Keyboard Immortal Chapter 729: A sense of fragmentation

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I was originally worried that this matter would become a knot between the two of them, but I didn’t expect that I was just overthinking it.

Zu An held Shang Hongyu in his arms, and the two talked about what happened to them in the past few days.

Shang Hongyu’s pear blossoms are covered with rain, and coupled with the other party’s current widow’s attire, it is really particularly pitiful.

Zu An couldn’t help but kiss the teardrops on her cheek.

The mermaid tears will turn into pearls when they fall to the ground. Before they fall to the ground, they are very precious raw materials for refining weapons and medicine in the spiritual world. It is very difficult for others to get a drop of mermaid tears, but Zu An can now hold them and eat them directly.

“Itchy…” Shang Hongyu was still a little sad, but due to the other party’s actions, a layer of rouge gradually appeared on his face, and even his breathing became a little faster.

The two looked at each other and saw silent longing in each other’s eyes.

They kissed each other very quickly. The two mature men and women didn’t need many other tricks, everything just fell into place.

After a while, Shang Hongyu untied the ribbon around his waist and wanted to take off his clothes. As soon as his shoulders were exposed, Zu An stopped him: “Don’t take it off, it looks better this way.”

Shang Hongyu was startled for a moment, then reacted and slapped his chest coquettishly: “How are you?”

Although she was blaming the other party on her lips, she was not dissatisfied at all in her heart. On the contrary, her heart was pounding at what the other party said, and her eyes were about to drip with water.


When Shang Liuyu arrived next door, the maid prepared the seabed hot spring water and asked them to step back. She was not used to being served like this.

Taking off his clothes, revealing a perfect figure that would make those statues jealous, Shang Liuyu suddenly turned red. Now that he is so close to the next door, and Azu’s spiritual consciousness is so powerful, isn’t it possible that he has seen it all now? ?

But she immediately rejected this speculation. Although Azu had some lecherous tendencies, he did such dirty and obscene things.

Knowing that he was here to bathe and change clothes, he would never use his spiritual thoughts to come here.

The whole person was soaked in the hot spring. She held a pot of hot water in her hand and poured it gently on her arm.

When she thought about the opening of the Tomb of Ten Thousand Dragons, the entire Sea Clan was guarding outside, and the other party kept holding her in his arms, she felt a little shy.

Later, Azu released his pressure and shocked all the sea masters to kneel down and salute. The scene when he was lifted into the air seemed like a dream…

During the excitement, the mermaid’s tail has appeared, gently lapping at the hot spring water. It is obvious that the owner is in a particularly good mood.

Oh, I don’t know if he will misunderstand.

Shang Liuyu felt a little embarrassed when he thought about what his sister had teased him about just now.

She knew that her sister was doing it for her own good and seemed to be deliberately promoting a relationship between the two, but she always felt that it was too deliberate.

Although she and Zu An are called siblings, are there such close siblings in the world?

But when it comes to being a lover, I always feel that something is missing.

Obviously I have known him for so much longer than my sister, why can my sister be with him so naturally, but I can only worry about gains and losses here.

Is it because my sister took the initiative?

That guy Azu is really not good at rejecting people, not to mention that my sister is so beautiful.

Hey, my sister and I have different temperaments. I can’t be like her. Just thinking about it makes me embarrassed.

At this moment, a high-pitched sound that was deliberately suppressed suddenly came from the next door. The mermaid family are all good at music and singing, and are very sensitive to sounds.

My sister’s voice is very beautiful, and the elders of the mermaid clan praised her back then.

If you specialize in music, you will definitely have achievements no less than your own.

Wait, why did she suddenly start singing, and at this time?

Curious, Shang Liuyu pricked up his ears and listened carefully.

Soon, the body in the hot spring, which was as white and crystal clear as a jade sculpture, had a burgundy color visible to the naked eye.

That’s not singing, it’s obviously…

Sister, it’s true, how long have I been away just now, and I’m like that with him…?

