Keyboard Immortal Chapter 728: Heart-to-heart

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Shang Hongyu had removed almost all the jewelry, leaving only a small white flower headdress.

His eyes were slightly red, as if he had just cried.

The peach blossom eyes look affectionate to everyone, but now coupled with the faint sadness between her eyebrows, the whole person has a delicate sense of brokenness, which makes people can’t help but feel a sense of pity from the bottom of their hearts.

“Sister~” Shang Liuyu stood up hurriedly and distanced himself from Zu An, as if he and his brother-in-law were flirting together and were caught by the real owner.

Although he is not the real Dragon King, the memory of his and his sister’s life as a couple in the past few days is so profound that she inevitably regards him as her brother-in-law.

But I was obviously the one who came first…

Bah, bah, bah, what am I thinking? They are obviously siblings.

“This outfit of yours is…” Zu An looked at Shang Hongyu with some confusion, but at this moment his eyes were full of surprise.

Shang Hongyu sighed quietly: “This is the time to publicly announce the death of the Dragon King. I am the queen after all, so I have to organize the funeral for him. I have been busy with this just now.”

Zu An thought that it was like this, no wonder he was dressed like a widow.

“You seem to have cried just now?” Zu An noticed her slightly red and swollen eyes.

Shang Hongyu rolled his eyes at him: “I have always been called a virtuous queen. Now that my husband is dead, can I still laugh in front of everyone? Naturally, I have to act sad. Do you think I am a bad person? Women, can you express your emotions in such a thing?”

Shang Liuyu next to him coughed lightly: “I’m still here, can you two chat to avoid suspicion?”

My sister’s words just now seemed like she was afraid that her lover would misunderstand her. It was really a good tea.

Shang Hongyu pursed his lips and smiled, hugging her: “You are not an outsider anyway. Who was it that snuggled into his arms in front of the entire Hai clan before?”

“I’m going to die!” Shang Liuyu couldn’t hold back any longer. He got angry and pinched his sister’s waist. Soon the two sisters got into a big fight, which was very lively.

A smile appeared on Zu An’s face. The two sisters were beautiful. Even if they were fighting with each other, it was a pleasing sight.

Shang Liuyu is now weak after all. He is no match for his sister, and he was quickly suppressed by her opponent: “Little sister, you are still a bit young.”

“Azu, look at her…” Shang Liuyu was pinned down on the bed with both hands by the other party. His whole posture was a bit unladylike. Some of the sisters’ clothes were scattered, and it was inevitable that some of them would be exposed. After all, she Not as open as my sister, so I can only ask for help from outside.

Zu An advised her at the right time: “She has just been injured and is weak. She can’t stand the torment. Get up quickly.”

Shang Hongyu couldn’t help but feel a little disgusted: “It’s only been a few days, and you’ve already started to look at her, making me feel like an outsider.”

Despite what she said, she still got up from her sister, worried that she might accidentally hurt her.

“I was the one who came here first.” Shang Liuyu couldn’t help but retorted as he stood up to straighten his messy clothes.

“Azu, did you hear that? She admitted it.” Shang Hongyu said with a smile, as if his conspiracy had succeeded.

Shang Liuyu finally came to his senses and couldn’t help but feel embarrassed: “What are you talking about? I said you should get to know him first. This is the truth.”

“Yeah, right, right.” Shang Hongyu didn’t refute, just looking back and forth between the two of them. …. .

“I won’t talk to you anymore. I’m going to take a bath first.” Shang Liuyu didn’t dare to look into Zu An’s eyes and hurried out.

Looking at her slightly embarrassed figure, Zu An couldn’t help but laugh. Her temperament was obviously very free and easy, but as a result, she became much more sensitive in front of her sister. Could this be her sister’s suppression of her sister’s bloodline?

“You two haven’t accomplished anything yet.” Seeing his sister’s panic, Shang Hongyu couldn’t help but complain.

“Sister Shang and I are innocent, don’t talk nonsense.” Zu An replied.

“Innocent?” Shang Hongyu chuckled, as if he had heard some funny joke, “The situation when you took her out of the Tomb of Ten Thousand Dragons was very similar to how she had just broken… Can’t walk.”

Zu An: “???”

“Don’t look at me with such surprised eyes. There were quite a few people who had the same idea as me at that time. Otherwise, why did so many people have a bad attitude towards you at that time?” Shang Hongyu said with emotion, “My little sister is among the sea tribe. But I don’t know how many men’s dream goddesses have been ‘tarnished’ by you. How can they not be anxious?”

“She just went through a big battle, was over-exhausted, and had some injuries on her body. Where did you think she went?” Zu An said angrily.

