Light Spirit Epic Chapter 105: Contract to Firebird (Part 2)


Chapter 105: The Contract to the Firebird (Part 2)


“Ten seconds before the sandstorm comes, nine—” Lian Yin counted down, and everyone got up, ready to start fighting.


Bedivere pulls out the photon bow.


Evan gets his guns ready.


Kai pulled out his spear, which stretched from the stick to full form.


Bediver swallowed.


Ivan focused his eyes on the phoenix in the distance, and the figure of the bird left a deep imprint in his eyes.


In order to avoid the impact of the sandstorm, everyone wears blindfolds.


The crowd is ready to sprint.


The battle begins! The four rushed out together. A violent sandstorm began to blow in the canyon, and they began to walk along the canyon while looking for cover.

At 7.00 seconds into the battle, Ivan set up a sniper rifle at the bottom of the canyon. The phoenix lay prostrate in its nest due to the disturbance of the sandstorm.

At 18.00 seconds into the battle, Kay and Bedivere begin to climb the cliff from both sides. Renine uses teleportation to reach the top of the canyon. Ivan’s sniper rifle is deployed.

At 30.00 seconds into the battle, Kay and Brady approached the bird’s nest on the cliff, less than ten feet from the nest. The phoenix detected the intruder and began to be alert.

At 32.00 seconds into the battle, Ivan aimed at the Phoenix in the storm and fired the first shot.

At 33.00 seconds into the battle, the bullets grazed by the Phoenix, Bedivere and Kay climbed onto the platform at the same time, and surrounded the Phoenix.

At 34.00 seconds into the battle, the phoenix spreads its wings and prepares to attack, Evan fires the second shot, and Kai and Brady show their weapons!

At 35.00 seconds into the battle, the second bullet hit the phoenix’s right wing, Kai’s strike pierced the phoenix’s left wing, and an arrow shot by Bedi rubbed the phoenix’s left foot! Lian Yin activates the extremely high-level magic black ball technique, and the huge gravity ball falls into the canyon!

At 35.50 seconds into the battle, the Phoenix launched a high-level magic fire storm, and the huge fire storm drove Kai and Brady back! Evan fired the third bullet.

At 36.50 seconds into the battle, the third bullet penetrated the Phoenix’s right shoulder, and the bullet’s track made a hole in the firestorm! The gravity ball was fifty feet away from hitting the target. Bedivere transforms the photon bow into a lightsaber form.

At 37.00 seconds into the battle, Bedivere drilled through the gap in the firestorm to prepare to attack! The phoenix endured the severe pain and grabbed Bedi with its sharp left claws! Kai used his spear to cut another gap in the Firestorm.

At 37.50 seconds into the battle, Kai charged towards the Phoenix, and Bedivere sideways dodged the attack. Ivan fired the fourth bullet, and the sniper rifle overheated and began to cool down. The Gravity Ball is thirty feet away from hitting the target! The dust storm is gradually weakening!

38.50 seconds into the battle, Kai’s spear pierced the phoenix’s left shoulder, and the phoenix’s left and right wings and left foot were regenerated! The fourth bullet hit the phoenix’s right foot, and at the same time as it lost its balance, Bedi cut off its left wing with a sword! Ivan raised the cooling sniper rifle and pushed forward, the gravity ball was still 20 feet away from hitting the target, and Renine launched a high-level magic ice roar, and a large area of ​​hail fell on the top of the canyon!

At 39.00 seconds into the battle, the Phoenix reluctantly raised its right wing and launched countless fire arrows! Kai and Bedi swung their weapons to defend while retreating, and the fire arrow hit Bedi’s left shoulder and lower abdomen, and Kai’s right leg. The firestorm dissipated.

At 40.00 seconds into the battle, the Gravity Ball was five feet away from hitting the target. The Phoenix’s right foot has been regenerated, and it found the gravity ball on its head, ready to dodge! Bedivere transformed the lightsaber in his hand into a bow, and Kai stabbed a shot through the Phoenix’s left foot!