She couldn’t help biting her lip. These two guys knew that I was bathing here, and they had no scruples at all.

Could it be that I really became a part of their previous game?

The anger value from Shang Liuyu is +119+119+119…

Zu An, who was next door, noticed this series of anger points, and he immediately realized that Shang Liuyu had heard everything here.

But he really couldn’t stop. The pure white clothes had a special visual impact, and Shang Hongyu’s voice seemed to be singing every time he was emotional, like a horn that told him to charge.

As the most heroic and powerful warrior in the world, how can he back down at this time? The beautiful and dignified Mermaid Queen’s eyes and pupils lost focus at this time, and she was completely lost in the opponent’s extremely powerful offensive. Her whole mind went blank and she couldn’t think about anything at all. She just instinctively used her own gentleness to calm her down.

Understand the opponent’s bravery.


I don’t know how long it took. Shang Hongyu lay in Zu An’s arms and kept trembling. Finally, he gradually recovered. Then he punched the opponent with a pink fist a little shyly: “It’s all your fault that I’m here again. I’m embarrassed in front of my little sister.”

Zu An: “???”

“How do I feel that you just wanted her to hear it?”

“You still said that!” Shang Hongyu was so embarrassed that she twisted around in his arms, wishing that there was a quilt to bury her in.

Zu An laughed.

The two of them warmed up for a while, and Shang Hongyu stood up and put on his clothes again: “I have to go back first. Many people know that I came to see you. If I stay here for too long, it will cause gossip. ”

Zu An admired her graceful curves when she was wearing clothes: “You’ve been staying here for a long time.”

“Look at how proud you are.” Shang Hongyu glared at him with her watery eyes. This guy seemed to regard this as something worth showing off, and she didn’t understand how he cared so much about it.

“Although I stayed here for a while longer, I can infer that I am discussing important matters with you. Even if others have doubts, it is hard to say anything. But if you stay here all night, it will be a real deal. ”

Zu An smiled and said: “In that case, I will go back to the palace with you.”

Shang Hongyu shook his head slightly: “I will not go back to the palace today. I am taking care of the Dragon King’s funeral. According to our rules, I have to keep vigil for him in the past few days. I just left a little bit because I came to see you.”

The coercion of Zu An outside the Tomb of Ten Thousand Dragons is unparalleled. The queen said that she had something to discuss with Zu An. Who dared to stop him? They all wished that the queen would coax him to be better, lest the other party would be destroyed in a rage. The sea tribe.

“Then I’ll do it…” Before Zu An could finish speaking, he was interrupted by Shang Hongyu.

“No, the mourning hall is guarded by various ministers of the Sea Clan, so it’s inconvenient.” Shang Hongyu’s face turned red. He didn’t know whether it was Yu Yun just now or thinking of some scenes in the mourning hall.

Zu An: “…”

“I said go burn incense to the Dragon King, what are you thinking?”

Shang Hongyu was instantly ashamed: “You bad guy, you are teasing me on purpose!”

The two of them were bickering for a while, and Shang Hongyu suddenly let out an oops and stared at the clothes in a panic: “It’s all your fault. I was forced to wear it just now, and now it’s all wrinkled…”

You must know that she has just put on a new mourning dress. It was originally as smooth as jade, which can set off the dignity and majesty of the clan.

As a result, this guy insisted on doing that just now. The two of them had been fighting fiercely for so long, and their clothes were already in a mess. Previously, she kept her subordinates away because she had important matters to discuss with the regent. Maybe some people would be suspicious, but it was only suspicion. But she came in neatly, and when she went out, her clothes were messy, and suspicion would turn into Real

Hammered. “So what if I let them know. I vaguely heard some sea clan ministers discussing to persuade you to seduce me.” Zu An’s eyes were filled with smiles. I have to say that when Shang Hongyu puts on this outfit, he looks like that The broken feeling of pity, coupled with the slight anger and anger now, is really a unique style.


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