Light Spirit Epic Chapter 1034: Hunting in the Sand Sea (8)


Chapter 1034: Hunting in the Sand Sea (8)

“Oh my god!” Bedivere stared at the shark’s back for half a second. The thing was taupe, and it was—very—very—huge!

Anyone who doesn’t know why must think they’ve caught a small sailboat — the kind of windsurfing that tourists on the beach use to play with.

But it was a creature, a living, heavy creature with a feral and ferocious creature in its bones.

From the size of the desert shark’s dorsal fin alone, the werewolf can roughly estimate its body length at twenty feet. Therefore, Bedivere did not dare to neglect, and had already pulled out the harpoon gun with one hand.

And Elaine also pulled up another desert shark from the sand sea. Pulled by two giant sharks from the same side, the whole sand boat began to tilt towards Bedivere and the others!

“Fish it up!” Kana yelled after turning it over.

“Humph!” Bedivere aimed his harpoon gun at the tip of the shark’s fin and pulled the trigger.

With a click, the sharp harpoon flew out with the strong air pressure, and the steel cable attached to the end was tightened more and more. The harpoon successfully stabbed the shark, and the barbed harpoon head was deeply embedded in the monster’s body, and it couldn’t escape!

“Humph!” Bedivere wrapped the harpoon gun’s steel cable around the mast on the edge of the deck, used the mast as a fulcrum, and began to pull hard!

But even the werewolf himself is doubting whether it can pull such a huge creature out of the sand sea. After all, the size of the thing (visually) is about the size of an elephant!

Just then, a large hand grabbed the cable at Bedivere: “Let me help too, my friend.”

“Solar…” The werewolf glanced at the magic swordsman, and without any hesitation, he pulled along with Solar’s momentum.

“Hehe, hehe, hehe!” The two shouted to match each other’s rhythm, jerking back and forth. And the boat is constantly shaking in the wrestling between the two and the shark!

Pop! Not to be outdone, Seglade raised another harpoon gun and shot it out. The harpoon is pinned to the shark’s tail, and Seglade is pulling the cable from the other side! The three of them worked hard at the same time, and they were about to fish the desert shark out of the sand sea!

“Wait, what’s wrong…Everyone get down!” Kana suddenly yelled.

Bedivere and others had already lowered their center of gravity to pull the cable, but when Karna called out, they lowered their center of gravity even lower, almost sticking to the deck in a squatting position on the ground. Immediately afterwards, a sudden shock came from the steel cables in the hands of Bedivere and others, and the sudden increase in friction caused the palms of Bedivere to burn with scorching pain!

A huge shadow suddenly jumped out of the sand sea, just like a desperate wolf coming back for a final counter-attack, the desert shark did not sit still and let himself be caught, but jumped out of the sand sea with a leap. Hit the deck of the sand ship!

Bedivere saw the desert shark’s true appearance in an instant. Shark’s taupe skin is almost as rough as the sand of the Sahara Desert, and its wrinkled surface is rock-hard! The shark opened its **** mouth, and dozens of rows of yellowed, razor-sharp fangs covered the monster’s entire mouth!

And such a big monster is desperately flying towards Bedivere and Solar, and bites when it opens its mouth! Its momentum is exactly the same as the violent sandstorm in the Sahara Desert!

No way! It’s coming so fast that Bedivere can’t dodge it! Even if it was gently rubbed by it, it is estimated that the flesh would be torn apart and half of the body would be shattered!

What should I do? ! Bedivere subconsciously touched the sword at his waist——No way! The power of the short sword is simply not enough to repel such a big shark, it is just a foolish move like a man’s arm blocking the car!

Unexpectedly, when Bedivere hesitated, Solar had already pushed the werewolf away and faced this ferocious big shark alone! He shrank down and let the shark just fly over his head. At the same time, he waved the two machetes in his hand and tapped the shark’s belly a few times!

The desert devil shark fell weakly on the deck of the sand boat, as if its entire body was suddenly paralyzed, and twitched slightly before moving! When it landed, the posture was very bad, the whole fish turned over, and it was like a state where its belly was exposed and slaughtered!

“Huh—” Kana smiled slightly at Solar’s performance.

It’s Solar’s touch! Bedivere realized this as soon as he got up from the ground. To actually use a few taps to tap the holes of such a rough-skinned and tough giant beast, Solar’s technique is really clever!

As soon as the desert shark was brought down, the magic swordsman Solar had already rushed to chase, raised his machete and stabbed at the belly of the shark!

Keng! He didn’t expect that the thick skin of the desert shark would bounce off his double knives. It has perfect defense capabilities, and it is impossible to break this big fish from the outside! And the paralysis caused by the acupuncture is only a momentary thing, the shark has already begun to twist its body, planning to make a scene on the deck!

“Get out of the way!” Bedivere ran to Solar’s side, throwing the tortoise’s tongue whip in his hand. The tortoise’s tongue whip controlled by electricity can stretch and twist freely, almost like a part of Bedivere’s body. The tortoise-tongue whip drilled into the large mouth of the shark’s open blood plate, followed the monster’s throat, and probed the vital parts of its body!

