Light Spirit Epic Chapter 1030: Hunting in the Sand Sea (4)


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Chapter 1030 Hunting in the Sand Sea

“A thief?!” The leopard warrior exclaimed in disbelief. Read·Ben·Book·First·Please·Go·Enlighten·Mon·Book·Web_

The big cat doesn’t want to be noticed, so the exclamation isn’t too loud. Before it blurted out, it was subconsciously suppressed by Palamides. Although it was a little surprised, it did not have the panic of a poor family going bankrupt. Instead, it sounded like the displeasure of accidentally losing a few coins.

I didn’t expect his low-key exclamation to immediately attract the attention of the audience. The people present, whether it was the staff of the casino or the gamblers who came to play here, couldn’t help but turn their attention to Palamidis – after all, this is a big cat with an unusual appearance , after all, he was wearing a top-of-the-line [Horus] suit.

“Oh, **** it!” Palamides muttered in a low voice. Being the focus of the audience is not what the big cat wants!

At the same time, Albert sneered, thinking how could there be an idiot in a casino who doesn’t even care about his wallet, and would be patronized by thieves? (Of course he wouldn’t know it was Palamidis who was stealing the money)

Afraid of losing the only pocket money in his hand, the tiger immediately found a slot machine nearby, tucked the chips into the slot of the machine, and pulled down the joystick.

At the same time, Seifer was distracted by the call of “there is a thief”. He was filling in some kind of Keno lottery ticket in the casino, and he had just figured out the rules of the game. But he seemed to recognize that the call came from his father, Palamidis, so he didn’t want to gamble any more, filling in the blanks on the lottery ticket at will, and then stuffing the ticket with the chips to the casino staff.

“Tsk—” While a cry from Palamides disrupted the rhythm of most of the people in the casino, there was an unusual, small, plainly dressed Egyptian in the crowd. action. He didn’t look towards Palamides, but turned away?

So suspicious!

“Hey, that little brother over there—” Palamidis saw the haste in the man’s footsteps, and called in a calm tone: “Where are you going?”

“Damn!” Seeing that he had been exposed, the little Egyptian immediately got up and ran towards the exit of the casino!

Seeing this scene, the leopard warriors are simply indescribable!

It is true that at his speed, it would be extremely easy to catch up with the thief. But he was wearing this [Horus brand] suit, and he didn’t dare to make too much movement, for fear that if he ran, he would damage this precious outfit!

This is the clothes he rented for a lot of money, and it didn’t belong to him in the first place. Moreover, you must know that a [Horus brand] suit is worth tens of thousands of yuan. Even if Palamidis grabs all the gambling money from the thief, it will not be enough to repay the cost of the suit!

If you don’t pursue it, you will only lose more than 10,000 yuan in gambling funds;

Go after it, even if you get the money back? Clothes are damaged, pay more!

After weighing, the big cat gave up the pursuit and watched the figure of the thief go further away, but on his face he pretended to be calm like a billionaire who sees through fame and fortune, and was indifferent to the huge amount of money he lost!

Cairo Grand Casino has always been a haunt of the rich, and they know best how much money they have in their pockets. But most of the people present, even the rich and wealthy, probably wouldn’t be as “rich” as Palamidis, and were indifferent to the huge loss of their wealth?

As a result, people once again cast envious glances at the big cat, mistakenly thinking that this big cat is a prince and aristocrat from which country in Europe, and even loses billions and tens of billions without even frowning. ——Of course they don’t know that the big cat actually only has ten thousand dollars in his pocket!

Palramidis still pretended to be dumb and broad on his face, but he even wanted to die inside. The more than 10,000 Egyptian coins, but the funds of Palamidis, Albert, and Saifel and Seglade were finally turned over. Unexpectedly, they were stolen before they even started gambling. net! In this case, how should he explain to Tiger and his two sons? !

As the saying goes, if you lose your horse, how can you know it’s not a blessing. Just when Palamidis was desperate and thought that this time was over, a blue shadow immediately ran past the big cat and caught up with the thief who was running away at an alarming speed.

Clap! Lan Ying jumped up and swooped, restraining the Egyptian.

“Huh…?” Palamidis slowly walked over with a little doubt, the person who helped catch the thief seemed to know him?

“This guest, I’m really sorry for scaring you.” The man snatched the stolen chips from the leopard warrior from the thief and handed it to the big cat: “This is your money, Check it out. If the thief has gambled with your money and you have suffered losses, the casino will take responsibility and give it back in full.”

