Light Spirit Epic Chapter 1033: Hunting in the Sand Sea (7)


Chapter 1033 Hunting in the Sand Sea

Sure enough, Calvin is such a stubborn, unshy bastard—a complicated expression appeared on Husky’s face

“Good morning, His Royal Highness Prince Calvin…” Greenville said halfway through and saw the heavenly knight Ewens, who followed the little prince into the dining room, quickly corrected: “And Prince Ewens”

She didn’t know about the festival between Calvin and Husky and others but responded politely: “What is the wind that brought you here”

“Ha ask this little guy is ok” Yones patted his son’s little head lightly

“Of course it’s the little friends who came to find this prince.” The fishman prince smiled and leaned over to the canine boy and hugged Husky: “The mother has approved Calvin to bring the puppy today. How excited are they to go sightseeing on the Ice Crystal submarine”

“Uh-” Husky looked annoyed at the murloc prince while pushing Calvin’s embrace away: “No, not very interested… Please let go of Huskies”

“Why did we not have a good time together yesterday at the — tour — field — didn’t we have a good time together?” Prince Calvin deliberately lengthened the three words [tour field] “Since we had so much fun, we will do it today. Have fun”

Husky knew that Calvin was threatening him if he didn’t do as the murloc prince said Calvin would probably tell Aunt Greenville about the virtual game they were playing. If Aunt Greenville knew. It all means that Husky’s mommy knows it, and Hal’s mommy Aunt Vivian knows it, and then there’s a litany of trouble Husky and they can’t play that sim game anymore

A drop of cold sweat ran across the dog boy’s forehead: “Yes, yes, to have fun…”

“His Royal Highness, how can you care about playing all day?” Greenville seemed to sense Husky’s unwillingness to come forward to rescue him: “Husky and the others can’t find time today, they have to go up later. Math Class”

“It’s better to postpone that kind of thing to the future,” Prince Calvin said willfully, “Calvin finally came to Great Britain, and now of course it’s more important to lose money and play with the prince. You’re right, daddy”

“Pfft – of course.” The Duke of Yones held back his laughter and replied after listening to Calvin’s crooked reasoning

“Why even the Grand Duke said that” Greenville was a little unhappy

Youns said semi-seriously: “The Queen’s children’s duty is indeed to play until they grow up, every day is precious, why should we kill the only good time they have”

“I understand the truth, but——”

“You want to take math class, right?” Calvin’s attitude suddenly turned three hundred and eighty degrees: “Then Calvin will also come to Calvin, and he is also responsible for teaching the puppies and kittens to finish their homework quickly. We can go and play”

“Oh, His Royal Highness seems to be very interested in mathematics” Greenville raised an eyebrow

“I just finished learning multiple derivation and multiple linear regression…and I also finished studying the analysis of variance” Calvin answered freely and confidently “Her Majesty the Queen can take Calvin’s test as much as you can”

Greenville’s face changed: “Well, the progress is quite fast…”

Shaxing also changed his face and stared at the murloc prince with incredible eyes: “You are all monsters… (although I don’t understand it at all, but it seems to be very profound)”

“Huhu——” Ewans smiled again, as if showing off, silently appreciating his youngest son’s intelligence: “I still have work, so I will go back first, everyone, take your time to class, Calvin, you must be good, probably Acting Captain Nassandrana will come to meet you at noon”

“Goodbye Daddy” Calvin smiled and said

His voice [Daddy] was especially harsh in the ears of many people. Husky stared at the little fish man depressingly. His eyes were full of envy and hatred; Somewhat relieved; Hal is stunned

Their math class this morning is destined to be quiet

Somewhere in the Sahara at the same time

“Hum hum hum ~ hum hum ~” Elaine the white bear was humming a little tune while fishing happily, showing a relaxed expression without the tension of fighting with a ferocious beast at all

Bediver was puzzled for a while, but he wondered that the sullen werewolf had to do his part. He continued to hold the fishing rod tightly and watched the sand sea. The metal ball strikes the **** and the sand sea constantly rubs in the sandstorm raised by the ship. There is almost no shadow. It seems to be sinking under the real sea.

