Light Spirit Epic Chapter 1028: Hunting in the Sand Sea (2)


Chapter 1028 Hunting in the Sand Sea II

Ten minutes later. Bedivere and others walked out of a clothing store near the hotel. The werewolves and polar bears had replaced their ragged robes. Changed to a crisp short-sleeved shirt and jeans. Just in time for the midday heat.

“Okay, it’s hot.” Although wearing a short-sleeved shirt. The white bear man was still sweating hotly: “It’s only early spring.”

“That’s the way the tropics are. Don’t mind.” The werewolf wiped away his sweat disapprovingly. Counting the change in his pocket by the way. Obviously it’s just the cheapest clothes in the most common clothing store. Shirts and pants for three people. It cost more than 3,000 Egyptian coins. It can be seen that the price increase in Egypt in recent years is really terrible.

Bediver took another subconscious glance at the depressed street. This is the suburbs. It’s natural to be quiet. But this street is barren. The concrete road is constantly cracking and potholes under the sun. There are no vehicles on the road. Not even half a pedestrian. Really depressed a little too much.

“Egypt, Egypt’s economy is so bad, so bad.” Elaine couldn’t help asking curiously.

“It is said that the Egyptian government has borrowed a large amount of foreign debt from Europe. In order to repay the debt. It is still raising taxes.” Seglade explained as he arranged the corners of his clothes. “Heavy taxes and rising prices. The people are miserable.”

“Indeed.” Bedivere glanced at the receipt for the clothes. . . Commodity tax now accounts for more than half of the total charges. I couldn’t help but let out a sneer of contempt: “The government is not benevolent. The people have a hard time. Egypt is really not a country suitable for long-term living. In comparison. Whether it is Great Britain or Turkic. Even West Siberia is a paradise.”

“Uh. This is such an exaggeration.” Elaine groaned.

“It’s just such an exaggeration, meow.” The werewolf snorted in a low voice: “Whether it’s firewood, rice, oil, salt or the most basic cold clothing. A kind country will control the price of these basic survival materials at the lowest level. So that the poor will be better off. They don’t starve to death; on the contrary. A ruthless country controls the price of these things. Forces the people to pay too much for the most basic of survival. To extract money from the people. More chapters sooner Please come. It appears that the Egyptian government is here with the latter.”

“I’ve heard of this, too.” Seglade sighed in a low voice: “In Great Britain. The prices of coarse salt and edible blending oil are very cheap. If you can’t afford it, you can go to a specific welfare institution. Collect meow; but in Egypt. The price per packet of salt is horribly high. More than half of it is commodity tax meow…”

“How, how can this be…” The white bear man changed his face in surprise after hearing this.

“All in all. This country sucks.” Bedivere coughed dryly. “Stop talking. Let’s go downtown.”

“Yes, but.” The white bear man couldn’t help but wonder: “Where are you going to find a job?”

“Bar. Update as soon as possible.” Bediveville replied lightly: “If you want to get all kinds of newspapers, you usually start with the bar.”

The three of them headed for the city center. But did not expect a dark corner of the street. Someone was watching them secretly. All the words and deeds of Bedivere and the others were taken into account.

Same time. Cairo Grand Casino.

“Uh—” Albert’s first steps into the casino. With a little hesitation. But Tiger didn’t want to be seen as an unseen hillbilly. He suppressed the unease and panic on his face. Strutting down the red carpet of the casino.

“Yes. That’s it. Take it easy.” Palamides whispered. The first update walked side by side with Albert. In fact, he was equally nervous. Just didn’t show it all on the face.

And Zephyr followed his father and the tiger youth with a rigid body. Even his blue leopard tail is not naturally straight up. Appears very restrained.

Being an orc. It was inevitable that they would be watched by the people present. Many gamblers in the casino have already cast strange glances at these three cats. I wondered how these rude beasts could possibly fit into high society. But the [Horus brand] high-end suits worn by the orcs. But it brought about a dramatic change in human thinking. Gradually, people thought that these cats in suits were not as rude and vulgar as they thought. I thought Palamidis and others were rich people from which country. Update as soon as possible

Palamidis took a leisurely turn around the casino. Observe the changes on people’s tables. At the same time, he also instructed the two companions: “Listen. Now is our first day in the casino. Don’t act for the time being. Don’t spend a penny on gambling. It’s not too late to take action after seeing the situation in the casino.”

“Understood, understood meow.” Saifer put his hand in his trouser pocket. Grab a few chips in your pocket. That’s his whole fortune. I didn’t intend to gamble at random.

“But it’s boring to watch the situation all the time here.” Albert cast a pitiful look at Palamidis: “Just watch the situation. I’ll walk around. See what’s there. Novelty. Good meow.”

