Godly Student Chapter 5795: Want to learn more!



“You have to try to know whether you are strong or not!” Xu Jingshu was not angry at Lu Yuan thinking that his strength was stronger than him, but responded lightly.


“I’m not as stupid as you. It doesn’t make any sense to prove this at this time. I don’t want to be exhausted when the enemy comes.” Lu Yuan said with a look of contempt.


Although he believes in his own strength, the current situation is special, and they protect themselves for the sake of safety.


It turned out to be too stupid to fight for such a false name.


So he’s not that stupid yet, and he doesn’t want to argue about who is strong and who is weak.


Xu Jingshu opened his eyes and glanced at Lu Yuan, then closed his eyes again with disdain, talking nonsense to this guy lazily.


Lu Yuan didn’t want to talk to him anymore, so he simply closed his eyes and remained silent.


Although they are worried every day that a strong person will appear here and make trouble for them.


Fortunately, more than a month passed quickly, although some people did often pass by them, and some people even discovered their existence.


But these people just looked at them a few more times, and didn’t encounter the crazy people who would kill anyone as they were worried about.


However, although the more than one month passed smoothly, they also knew that the real danger was the last twenty days.


After all, now they are ready to set off to return to the source.


At this moment, everyone became tense, and even Xu Jingshu, who had never cared much, became much more serious at this moment.


Obviously, he is very clear that the situation may be very bad in the next twenty days.


But he had to face reality.


If he does not go to the source, then he will never leave this world.


At this time, Lu Yuan was also worried, with a worried look on his face.


Unlike everyone else, he’s the only one who’s ever seen the madness of Headlands.


So he knows better what kind of dangerous environment they should face next.


However, different from the last time, this time there was an invisible Cheng Yu. Seeing that Cheng Yu was so confident, he was somewhat looking forward to it.


Although he didn’t buy insurance before, he has the resources. As long as he really can’t hold on anymore, he will naturally buy his life from Cheng Yu.


As for the other people, although they have bought insurance, they are still very nervous.


After all, they are not sure whether Cheng Yu really has the strength to protect the safety of all of them.


“Are you scared?” Cheng Yu asked speechlessly, seeing that each of these people’s faces were not so good-looking.


It hasn’t started yet, are these guys so cowardly?


It seems that Lu Yuan told them so much about the horrors of the source land, they were really frightened.


“Who’s scared? Isn’t it just that there are more strong people in Xuxian Dzogchen? It is estimated that they have already fought for tokens.


By the time we get there, they’ll probably all be dead! “How could Xu Jingshu make Cheng Yu look down upon him? Even if he was worried in his heart, he couldn’t show it.


“You are very good at comforting yourself, so you lead the way!” Cheng Yu couldn’t help but smile when he saw that this guy was still stubborn.


“Why do you want me to lead the way?” Xu Jingshu said dissatisfied.


“Aren’t you not afraid? It’s not surprising that you lead the way, right?”


“I’m not the leader. You’ve collected so many resources from them, shouldn’t you be the leader? If you’re afraid, just say so, don’t drag me out!” Xu Jingshu retorted.


This guy is really hateful. Since he is so confident, he still wants to push him to the front. Isn’t it obvious that he wants to trick him?


He’s not that stupid. Although walking in the front doesn’t necessarily mean danger, but if there are some crazy people who will kill anyone they see, then it will be very dangerous for him to be in the front.


Even if this possibility is very small, he absolutely cannot let himself face such danger.


Since Cheng Yu has the ability to help everyone return to their own world, what’s the point of taking the lead?


“If you guys are afraid, you can go to my magic weapon first, and get used to the situation in the magic weapon in advance, how about it?” Cheng Yu smiled, and stopped teasing Xu Jingshu, but watched Looking at Lu Jie they asked.


“Is this… too early?” Jiang Chuan said with some reluctance.


Although they already knew that Cheng Yu’s plan to help them leave this world was to enter his magic weapon.


But for a monk, entering the magic weapon is always a difficult thing for a monk to accept.


They know that if they want to enter the exit, this matter is unavoidable for them, so they can accept that they will finally enter Cheng Yu’s magic weapon, and then they can complete their plan and leave this world.


But now let them enter Cheng Yu’s magic weapon~IndoMTL.com~ It is obviously difficult for them to accept.


“Brother Cheng, why don’t you wait any longer, we haven’t seen what the Land of Source looks like now, and if we entered your magic weapon like this, I think we might have some regrets!” Lu Jie also said. Said.


This is true, and they really want to see how many strong people there are in the current source land.


After seeing the horror there, they can be more aware of whether the resources they spent are worthwhile.


What if it is not as scary as imagined, or as Xu Jingshu said, maybe when they rush over now, the people there will have almost killed each other.


Even if they don’t need to hide in Cheng Yu’s magic weapon, they will not be in any danger, and they can even enter the exit easily.


“That’s up to you, I just remind you in good faith. After all, I paid a fee to protect you, so as your bodyguard, of course, from the perspective of your safety.


But you are employers, so as long as you are willing, I will not force you. “Cheng Yu said with a smile.


It’s not good for these people to enter, or not to enter, anyway, he has already got the resources.


It’s just taking their resources, so it should be kindly reminded.


As for whether they are willing or not, that is entirely their own business.


“Master, can we not go in first, we also want to see the big scene.


At least after arriving in the fairy world, I will have a little more knowledge, right? “Hei Mo said with a smile.


A place where all the great masters of Xuxian Dzogchen gather, this scene is indeed big enough.


Having seen such a scene before, when they arrive in the Immortal Realm, even if there is another scene like this, they will not be curious anymore.


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