Light Spirit Epic Chapter 1031: Hunting in the Sand Sea (5)


Chapter 1031 Hunting in the Sand Sea

At the same time(?), Great Britain, London, in King Arthur’s palace.

“Heh—” Shi Xing yawned and opened his eyes, and the sky outside the window was already white with fish belly.

He struggled to get up, still a dull pain in his crotch—it was Charlotte’s wound, and it didn’t seem to take a while to heal.

“Shaxing, it’s really early to get up.” King Arthur ran into Shaxing’s bedroom at some point, “wash up, let’s have breakfast–or rather, dragons don’t use it at all. Don’t you need to wash up?”

“It’s up to you.” Xinghuilong rubbed his head and slowly got out of bed, but cursed viciously.


“What?” Shaxing felt the scorching gaze of the King of Knights: “What are you staring at me for?!”

“It’s nothing. You kid even sleeps wearing this golden armor, I can’t help but laugh.” Arthur covered his mouth and smiled.

” It’s said that this is my dragon armor, which is originally a part of my body. Don’t you think I will peel off all the scales before sleeping? Humph—“Xinghui Dragon Eyeball After turning around, he suddenly asked in a low voice, “That, the magic weapon you used to enter that kid’s dream last night…and it was used on me seven years ago, right?”

“Seven years ago?” The King of Knights was stunned for half a second, not impressed for a while. Then he remembered, and suddenly said: “Oh, seven years ago! The night before the duel with Palinlor!——You have such a good memory, don’t you say I still don’t remember? Get up!”

“Hmph, of course.” Sha Xing adjusted his clothes: “Dragon has a perfect memory, and if there is vengeance, there will be a reward. So be careful, don’t mess with Lao Tzu.”

“I’m afraid.” Arthur sneered disapprovingly: “So, that time seven years ago, did you intend to take it as a revenge, or as a favor? Make it clear first, okay? Let me be mentally prepared.”

“Um…Seven years ago—“Shaxing tilted his head and seemed to fall into some kind of contemplation:”What happened to me at that time…?”

Seven years ago, the evil star at that time just suffered the pain of losing a parent. His father, Dragon Emperor Titans, his mother, Dragon Queen Aialis, and his younger brother Xianweier, all died in the Pure Land of Elaison.

At that time, there was a “little problem” with the evil star: he had a feeling of inferiority and self-blame for himself as a dragon. Psychological obstacles prevented Xinghuilong from being able to use magic to return to its original form, and it has always maintained the appearance of this human boy.

At that time, Arthur and Greenville stole the national treasure from the National Treasure Room of Great Britain, [Recalling the Magic Mirror—Reiltherfield], and used the power of the magic mirror to enter the dream of the evil star , in order to solve the problem that the evil star cannot be changed back to its original form.

Shaxing thought about it, and finally understood the reason.

“Did you help me change back then?” Jin Twinkle looked at King Arthur in surprise: “But, you actually invaded my dream without authorization!”

“Hey, I don’t have a choice! To win a duel, I need your strength.” Arthur shrugged, defending himself: “Otherwise you’ve been a non-dragon, inhuman, and inexplicable. I will be very troubled.”

Shaxing’s face changed: “So you are doing this for yourself, you are really a self-asserted guy!”

“I didn’t say no.” Arthur snorted: “So, what do you think? Are you only now coming to trouble me because of an old incident seven years ago?”

Shaxing held his cheeks and thought for a while: “Although you are a self-assured bastard…but the fact that you helped me has not changed.”

“So you owe me someone, right?” Arthur took the opportunity to say, “Then I ask you one thing, you should agree?”

“Again?!” The evil star was exhausted by Arthur’s recent demands: “Can’t you just stop?!”

“I won’t cause you too much trouble.” The King of Knights smiled slyly, “I just want you to help take care of those two little devils while you’re recovering here. I’m busy with government affairs, and if it’s not a holiday, I can’t take it at all. You take so much time to take care of the children, but you are an idler… an idle dragon, you have some time, right?”

Xinghuilong immediately elongated his face: “It’s those two annoying little devils again.”

“You also see, Shaxing, those two children are being targeted by several forces.” Arthur looked at the far sky outside the window with all his thoughts: “The world of human beings are intriguing, and I can’t completely trust anyone. But you are not human, you are completely neutral. And your combat power can match that of the Knights of the Round Table, so I can safely hand the children over to you.”

“Oh? Why not ask your loyal knights?”

“No.” King Arthur shook his head: “This is a private matter, how can I use the power of the Knights of the Round Table for private matters?”

“Can you use my power?” Sha Xing was a little angry.

The Knight King said without thinking, “Because you are my friend.”