“Oh… um…” Big Cat muttered, stuffing the chips at random into his pocket. Compared with recovering the money, he is more concerned about other things now——the figure in front of him in a tight-fitting camouflage military uniform, who seems to be a casino bodyguard, is not a human being, but a leopard man. And this man happened to have sky blue fur, belonging to the leopard man of the Serrazon clan of Palamides. The world is so big, it’s amazing. The world is small and unpredictable.

“Sir? Are you alright?” The leopard man saw Palamidis in a daze, and couldn’t help but ask: “Did I say something offensive that shocked you?”

The voice…the color of the fur…can’t go wrong!

“Phileos? Are you Phileos?!” Palamides put both hands on the leopard man’s shoulders: “Do you still recognize me?! It’s me, Palamides !”

“Pa… Palamidis?!” The other party looked at the **** panther hesitantly. Palamidis’ black fur made him wonder, but he seemed to recognize the voice of the **** panther: “Oh my god, it’s really Palamidis!”

The two hugged without saying much, just like old friends who haven’t seen each other for many years meet again.

Palramidis could barely hold back his tears: “Phileos! I thought you were dead — you’re alive! You’re alive! It’s unbelievable!”

“I thought you were dead, too, little Palamie.” The sky-blue leopard man also patted Palamidis on the back and comforted: “How could it be possible from that era of famine and plague? You’re amazing to survive.”

Paramides recalled the memories of more than 30 years ago in his mind at the moment, when he was still a child, he turned around and ran away, while reluctantly looking at the fallen companion.

Philaos had been captured by humans at the time, and all that awaited him was death. Without saying a word, a strong man raised a huge wooden stick and knocked off the leg of the leopard boy, and the boy twitched and twitched in a **** mess, but he couldn’t forget his little friend: “Run away, meow. …! Palamy…”

Palamidis, who was a child at the time, watched in horror at the tragic end of a thief who had no time to escape and fell into the hands of humans.

Humans are cruel, and humans are greedy. They not only smashed Phileos’ legs, but also took off the boy’s clothes that were like rags, and cut the flesh on Phileos’ neck with a knife.

Humans cut all the way down the boy’s neck, ripping off Phileos’ fur all the way. They pulled the leopard skin off Phileos with force, and the child lost consciousness in a horrific scream. The image of Phileos, dripping with blood, was forever imprinted in the pupils of Palamides. That also became the motivation for the leopard warriors to hate human beings in the future and want to use the [Dawn War] to carry out annihilation operations against human beings.

And now, Phileos has actually appeared in front of Palamidis alive and well, and is still working as a bodyguard in this Egyptian casino. Is this real, or a beautiful dream?

Palamidis let go of the arm that was holding him tightly and backed away, but his eyes remained on the scar on Phileos’ neck. Can’t go wrong. That group of brutal humans had slashed from that position and cut off the fur from Phileos’ body.

Palamedes covered his mouth in disbelief and took another step back: “How on earth did you survive? This…it’s impossible——!”

“Wow!” Palamidis was interrupted by a commotion in the casino.

The leopard warrior looked over suspiciously and saw Albert in a panic. Tiger put the 100-yuan chip into the slot machine with a playful mentality. Without pulling the joystick, the slot machine gave him a 777 jackpot. Thousands of chips poured down like a tide, almost burying Albert, scaring the tiger overwhelmed. And the tiger who won the jackpot naturally became the focus of the audience.

“That idiot! Tell him to stop acting so conspicuous!” Palamedis hides his face His plans are completely disrupted by Albert’s “stupid” behavior .

“Wow ah ah ah ah!” There was another commotion in the casino, and the voice came from the Keno lottery slot.

“What?!” While Palamidis followed the prestige, he found that his eldest son Zephyr was holding the lottery aloft, proudly announcing that he had won the million-dollar jackpot. The staff of the casino has already pushed the stacks of chips with carts, one cart after another, and sent them to the young Leopard Man. That scene was amazing.

“Unbelievable…how could these two boys be so lucky?!” Palamidis exclaimed.

“Looks like this is your lucky day.” Phileos took out a small piece of paper and wrote a string of words on it: “Palami, I still have work to do, plus This situation is not suitable for chatting, right?—–I leave you the address of the bar, we will see you at the bar tonight, then let’s talk about the old times.”

“Yes, of course.” Palamidis accepted Phileos’ card with doubts, his mind was not ordinary chaos. () “The Legend of Light” only represents the views of the author Raven D Vixas. If you find that its content is in violation of national laws, please delete it. The position is only committed to providing a healthy and green reading platform . 【】,thank you all!


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