Zha! The dagger at the front of the turtle tongue whip easily pierced the shark’s esophagus, then drilled out of the esophagus and dug through its heart!

Crack! The big shark spat out a mouthful of blood and stopped struggling.

“Haha.” Kana snorted again, looking at Bedivere’s skillful, tentacle-like whip.

“Here, help me here too!” Elaine shouted anxiously, “I can’t hold it anymore!”

“Coming soon, my friend!” Solar rushed over to help.

Bediver also just wanted to help the white bear, but unexpectedly saw Kana holding a sharp knife and cutting off the dorsal fin of the dead desert shark.

“What are you doing?” Bedivevel asked.

“This is the best shark fin.” Kana stuffed the cut shark fin with faint blood into her waist bag, which seemed to be some kind of warp pocket, and was included in the spinnaker in an instant. size shark fins.

“Humph—” The next changes surprised Bedivere even more. The desert shark has shrunk — no, it’s not just shrinking, the dead shark has also changed drastically in appearance. Its fish-like body is gradually twisted into a shape very similar to that of a human being, and its degenerated limbs can be vaguely seen, but it has no face, but an ugly triangular head that looks like it has been peeled off.

The werewolf frowned. What the **** is going on here?

“Oh, oh, come up!” yelled Elaine, who, along with Solar and Seglade, pulled the other shark’s body halfway into the sandy sea!

Clap! Brush la la la la! ——But the desert devil shark that Elaine caught was also a stubborn guy. Seeing that he was about to be fished out of the sand by everyone, he also struggled to the death, doing the same thing as the previous shark. Exactly the same thing!

Its body slapped the quicksand in the great desert violently, leaped with strength, suddenly flew from the sand sea to the deck, and bit everyone!

Bedivere was mentally prepared this time to not be frightened by a shark swooping. While doing the evasive action, he raised the tortoise tongue whip and slashed the monster’s back!

Boom bang bang bang bang! Several human hunters on the other side of the deck raised their shotguns and bombarded the flying sharks. The werewolf’s whip also swept across the shark’s back, and the sharp dagger attached to the end of the whip was cut off by the shark’s dorsal fin!

As expected, the dorsal fin is also one of the weak points! Once the dorsal fin of the desert shark is cut off, its size begins to shrink rapidly! The hunters’ photon shrapnel caught up with the shark’s pounce, and all of them blew up on the monster’s face, smashing the upper body of the big shark. The flesh and blood of the monster also rained down on the human hunter, and only the lower body of the desert shark fell on the deck weakly!

The thing twitched on the ground and didn’t move. Bedivere looked at the lower half of the vaguely human-shaped shark on the ground, silent and puzzled for a while.

“What are you doing?!” Kana hurried over and kicked the shark carcass on the ground towards the edge of the deck: “The smell of blood will attract more sharks, so get rid of the carcasses!”

“To dispose of it is to throw it into the sea of ​​sand?”

“Of course!” Kana kicked hard, kicking the shark carcass off the deck with only the bottom half left.

A wave of sand and dust immediately appeared in the sand sea, and several desert sharks could not wait to devour their kind!

“This will get rid of a few more desert sharks.” Kana breathed a sigh of relief: “You! Give me the shark fins in your hand!”

“This?” The werewolf used the whip to roll back the shark’s dorsal fin just cut off: “It’s so stingy, this is obviously cleaned up by me.”

“You are just mercenaries, and all the proceeds from the commissioning process belong to the caravan!” Kana stuffed the dorsal fin of the shark into her pocket: “This kind of valuable harvest is of course not allowed by people like you. something!”

“Oh, really.” Bedivere gave Kana a dissatisfied look: “By the way, how much is that worth?”

“After drying 100 grams is about 1,000 Egyptian dollars.” Kana said disapprovingly.

“Pfft!” The werewolf almost spit out a mouthful of old blood: “You asked me to be a bodyguard, which is only 5,000 Egyptian coins…”

“So what?” Karna watched Bedivere sneer slyly, and at the same time began a biting sarcasm: “Are you planning to charter a boat to go out to sea and make money by hunting desert sharks? Save it, out of town. People! Without a fishing permit, you have no right to fish at all; without a port permit, your sand boats can’t even leave the port! Without a sales permit, you—”

“Okay, it’s okay!” The werewolf said perfunctorily, “I don’t want to complain, please don’t go on!”

“Humph—” Karna sneered at Bedivere and continued to direct several other sailors to throw another shark’s body into the sand: “Get your spirits up! More sharks are coming!”

“It’s really a losing business.” The werewolf grabbed his weapon, looked at the dozens of desert sharks surrounding the sand boat, and sighed. –by:–>() “The Legend of the Light” only represents the views of the author Raven D. Wixas. If you find that its content is in violation of national laws, please delete it. The position is only committed to To provide a healthy and green reading platform. 【】,thank you all!


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