Xinghuilong turned his face away to hide the blush on his face: “Okay… okay! Anyway, I’m idle, so I’ll be a nanny for a while. But all I do is protect them from It’s just hurt, they’re hungry and need to breastfeed, pee their pants and need a diaper change, etc. I don’t care!”

Arthur can’t help laughing: “They’re not babies.”

“A kid who’s only seven or eight years old, even if it’s not a baby, it’s not much different!” Sha Xing said stubbornly.

At the same time(?), Egypt—the southern port of Cairo.

Bediver and his party followed Deputy Head Mohammed to the port and were immediately attracted by the scenery here.

The port in southern Cairo is not connected to the sea, but is a desert-facing port specially designed to facilitate the entry and exit of sand boats. Rather than calling it a harbour, it’s better to call it [Sand Harbor].

Afternoon is the time when the sand ships are unloaded and reloaded to leave the port. This small sand port is already crowded with hundreds of heavy sand ships, ready to go out at any time.

A closer look shows that these boats are all suspended in the desert, about three feet above the ground, not too high, just to avoid the friction between the bottom of the boat and the sea of ​​sand.

“This is our caravan’s boat.” Mohammed walked to a large sand boat and jumped on the deck of the boat lightly: “You are the last bodyguard, I will Send it here, and the next thing will be handed over to the security advisor of the caravan to explain.——Kana?”

“Come on!” A young woman in her twenties wearing a white robe walked out of the crowd and agreed. She had dark brown skin and a well-proportioned figure, with the characteristic Egyptian wind all over her body.

However, the security advisor turned out to be a woman… Bedivere was puzzled.

“This is the new bodyguard? Hmm, interesting.” Kana looked at Bedivere, Seglade, and Elaine with great speed. She spoke fluent English, more than Mohammed. Deputy Head Murder’s English was much better.

“Then, let’s talk slowly. I’ll inform the captain and prepare to leave.” The deputy captain nodded to the girl and walked into the cabin on his own.

“Hello, I’m Brady—“

“You don’t need to say hello,” Kana fiddled with her long, flowing black show, her beautiful blackness didn’t dry out in the hot Egyptian air, “your information was already available just now. It’s delivered, I know what your names are. No polite words, let’s just gossip and explain the main points of the mission clearly before leaving.”

This woman is very refreshing. Bedivere couldn’t help but applaud.

Kana spread out the map and gestured: “Your task is to protect the safety of the sand boat with the other five bodyguards. The sand boat leaves from Cairo, crosses the Sahara Desert to Zwar, and then returns from Zwar to Cairo, the whole journey is four hours. . During these four hours, you must protect the sand boat from the attack of the desert sharks, and at the same time, you must also guard against the desert pirates.”

“Sand, desert pirates?” White Bear muttered.

“It’s just a group of small thieves, and they don’t usually pose a threat.” Kana said lightly, “By the way, I see you guys seem to be working as bodyguards for the first time? Do you know the structure of the sandboat? I need to know in advance. Can you explain it?”

“Uh… it’s better meow.” Seglade said uncomfortably: “Is this different from a normal anti-gravity ship?”

“Of course there is.” Kana smiled lightly: “The fuel of anti-gravity spacecraft is very expensive, and the energy consumption is proportional to the quality of the transport. The cargo transported by the caravan is often dozens of tons, and the anti-gravity spacecraft is used to transport the goods. Very uneconomical. Fortunately, the Sahara Desert has a strong magnetic belt. Using the principle of maglev and magnetic traction, the operation of the sand boat is very fuel-efficient. —-There are two points you need to pay attention to:”

Kana pointed to the sail-like thing on the top of the boat: “This is the solar sail, the main power source of the sand boat, and the main object of your protection. Be careful not to break it in the battle, they- –good—expensive—.”

“Uh.” Elaine grunted, as if she had foreseen the worst case scenario of her clumsily ruining the solar Kana continued: “And then there’s the power stove—but it hides In the center of the boat, it is generally not easy to break. When it breaks we are almost dead.”

Bediver listened intently, his eyes on the other four bodyguards on deck.

These guys look good, but none of them are candidates for round table trials. Also, even if other candidates think the same way as Bedivere, they may not be assigned to the same task as Bedivere. The chance of encountering other candidates here is infinitely close to zero.

Wait. Four bodyguards? Shouldn’t it be five?

Bediver frowned, intending to ask where the remaining bodyguard had gone, but a familiar voice remembered behind him: “Oh, what a coincidence, my friends! I didn’t expect that. I will meet you here!”

Bediver turned his head dejectedly and looked: Sure enough, it was the magic swordsman Solal. () “The Legend of Light” only represents the views of the author Raven D Vixas. If you find that its content is in violation of national laws, please delete it. The position is only committed to providing a healthy and green reading platform . 【】,thank you all!


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