countless small pieces in the ice slag.

“Well done, boy.” A voice echoed in Bedivere’s head. The voice had no source, no direction, as if it had slipped into Bedivere’s mind out of thin air.

“Who?!” The werewolf boy looked around, but there was no movement. His somatosensory time was compressed during the conversation, and he saw that the people around him were moving slowly!

“Here, you are frozen in ice,” the voice replied.

“Phoenix?! Oops, it’s conscious!” Bedivere yelled, trying to warn the others.

“Don’t worry, I have exhausted my strength and won’t do anything for the time being.” The voice said, it sounded very sincere and believable.

“You—to—the end—in—and—who—said—words?—what—what—[not–die –bird–also–have–intelligence–consciousness]?—You—are—playing—playing—laughing— right!?” Ivan shouted aside, his The sound was dragged for a long time in the time compression and it sounded ridiculous.

“Can’t you hear?” Bedi asked in disbelief, but his questioning was in vain.

“We are using telepathy to talk to you, but others can’t hear you.” The voice of the phoenix continued to echo in the werewolf boy’s mind, “Now tell me, why are you trying so hard to trap us? “

“It’s to save Arthur… an important friend.” Bedivere said bluntly, he simply never thought of lying to the Phoenix, “I need your blood to make serum.”

“Since time immemorial, countless ordinary people have hunted our generation, just to obtain our blood to prolong their lives.” The phoenix disdainfully said,

“If you want to save one person, choose one: Do you want to sacrifice one’s own life to save that person, or do you want to save your life?”

“What?!” Bedivere hadn’t figured out what the phoenix meant.

“Our strength is not immortality, but maintaining the balance of the world. If one person is born because of it, another person must die because of it. Are you willing to sacrifice yourselves to save those you love?”

“I——” Brady didn’t know how to answer.

“Answer me!” Phoenix threatened, “If you don’t answer, I will immediately use the last magic to set myself on fire, then you will gain nothing!”

“Then——” Bedivere thought for a while, “I must die immediately to save Arthur? Can’t wait? I just want to see my brother before I die.”

“When the time comes, we will take the fruit of your life. Until then, you can still live.” The voice of the phoenix said.

Bedivere thought for a long time, and cold sweat fell from his forehead.

——In fact, I don’t want to die.

It’s rare to see my brother again. Rare opportunity to atone for past sins. want to be happy. Those days of crying alone in the dark, I don’t want to go through it again.

I just want to live. But——

All this happiness is also thanks to that person. It is understandable to return everything now.

“Understood, you can do whatever you like.” Bedivere sighed, “If you can save Arthur, then I will trade my life for it.”

The phoenix asked suspiciously. This was an ultimatum to Bedivere: “Why? That man is not your blood relative. Are you willing to sacrifice yourself for the life of a stranger?”

“Stop talking. Arthur is not a stranger.” The werewolf boy shouted, the voice clearly only resounding in his mind, but it reverberated in his own heart: “—– -He is already my relative!”

The voice of the phoenix also echoed in Bedivere’s body, like a death contract, deadly and mysterious:

“What you wish will be fulfilled. Give your soul to save the one you love.”

Boom! ! ! ! ——— Huge white light shot out from the ice, breaking through the sky!

“Oops, the phoenix is ​​still conscious?!” Kai hurriedly showed his weapon, preparing for the next round of death battle!

“No, it doesn’t matter anymore.” Bedivere waved to stop Kai. His tone was calm and calm, as if he had some kind of consciousness. Kai put down the hand holding the weapon in confusion.

The white light dissipates. The phoenix appears.

The phoenix that rushed out of the ice block hovered in the sky for a while before landing on the ground and standing in front of everyone.

“The white…phoenix?” Evan muttered. He thought he had seen a lot of strange things recently and shouldn’t have been frightened anymore. But the sudden transformation of the phoenix still surprised him a lot.

The white phoenix is ​​surrounded by holy flames, with white feathers, white feet, white pecks and silvery white eyes. It is so noble and holy, and it is white and flawless, making everyone wonder if this guy is the same as the red phoenix that he fought before.

The phoenix neighed and stood still with its head held high, neither attacking nor escaping.

The werewolf boy put his hand on the back of the phoenix and asked the girl Patimo: “Lian Yin, can we all return to the research institute like this?”

“ Acting Master. Please form a circle and hold hands.” The girl Patimo replied, as if she was already prepared, and launched a teleportation magic to send everyone, including the undead. Birds, sent back together.

“Are you here yet?” Mogos had long waited in the research institute with a sneer.

“Bring the phoenix you want, hurry up and make the serum.” Kai looked at Morgoth with a hostile expression, not at all fascinated by the charm of this witch.

“Don’t worry, there is plenty of time.” Mogos took the syringe and took a syringe full of blood from the white phoenix. Strangely, the bird did not panic or resist.

“Boy, is it fun to catch phoenixes? Did you hear any strange noises?” Morgoth smiled mysteriously at Bedivere.

“You knew it would turn out like this, right?” Bedivere suppressed his anger and asked in the coldest tone.

Mogosi’s charming lips were raised upwards, curling up into the sharp corners of a fatal temptation: “The slave family didn’t ask you if you want to play with the slave family. –The play—? If you miss this time, you may not have a chance in the future?”

Bediver frowned and put on a “I’d rather die than me” look.

“Hahahahaha, just kidding, you don’t have to be so serious!” Mogos walked into the laboratory, “It will be all right, just wait.”

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