Legend of Swordsman Chapter 5186: ??15 million



When the enemy met, he was very jealous, and Jian Wushuang began to calculate the situation on the field. As long as the battle did not stop, he would be able to profit from it.


These three people came at the right time, but it is not so easy to get some benefits in the melee of the four peak powerhouses,


Wealth is in danger, life and death are put aside first, wealth is the way.


Jian Wushuang said cautiously, “Fellow Daoists, I hid here because I didn’t want to fight!”


“Oh, then you can tell the truth about what you see.” Miluo also saw that Jian Wushuang and Hui Qing’s strengths were average, and it was nothing to worry about.


God Emperor Molong frowned. Although he was not familiar with Jian Wushuang, he could see that the other party had a lot of scheming from the first contact.


“The two of us, brothers, just entered this canyon and saw the **** Molong fighting against Luo Hao. The two of us are weak and can only cooperate with brother Luo Hao to deal with the **** emperor Molong. Unfortunately, in the end Still lost, Brother Luo Hao also fell.” Jian Wushuang said it with sincerity, and his voice also revealed his hatred for God Emperor Molong.


Miluo Shenshen nodded and said indifferently: “It’s almost what I expected!”


He doesn’t really care about this, he just wants to find out why.


“Let’s do it! I’ll take care of the two of them first, you go and stop Mo Long!”


A towering spear pierced the sky, and the destructive power contained in the spear head filled the entire canyon.


The sword intent behind Jian Wushuang also rose, and he knew that this group of people was not so easy to fool.


The Illusory Sword Test was created by G-final based on the ultimate way, the sixth-level Heart Sword Test. It leaked the mental power in the Heart Sword and evolved into a phantom, creating the strongest sword intent today, the Magic Sword Test. .


Hey! call out! call out!


Jian Wushuang stepped back, but the nine phantom swords galloped away in the opposite direction!


“Help me hold him!” Jian Wushuang shouted.


The power of that long spear is too strong. If he gets a trace of it, he may fall on the spot. Fortunately, this is the universe of Yi Nian. Yanxian’s speed was slowing down, and after barely dodging the shot, cold sweat broke out on his back.


The tempering of life and death makes Ji Dao stronger again.


The power of the mind rises, and the universe expands again!


Eleven million miles!


12 million miles!




Fifteen million miles!


“It’s the limit!” Jian Wushuang endured the pressure brought by his thoughts, and tried his best to stop Emperor Miluo by running the phantom sword.


Hui Qing had also arrived at this time, her brows were slightly lowered, but the long stick burst out with powerful power.


Without the blessing of the Great Array, Huiqing’s strength can only be maintained at the peak level. When encountering Miluo, who is comparable to the ultimate Dayan Immortal, he will not take advantage of it at all, and he may even be in danger of falling. Fortunately, Jian Wushuang is operating from a distance. The Phantom Sword kept attacking Miluo, distracting him, and Huiqing breathed a sigh of relief.


The battle of the three of them can be said to perfectly replicate the style of besieging Mo Long before, but at that time they had a big formation to gain the upper hand, but now the big formation is broken, and the two of them deal with Emperor Miluo, who is comparable to the ultimate Dayan Immortal. He could only resist, and could not threaten Emperor Miluo at all.


In another battlefield in the distance, two emperors from the Daluo Realm, who were several times stronger than Luo Hao, were surrounding the Blood Jade Palace, but they didn’t know how to stop them.


“Suppress him, don’t do it yourself!” Miluo, who couldn’t get away for a while, transmitted his voice to the two of them.


The strength of Jian Wushuang and Hui Qing combined with the degree of cooperation shocked Miluo. Obviously, the two were not too strong, so they couldn’t defeat each other.


Especially in this circular cosmic formation, the longer he stayed in it, the more his heart palpitated!


It’s not always that simple.




Jian Wushuang’s figure flashed and appeared at the top of the universe. With the fusion of the mind and the universe, his strength doubled, but it was too difficult to suppress Miluo. Immortal he can still suppress, but Emperor Miluo’s strength is too powerful, and he has reached the level of the ultimate Great Evolution Immortal, and he can’t suppress it at all.


Unless his extreme path and mental strength are improved, he can suppress Emperor Miluo.


But Ji Dao is such a broad avenue, that is to say, it is a way to improve, and it is something that can’t be seen by mental strength. It is not a way that he can break through if he wants to.


Right now, he can only hope to irrigate all his mind power into the universe of one mind, to enhance the power of the universe of one mind, to suppress Emperor Miluo.


As for the other emperors of the Great Luo Realm, although they can suppress the peak Dayan Immortal, the two of them are dealing with Mo Long at this time, so there is no need to deal with them.


Even Jian Wushuang was about to suppress Mo Long, so he could force Mo Long to fight. Once his strength was suppressed, the power of the Blood Jade Palace would also be reduced, and the two peaks of great evolution. Xian, with all his strength, there is still hope to stop the Blood Jade Palace~IndoMTL.com~ Even if it can’t be stopped, he is pouring water into Miluo and let Miluo break the Blood Jade Palace. At that time, the pressure of the six-person melee Jian Wushuang will also be reduced. Not so big anymore.




The thought force in my mind kept pouring into the universe. This time, the universe was not expanding, but began to shrink.


There is no way that Jian Wushuang is not strong enough now, so he can only reduce the scope of the universe to five million miles. Although the scope has been reduced, the power has increased tenfold.


Several other powerhouses immediately noticed Jian Wushuang. God Emperor Molong had seen Jian Wushuang’s ability, and immediately shouted “Go and stop him, idiot!”


Without waiting for a few people in the Daluo Realm to react, Jian Wushuang’s power shook, evaporated the sweat on his body, and said weakly: “It’s too late!”




A wave after wave appeared on the cosmic barrier, which caused the bodies of Miluo and Mo Long below to tremble, and the whole person felt compressed.


“How is this possible?” Miluo couldn’t believe it, he felt that his strength was suppressed, and suppressed a lot, at least 30%.


Mo Long was very familiar with this feeling on his body. At this time, he was not surprised, just sighed.


The other two emperors of the Great Luo Realm didn’t feel any discomfort at all, but they could sense that both Miluo and Mo Long’s strength had dropped a lot.


It’s a great thing for both of them.


The strength of the two powerhouses who are comparable to the limit has declined, so it is equivalent to their strength soaring, and they are comparable to the two in an instant, and they can compete for the record in a completely fair and just manner.


The emperors of the Daluo Realm never obey anyone, so they are bound by the emperor, so they can’t attack their own people, otherwise Luo Hao wouldn’t say that kind of words before his fall.


Everyone is fighting for themselves, these emperors get the corresponding benefits, and they will naturally be restrained.


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