At 41.00 seconds into the battle, the gravity ball exploded above the Phoenix! The phoenix, which lost its left foot, failed to dodge and was overwhelmed by the hypergravity field. The arrow that Bedi shoots diagonally changes its trajectory in the gravitational field and hits the belly of the phoenix. Three seconds to go before the hail falls! Lian Yin activated the advanced magic ice coffin technique, and the huge ice cubes fell down!

At the 41.50th second of the battle, the Phoenix unleashes a huge magic fire column. Huge pillars of fire rose from the ground, forming fire tornadoes in the storm. Brady and Kay are slowly dragged in by the tornado! The hail scattered around was affected by the airflow, gathered on the top of the phoenix’s head, and began to melt into raindrops! The effect of the hypergravity field begins to fade. Ivan re-set up the cooled sniper rifle.

At 43.00 seconds into the battle, Kai envoy’s hand became huge, endured the pain of being burned, and slapped the phoenix, and the scattered raindrops relieved the injury of Kai’s hand! The effect of the gravity field was superimposed on the slap, and the phoenix was shot with internal injuries, and the abdominal wound was bleeding profusely! The Phoenix’s left foot has been regenerated! Ivan fires the fifth shot! There are still three seconds before the huge ice block hits the target! The dust storm is over!

At 44.00 seconds into the battle, Kai retracted his left arm and Bedi fired an arrow, hitting the Phoenix’s left shoulder! Kai raised the spear with his right hand to strike, forcing the Phoenix to dodge backwards. Ivan’s fifth bullet hit the Phoenix’s right foot, and the Phoenix lost its balance and fell to the ground! Gravity field effect is over. Ivan fires the sixth shot!

At 46.00 seconds into the battle, the phoenix went mad and became huge, and the cliff began to collapse! Kay and Brady jump off a cliff. The wound on the phoenix’s abdomen has been regenerated. The sixth bullet hit the Phoenix’s right eye! Bedivere uses his whole body to become mad and turns into a giant werewolf! Kai turns into a giant! Ivan loaded the liquid nitrogen freezing grenade and sprinted forward at the same time!

In the 46.50th second of the battle, a huge ice cube hit the top of the phoenix’s head, and the huge phoenix was crushed by the ice cube! Kai and Bedi jumped together, and Renine used teleportation to reach the Nile River.

48.00 seconds into the The giant Kai and the giant Bedi, together, throw their fists down and strike with all their might! The power of boxing is superimposed on the weight of the ice cubes, pressing the phoenix heavily on the ground, leaving a huge pit on the ground! The huge ice cubes shattered and melted under the high heat of the phoenix, and Evan fired a liquid nitrogen freezing grenade!

At 50.50 seconds into the battle, Kai and Brady landed and fled back. The phoenix in the deep pit began to shrink, and Lian Yin teleported back with a ton of river water, and the water exploded in the deep pit! The frozen grenade draws a parabola and hits the deep pit. Kai and Brady unplug the safety of the cooling grenade they are carrying and throw the grenade into the deep pit!

At the 53.00th second of the battle, a large amount of liquid nitrogen exploded in the deep pit! Lianne activates the high-level magic ice fog technique! The phoenix resisted and launched a high-level magic flame storm! The river water in the deep pit changes between high heat and extreme cold! Ivan fires the second frozen grenade! Kay and Brady ran to the edge of the cliff.

At 56.00 seconds into the battle, Ivan’s second frozen grenade exploded in the deep pit! The phoenix gradually showed fatigue, and the ice fog technique sealed the water surface! Kay and Brady each lift a boulder!

At 58.00 seconds into the battle, the Phoenix made its final counterattack and broke through the ice! Kai and Brady threw the boulder at the phoenix that rushed out, suppressing the phoenix back!

At 59.00 seconds into the battle, the Phoenix sank to the bottom of the water. The river continues to freeze!

60.00 seconds into the battle, the river in the big pit was completely frozen, the phoenix froze, and the battle was over!

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