The leopard warrior scratched his head: “You are really a curious little tiger… well. I will update this chip for you as soon as possible. Although it is not much. But you can play with it.”

He slips Albert a hundred-dollar chip. It’s like stuffing a candy to a child.

“Hehe. Great~” Albert ran off with the chips. It is also easy to coax like a child: “Half an hour is enough. I will wait for you in front of the lobby of the casino in half an hour.”

“Okay. Don’t get lost.” Palamidis grinned. Watching the tiger’s back disappear into the crowd of people in the casino.

“Mr. Albert is really fine, meow.” Saifer asked worriedly.

“He’s penniless. More chapters coming sooner. Even if he loses money, it’s only a hundred bucks. Don’t worry too much about him.” Palamidis smiled disapprovingly: “And he happened to be Give us some distraction. That way we can move around.”

Because. What Palamidis intends to do next. Although it is far from being linked to Qianshu. But it’s by no means fair behavior.

Same time. In an underground tavern in downtown Cairo.

In the dim light and the smell of alcohol. There were a few drinkers sitting sparsely.

The time is one o’clock in the afternoon. It’s far from the peak drinking season at night. Therefore, this tavern can be described as a thin crowd. Except for some drunks who hang out in pubs all day. Usually no one will come.

But this is a very deserted tavern. We had three uninvited guests today.

Bedyville pushes open the door of the bar. Go down the stairs. Entered this room built underground. Very shady little bar.

“Welcome.” The tavern owner yelled reflexively.

He’s shaking hard with a bartender bottle. He seemed to be concentrating on making some kind of homemade cocktail. There were three orcs dressed in ordinary clothes. Then he asked casually in not very idiomatic English: “Do you want something to drink?”

The werewolf sat down at the bar: “Give me a pint of barley beer.——These two kids don’t have to drink anything…”

“I’m an adult, meow.” Seglade gave the werewolf a disapproving glance.

“Me, me too…” Elaine also seemed to be slightly criticized.

But when Bedivere gave them a hard look. Immediately they sat down honestly. not talking anymore.

“Guest. Here’s your beer.” The boss delivers a glass of beer with white foam.

“Thank you.” The werewolf took a sip of the barley beer. The aroma of barley and the bitterness of hops spread in his throat. With this slight booze. The werewolf put on an air of sophistication. Taking up the courage to ask: “Boss. Is there any job in the city that can be picked up recently?”

“Oh. You want to take work.”

The bar owner swept his gaze to the great sword behind Elaine. Check out that rhino horn sword. The boss’s gaze turned to the spear and shield behind Seglade again. He finally set his eyes on the dagger at Bedivere’s waist.

Seems to confirm the excellent workmanship of these weapons. The boss was a little relieved. But he still asked stubbornly: “These guests are raw faces. You really have no problem with your skills.”

“Don’t worry about our skills.” Bedivere took a stack of bills from his pocket: “Here’s twelve thousand dollars. It’s a bond for the three of us. If things go wrong. If you confiscate the money, you will be But——but if things go wrong we won’t be able to come back and get the money. Hehe.”

“Very good. This little brother is very knowledgeable.” The boss counted the money carefully. But he didn’t take his eyes off the werewolf’s sturdy, fat-free biceps for a moment. That’s one of the reasons Bedivere changed to crisp, short-sleeved clothes—to show off his muscles in front of recruiters.

“Then. Come with me.” The tavern owner opened the little door of the counter. He motioned everyone to follow him. His figure has already disappeared into the darkness of the backstage corridor.

“Is it really alright?” Elaine looked disturbed.

“No problem. Follow along.” Bedivere crossed the bar.

(If you are just smash this shop. Nothing to be afraid of.)

“Don’t touch anything along the way. Don’t eat or drink anything. Understand.” The werewolf instructed. He also walked towards the dark corridor.

“Understood meow.” Zephyr nodded and followed.

Bediver has just stepped into the hallway. Immediately realized that he was going down the stairs. I just walked through a 30-level staircase. He immediately entered a small room that resembled an underground station. Beneath the dim light were row after row of benches. The walls are covered with posters of various wanted criminals. The tavern owner sat at the counter at the end of the room. Keep newspapers on an old computer.

“Come here.” The boss called the three young people: “You have just arrived. I will give you a simple commission first.”

“What’s the content. What’s the reward.” Bedivere leaned over. Ask briefly and to the point.

“See for yourself.” The boss just printed out a list from his computer. Hand it into the hands of the werewolf youth. () “The Legend of Light” only represents the views of the author Raven D Vixas. If you find that its content is in violation of national laws, please delete it. The position is only committed to providing a healthy and green reading platform . 【】,thank you all!


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