Five minutes after the sand boat left the port, Cairo has completely disappeared from the end of the sand sea. They are facing a silent wilderness. The only sound in the whole sand sea is the roar of the sand boat engine. Elaine’s out-of-tune humming counts

Such a calm and peaceful situation reflects the fierceness of the next battle. Bedivere has never seen a desert shark, and now he really wants to see what this legendary ferocious fish looks like as soon as possible

“Wow–” Seglade suddenly let out an unnatural grunt

“What’s wrong?” The werewolf turned his head and asked nervously

“Uh – not meow” The leopard young man covered his chest and said, “It’s my brother meow”


” My brother and I are twins. Even though we are far apart, we can vaguely sense each other. Although it is not something as profound as telepathy, I can feel the fluctuation of my brother’s emotions. My brother should have encountered something suddenly changed. very excited meow”

“Oh so it is” The werewolf immediately showed a disinterested look: “What else can make him so excited? It must be that idiot Palamidis who lost all his money”

“No… not meow”

“Even if you don’t hit it, it’s not far off” Bediveville smiled disdainfully: “How could that group of idiots try their luck at the casino to win big? I just hope they don’t lose so much that they don’t even have their pants left. It’s like a group of stupid cats streaking around in Cairo to affect the city’s appearance”

“Uh haha…that picture must be scary meow” Seglade said with a wry smile

“I knew they were unreliable” the werewolf sighed: “We had to work hard to make up for the money they lost”

“Oh-oh” Elaine hummed suddenly

“You [oh] what little idiot” Bedivere expresses dissatisfaction with the White Bear man’s sudden interjection: “Focus on fishing”

“No, it’s not” but the white bear exclaimed: “Yes, there are fish bites”

“What?” Bedivere hurriedly shoved his fishing rod to Seglade and leaned over to help Elaine: “Keep this position and slowly reel in”

“Good, very heavy” Elaine held the fishing rod firmly and stirred the pulley alloy on the fishing rod. The fishing rod is extremely tough. The wire fishing line is also super tough and not easy to break. These are all for hunting desert sharks. And the special equipment is very reliable in theory.

But the werewolf and the polar bear felt the vibration from the other end of the fishing rod, the crazy vibration, the steady and powerful hook, and every stroke caused a lot of impact to the two of them

It was a very, very large fish werewolf who was beginning to wonder if the little rod would actually be able to catch it

“Don’t just focus on the lever to properly retract” Kana’s voice came from behind Bedivere “If you hit it hard, the line may break and you have to put a long line to exhaust its energy to catch a big fish.”

“Oh, oh” Elaine stopped stirring the pulley and let the line stretch as the fish dragged along

“But it can’t be too loose” Kana leaned over from behind the white bear and grabbed Elaine’s hand that was stirring the pulley “If it’s too loose, it won’t drain the fish’s energy”

“I know, I know, I know, I know” Elaine blushed, especially when Kana’s soft chest was against the bear’s neck

“This, this side is also biting meow” Seglade shouted for help: “Who is going to help?”

“I go” Bedivere let go to help Elaine and run over to help Seglade Elaine’s arm strength and Kana’s assistance should be enough to catch the fish, so Bedivere went over to help Seg Ryder is the best choice

Seeing the werewolf coming to help the leopard man, the young man was not grateful and even glared at the werewolf: “Why are you meow”

“Noisy you bastard” The werewolf almost wanted to pick up the fishing rod and slammed Seglade on the forehead. He grabbed Seglade’s rod-holding arm with one hand and put his own arm strength on the fishing rod. Above, the shaky alloy fishing rod was temporarily stabilized

It’s sinking even more than just now. Bedivere’s arm can clearly feel the weight of the guy. How huge is this fish, and what kind of terrifying monster is hiding in this sea of ​​sand?

The metal fishing line was stretched tightly under the pull of both sides, and the scream of “click la la la” seemed to be broken at any time and all Seglade could do was to stabilize the pulley before the line was too stretched. Tighter moment, loose a little moderately

Bedivere put his weight down, squatted and kneeled to stabilize his body and used the friction between his legs and the deck to resist the yanking of the fish. This is a wrestling between man and fish and until now The werewolves haven’t been able to tell exactly who’s fishing who – they can’t let go for a moment when they try to catch the fish and at the same time there’s a good chance they’ll be yanked off the deck by the desert shark.

There was a duller sound and the werewolf finally saw the thing floating from the sea of ​​sand

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