Legend of Swordsman Chapter 5185: ??Miluo



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() The great formation barrier began to shatter continuously and fell from the sky.


Once the great formation’s blessing and suppression are lost, Jian Wushuang and the others will no longer have any chance of winning.


“I’m not reconciled!” Jian Wushuang stood in the air and could only stare at the Blood Jade Palace.


After fighting for so long, he only got a few hundred thousand records. Luo Hao’s death has almost nothing to do with him. He was able to get so many records because of doubling the ranks.


If it is a normal battle of the same rank, it will only get a few thousand records.


Now he’s not even in the top 3,000, let alone 1,000.


“Hui Qing, is there nothing you can do?”


Hui Qing shook her head, “The formation is about to break, we must leave here.”


As soon as his voice fell, the formation barrier had completely collapsed, and the eyes of the infinite formation were automatically disintegrated.


Under strong pressure, the big formation could not function and collapsed automatically!


“Jian Wushuang!” The Divine Emperor Mo Long had murderous intent in his eyes. Now that the great formation has collapsed, he can fight again, but now he is already a little scared. Go out to fight.


“There are so many treasures, you can really do whatever you want!”


Jian Wushuang’s face was ashen. He wanted to refute but couldn’t find a reason. Now, no matter how much he said, God Emperor Mo Long would leave completely, and he himself was busy.


Huiqing, who killed Luo Hao, is at least in the top 1000 now. As long as he goes out and kills some Rank 9 consummates, it will not be a problem to be in the top 1000 within 30 years. As for the top 100, it is not impossible. thing.


And he is really miserable. His strength is neither superior nor inferior. He can only compete with the peak Dayan Immortal with a single thought of the universe, and he can squeeze into the top 1000 without slackening in the past 30 years.


The “Lord of the Years” who ranked in the top 1000 is also at the bottom. He can still make a lot of records in the early melee battles. will be very difficult.


In order to set up the formation, Jian Wushuang lost the most precious early-stage melee, and now it is too difficult to surpass the many strong players in front of him.


The Blood Jade Palace is constantly rising. Although the scope of the universe is still out of reach for the time being, Jian Wushuang can’t stop it, so he can only watch.


God Emperor Molong looked at Jian Wushuang’s livid face, laughed wildly, then drove the Blood Jade Palace and left directly.


“Let’s go too!” Jian Wushuang sighed, just about to put away Yi Nian Yu, but was stopped by Hui Qing.


“Brother Wushuang, there is still a turnaround!”




The Blood Jade Palace, which was close to the edge of the universe, was suddenly smashed millions of miles away by a force of destruction. The God Emperor Molong, who had just left, slid past Jian Wushuang and Hui Qing in an instant.


At the same time, three peak powerhouses appeared in Yi Nian cosmos.


It is the three emperors of Daluo Realm.


“Damn, what kind of treasure is this, it’s actually attacking my source road!” The chief emperor of the Daluo Realm frowned.


When they first appeared, they happened to see Mo Long, the **** emperor who was trying to escape from the Blood Jade Palace. Naturally, they refused to let go. A million miles away, the chief of the Daluo Realm shot out a long spear of destruction. , slammed directly on the blood shield of the Blood Jade Palace.


Although he stopped the Blood Jade Palace, he was also affected by the scarlet power, and the blood-colored mist began to invade his source avenue through karma.


“Miluo, what’s going on!” The two princes next to him found something wrong and asked quickly.


The two of them still don’t know the strangeness of the Blood Jade Palace, but they are very afraid of the universe.


“Be careful of Mo Long, don’t do anything at will!” The chief emperor Miluo endured the pain and warned, and the three people flickered before they came to Jian Wushuang and Hui Qing.


Seeing the person coming, Jian Wushuang was overjoyed.


The chief “Miluo” of the Daluo Realm is the peak Dayan immortal powerhouse.


He had seen this strong man in Chishui Palace. The emperor in Daluo Realm was also very powerful, second only to Tongtian Buddha in order. At that time, he planned to pay attention to those emperors in Daluo Realm.


And Miluo is one of the best among them. Sitting down in the emperor is famous for the name of the chief emperor. His own strength is also extremely powerful, and he is second only to the powerhouse of the limit day.


Contemporary emperors are all very young, and it is Dayan immortals who have the hope of advancing to the emperor’s ranks.


Because their potential has long been used up, even if they have the strength of the ultimate Great Evolution Immortal, it is difficult for them to succeed.


These emperors are different. Their cultivation time is short and their talents are extremely high. Like these emperors in the Daluo world, they have not cultivated for more than 100 million years. In the eyes of the emperors, they are not yet adults. With such strength at this age, there is hope to become an emperor in the future.


So their status is higher than those of the extreme Great Evolution Immortals. After all, they will be the Great Evolution Immortals who are expected to be emperors in the future.


But this time, because of the opening of the Qishen Temple, those who have given up hope for the ultimate Taiyanxian ~IndoMTL.com~ have been taken seriously again. Speaking of which, those old guys are the protagonists this time, these emperors Instead, the child was ignored.


However, it was an accident that the chief emperor of the Daluo Realm, “Miluo”, had cultivated for 70 million years, and had a strength comparable to that of the ultimate Dayan immortal. The emperors were also very optimistic about him. The innate treasure armor, and the source stars.


Two great treasures, one protects the divine body, the other guards the source, and he himself is the source powerhouse who has mastered the way of destruction, and his attack on it has long been comparable to the ultimate Great Evolution Immortal.


“Huiqing, be careful with that Miluo, his strength is not weaker than God Emperor Molong.” Jian Wushuang was calm on the surface, and he secretly transmitted his voice to Huiqing.


If they were alone, the two of them would not be afraid, but now they are three peak powerhouses, among which Miluo is no less than God Emperor Molong.


Without the blessing of the Great Array, the strength of the two of them has dropped a lot, and they have lost the means to suppress each other.


“Now I ask the two of you, answer honestly, do you understand!” Miluo suppressed the blood-colored fog in his mind and looked up at Jian Wushuang and the two.


Before Jian Wushuang could answer, the Blood Jade Palace flew out from the ruins of the canyon, and a strong and domineering voice echoed in all directions.


“Child Miluo, you really dare to come here!” God Emperor Molong is now itching with anger.


Originally he planned to lure Miluo over to Luo Hao, but now he succeeded in seducing him, but he did not calculate that Jian Wushuang and Hui Qing would force him to use the Blood Jade Palace.


It’s too late for people to arrive now. If it was earlier, before Luo Hao fell, these people would be able to arrive, and he would have the confidence to keep them.


“Mo Long, I spared your life last time, but you dare to be mad!” Miluo snorted coldly. The last time he attacked Mo Long, he wanted to get a big one, but he failed to kill Mo Long. He was there. Almost lost in the war.


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