“But the little girl looked like that at that time. It’s not like I haven’t experienced it before…” Shang Hongyu muttered in a low voice, not knowing what scene he was thinking of. His face was flushed and he was wearing white clothes. Against the background, it looks even more delicate and gratuitous.

Zu An: “…”

“By the way, my little sister calls me sister, and you call her sister again, should you call me sister?” Shang Hongyu suddenly thought of something interesting, and became very excited.

“No.” Zu An refused directly.

“I knew you were a bad boy. Every time you do that, you ask me to call you brother…” Shang Hongyu’s eyes flashed, but his tone did not contain any hint of anger. Instead, he spoke of endless tenderness.

Zu An’s heart was also filled with excitement, and he hugged Shang Hongyu into his arms. It had to be said that Shang Hongyu’s body was really soft, no matter which part it was, it was like cotton.

Shang Hongyu’s eyes were full of water at this time. She bit her red lips and pushed him gently: “It’s unlucky for me to wear such clothes now.”

Zu Anxin thinks you have underestimated the love for this kind of clothes in our world. The allure is guaranteed to be in the top three, maybe first.

But he knew that business was more important, so he quickly calmed down and asked, “Are you sad that the Dragon King is dead?”

“It would be a lie to say that I’m not sad at all. After all, we have been husband and wife for so many years, and there is still a bit of family affection even if we don’t have love.” Shang Hongyu sighed quietly, “It’s just that if you say how sad it is, it’s not really that sad. , you also know that we have lived our own lives over the years, more like partners than husband and wife.”

After listening, Zu An nodded: “Then I should tell you what really happened in the Tomb of Ten Thousand Dragons…”

Shang Hongyu looked solemn. She certainly knew that the version previously disclosed to the public was definitely not the truth, but she didn’t know how much the other party had hidden before.

Zu An narrated what happened when he entered the Tomb of Ten Thousand Dragons. Except for a few secrets involving Emperor Fengdu, which he told her would bring danger, he basically told her everything else. …. .

Shang Hongyu heard this with great excitement. He never expected that he would encounter so many things.

Everyone is wondering why Zu An has such a high level of cultivation at such a young age.

But his experiences in just a few days are more exciting than countless people’s lifetimes.

When she later heard about the underworld, she was completely shocked.

She is the queen of the sea tribe after all. She has also been the proud son of the emperor since she was a child. She has encountered many adventures, but she pales in comparison to Zu An.

But after hearing the appearance of the Dragon King’s soul, her excited expression gradually cooled down. Finally, when she heard the Dragon King’s ending, she fell completely silent.

“Although there is a reason, the Dragon King was indeed killed by me. I think this matter should not be hidden from you.” Zu An said solemnly.

If the other party gives his sincerity, he should repay him with his sincerity.

Shang Hongyu was silent for a long time, and finally sighed: “I thought that although the Dragon King was a little too carefree and had some special hobbies, he could still be regarded as a hero in the world, but he didn’t expect that he would be so miserable after death.”

“Hell is indeed very torturous, and it is understandable to some extent that he made such a choice.” Zu An replied.

Shang Hongyu shook his head slightly: “For the sake of my own future, I ignored the Hai clan, ignored the safety of the entire world, and cooperated with those monsters. I don’t think I can do such a thing, and I believe you can’t do it either. will do something like this.”

Zu An said seriously: “Yes, how can I sacrifice all the creatures in the world to satisfy my own selfish desires?”

Shang Hongyu’s expression gradually became firm: “Originally, I still felt guilty. Although the Dragon King was messing around with women, I’m sorry, but I am his queen after all. I was like you before… although it was to hide from those monsters. I had to do it, but I always feel sorry for him, but if I had known that he was this kind of person, I would have…”

Her eyes couldn’t help but turn red as she continued talking, and she was worried that Zu An would think that she was excusing herself by saying these things now, as if husband and wife were originally like birds in the same forest flying separately when disaster strikes, but it was difficult not to say it. To cover up the frustration in my heart.

She couldn’t help but feel a little self-pity. In the final analysis, it was fate that made others miserable.

Zu An apologized a little and gently wiped the tears on her cheeks: “I shouldn’t have told you this, putting you in a dilemma.”

“What’s the dilemma?” Shang Hongyu was quite relieved, “The ones who killed the Dragon King were the Lord of Changes of Ten Thousand Lives and the Skinned Ghost King. You killed them to avenge the Dragon King. As for the one in the underworld, it’s just He is just a soul that has been tortured and twisted by hell, and he is not my husband.”

Zu An was startled, then smiled in relief: “I’m the one who got caught.”

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