Light Spirit Epic Chapter 1027: Hunting in the sand sea (1)


Chapter 1027 Hunting in the Sand Sea Part 1

In Husky’s dreams. Hal really wasn’t hurt. Or that his condyle was only slightly injured. The four wounds on the back. Originally, it was not what the leopard boy should bear.

However. The white spirit that accompanied the leopard boy—the elephant man Papho. He was wounded by the Reaper’s scythe while wrestling with the Black Reaper — just four stab wounds. Just fell on the back. The shape and depth of those wounds matched Hal’s four current wounds.

Don’t say. The injury suffered by the elephant-man Bai Ling, who called himself Papho. Is it also reflected in Hal? .

Between the Elephant Man Bai Ling and the Leopard Man Young Hal. What does it matter. More faster chapters to come.

“Huh—” Shixing yawned heavily. Pulling the brooding Arthur back to reality: “Anyway. This matter is settled. If it’s none of my business. I’ll go to bed.”

“Go.” Arthur said perfunctorily. Instead, he looked at Husky in terror and confusion, covered in blood—all of Howl’s blood. The canine boy was just smeared while hugging his little friend.

“Come on. Little guy.” Arthur picked up the canine boy: “Let’s take a bath first. Wash off this blood.”

“Hal—” Husky looked worriedly at the leopard boy lying on the stretcher. Greenville had stitched up Hal’s wound. Now using magic to speed up the healing of wounds.

“Hal will be fine. More and faster chapters to come. Don’t worry.” Arthur stroked the canine boy’s head comfortingly.

“It’s such a big thing. How do you explain it to Vivienne.” Greenville rolled her husband a glance: “You guys really went to the garden today. Wouldn’t you take the children with you?” It’s a dangerous place.”

“What are you suspecting? It’s really a garden tour.” Arthur squinted his eyes: “I guess it’s easy to provoke messy spirits in crowded places. Anyway. I’ll pay attention to it in the future.”

Greenville had a convincing look on her face. I didn’t believe it at all. She knows her husband Arthur best. When the King of Knights lies, there will be a small movement of his eyes looking up at a forty-five-degree angle. This will definitely not deceive the queen. . . and. The queen’s ears are very sensitive. Just by listening to the other party’s heartbeat, you can know whether the other party is lying or not.

King Arthur speaks calmly and calmly. Calmly unnatural. This is a true lie. I’m afraid it’s distorted from the truth. Apparently it was an early prepared speech. Used to deal with Greenville’s super-hearing.

Thinking this will pass the test. Men are so naive.

The queen watched the back of the king leave. Thinking about what to do next. It got so big. Tell Vivian the truth. I am afraid it is inevitable.

Noon the next day. Egypt. Cairo Hotel.

“Um… Husky…” Bedivere was still sleeping in. But felt a jolt. More faster chapters to come. The werewolf opened his eyes reluctantly. Now the polar bear was shaking him desperately with a blushing face. The werewolf was holding one of the polar bear’s arms. It seemed that he had embraced this arm as if it were his own child in his sleep.

“Let me go, let me go—” Elaine pushed Bedivere’s head gloomily. Trying to break Bedivere off his arm.

“Oh.” The werewolf quickly let go. He smiled embarrassedly and said, “I’m sorry. Sleepy confused your arm as my son. But your arm is exactly the same size as my son’s waist. Hehe——“

“Hands and arms are so numb.” The bear man got up and moved his arms. He kept complaining: “Hold, hug too tightly. Your son can’t stand it either…”

“That boy. He often complains that I’m going to crush his bones.” The werewolf also got up. Only to realize that he actually fell from the bed to the ground. He also got into the quilt of the polar bear. This sleep difference made him feel funny: “But why are you blushing. Isn’t it just being hugged. Anyway, the feeling of being hugged is not much different from that of a stuffed teddy bear. Hehe—— “

“It’s nothing.” The white bear man’s face turned even redder: “I’m not, I’m not a teddy bear.”

“Anyway.” Bedivere scratched his head. Blinking sleepy eyes: “It’s already noon. I’m so hungry. Let’s go have lunch.”

“Hmm, um.” The white bear tidyed up the messy fur on his body. The blush on his face subsided just now: “Such a luxurious wine and hotel… there must be a lot of good things to eat. Good, I’m looking forward to it.”

Bedevier also took off the nightgown provided in the hotel room. Put on the robe that had become torn in battle: “That’s the buffet provided by the hotel cafeteria. Don’t expect too much.”

“Haha.” Elaine whispered. There seems to be something to say. But he hesitated.

Ten minutes later. The pile of food placed in front of Bedivere proved how wrong the werewolf had guessed.

This is the Grand Hotel Cairo. One of the most luxurious five-star hotels in Egypt. Lunch provided by its cafeteria. How could it be shabby.

Crystal-clear and moist sashimi. A lobster with a bright red shell and fleshy flesh. Charcoal grilled smoky, plump and juicy oysters. Shark’s fin soup with gold leaf….Everything is luxurious to the extreme. And they are so unremarkably placed on the long table of the buffet. for people to use at will.

Bediver felt like he had been slapped **** the face. The world of the rich (local) is really scary.

He took Elaine to get some lobster and oysters. Get ready for a big meal in an unassuming corner of the restaurant. . Did not expect to just sit down. Immediately he was found by Palamidis, Albert, Zephyr, and Seglade.

“Yo. Little Brady. It’s just lunch now.” The Leopard Warrior also picked up some items. Take a seat at another table next to the werewolf. Update for the first time, but the things he takes are shark fins, salads and other delicate but not very filling things. It’s a far cry from what Palamides usually does.

It’s even weirder. The three Palamidis and Albert all wore very finely crafted suits. Dress up like a big man in high society. A group of rude orcs actually dressed like this. Bedivere was stunned.

“What are you doing?”

“The loaned clothes. Three thousand Egyptian dollars for two-day rent. [Horus] Oh.” Palamidis twisted the collar of his straight black suit. Pretending to be elegant, he explained, “We’re going to the casino in a minute. We can’t go in dressed like a beggar. More chapters coming soon.”

“Hehe.” Albert also smugly carried the sleeves of his white suit. Wagging his tail in front of Bedivere: “Bedivere. Look at me dressed so handsome.”

Bediver looked Albert up and down: the white tiger was already white enough. Also wearing a white shirt and white suit. Except for the black tie anyway. Tigers are all white. Handsome is handsome. But is it necessary to be so extreme? And the tiger’s left arm was also wrapped in bandages. The bandages held up the suit. Like a swollen piece.

The werewolf grunted: “Please. You’re a cat. You’re wearing a monkey suit. It’s not like you.”

“You’re the monkey. Damn—” Albert pouted like a child. More faster chapters to come.

“Huhu—” Elaine couldn’t help but look at the two brothers Zephyr and Seglade. The hair of the two leopard youths was originally a weird dark blue. The dark blue suits they are wearing now make their dark blue stand out even more. Plus the white bow ties on the necks of the two cats—–in short. Looks hilarious.

“I knew I would be teased meow. I’d better return this dress meow.” Seglade felt the scorching gaze of the polar bear. A shy blush appeared on his face: “I won’t go to the casino with you anyway.”

“What. You’re not going.” Palamidis thought his two sons would follow him. Unexpectedly, Seglade temporarily shied away. This made Daddy Leopard very unhappy: “Are you going to go out with Little Beddy to find a job? You don’t really think you can make a lot of money in Cairo other than gambling.”

“That’s pretty much what it means meow.” Seglade untied his bow tie: “Brother. Dad and Mr. Albert depend on you to look after me. Please don’t let them do stupid things meow. .”

“Okay meow.” Zephyr showed reluctance. Although he seems to have made an appointment with his younger brother to do so.

“What a pity.” Palamidis looked disappointed.

“Not a pity at all. At least you don’t have to lose money in front of two sons at the same time.” Bedivere sneered disdainfully.

Palamidis gave the werewolf a stern look: “Then we’ll see. Let’s see who makes more money in the end.”

“I don’t need to compare with you.” Unexpectedly, Bediveville sneered again: “The dirty money earned from gambling is the money earned from hard work. There is no comparison. Only children will take this kind of shit. It’s a bet.”

“Uh.” The leopard warrior twitched as if stabbed. Face twitched. At the same time, he avoided Bedivere’s gaze. Dive into his haute cuisine.

“Bedivere you idiot.” Albert burrowed into his lunch and ignored the werewolf.

This concludes their little discussion before lunch. Everyone quickly finished the meal and parted ways. Didn’t stay long in the hotel restaurant.

“Now—” Bedivere takes Elaine and Seglade. Go out of the main entrance of the hotel. “It’s time for us to get some nice clothes.”

“You, you didn’t say that just now——” The white bear man just wanted to say something.

“I just said it. Don’t be so formal.” Bedivere hurriedly defended his words: “But you can’t go out looking for work in such ragged clothes. It’s scary. “

“Just meow.” Seglade adjusted his suit as well: “I also have to return the rented clothes. I’ll take you to the clothing store, meow.”

“Never mind that high-end clothing store. We poor **** can’t afford it.” Bedivere replied casually with a self-deprecating self-deprecation: “Let’s get some casual clothes that don’t hinder our movement.” Acts only represents the views of the author Raven D Vickers. If you find any content that violates national laws, please delete it. The stand is only committed to providing a healthy and green reading platform. 【】,thank you all!


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