Godly Student Chapter 5796: Those who stand in my way die!


Even the black and white demons really want to take a look. It seems that everyone is indeed very curious.

In fact, not only them, even Cheng Yu himself wanted to see the scene there.

After staying in this world for more than three years, before meeting these people, he didn’t even know that there were so many people here.

Especially at that time, there may be a large number of Xuxian Dzogchen gathered together, this scene is indeed big enough.

For those who have never seen the big scene in the fairy world, this is definitely the first time they have seen such a scene.

“Since everyone is not worried about danger, let’s go. You don’t know the exact time when the exit will open, what if it will open earlier? So let’s not waste any more time.” Cheng Yu saw everyone He was unwilling to enter the magic weapon, so he dared not persuade him any more.

As for the black and white demons, they just follow him, and there will be no danger.

And the magic weapon has always been completely open to the two of them, so if there is any danger, they can enter it by themselves.

As for the others, he reminded them anyway, so if something happens to these people, it’s none of his business.

However, this does not mean that he really doesn’t care about these people. When there is a real danger, he will definitely rescue them and immediately include them in the magic weapon.

Everyone didn’t say much, they followed Cheng Yu and set off to the source.

In fact, most of the people who really came here at this time were those who had already obtained the beads.

There are only a few people who will get beads at this time.

Many people without beads had already made preparations to come here when they heard the news.

After all, they don’t have any beads. If they want to wait until the exit opens, it will be too late.

People like Xu Jingshu who came here for the first time did not have beads, so they prepared a group of people early.

But there are quite a few of them, so they came to this place a long time in advance.

And there must be many people like them, they are just a part of them.

Only those who can really come down to this place must be limited. After all, those giant whales are not so easy to deal with.

Thus, the people who appeared in this place at this time basically already had beads, and only a very small number of people were able to get the beads at this time and get down smoothly.

So they can see more people along the way, but it is not so full of people at a glance.

Moreover, in order to avoid being discovered, they deliberately stayed away from the river.

Because most people look for the source through the river, but like Cheng Yu, they already know where the source is, so they no longer need to find the source through the river.

From this perspective, they encountered far fewer people here than near the river.

But even so, they can often hear the sound of fighting in the distance.

Obviously these people started fighting for tokens before reaching the source.

However, no one would have thought that the eight tokens this time would be on one person, so no matter how hard these people fight, it is impossible to get the tokens in the end.

But they don’t know it themselves, in their view, any person they see may have a token.

Especially those who are not very strong, they are the object of attention of others.

Because experienced people know that many strong people are now less and less willing to look for tokens. Anyway, they will meet here when they get tokens.

And when the exit is opened, the token must be taken out.

So instead of spending so much time looking for tokens, it is better to use this time to improve your own strength.

As a result, there are fewer and fewer strong people looking for tokens, and only those who have no confidence in themselves to grab tokens here still want to obtain tokens by looking for tokens by themselves.

And most people don’t know these secrets, just like Xu Jingshu and Lu Jie, they never thought that there would be strong people here waiting for them to give tokens.

So they have been spending time looking for tokens, thinking that as long as they have tokens, they can leave.

It’s just that Lu Yuan told them that the reality is far from that simple.

In addition, they did encounter a situation where a strong man came to grab the token, which made them believe Lu Yuan’s words even more.

Otherwise, how could they have handed over the resources to Cheng Yu early and asked him to protect everyone?

“Now it’s getting closer and closer to the opening of the exit, and these people have obviously started to go crazy. There were so many people passing by us before and they didn’t see them robbing us, but now there are battles everywhere, it seems These people have already started fighting for tokens,” Shen Da said.

Seeing such a situation, he became more and more nervous~IndoMTL.com~ Now he doesn’t care much about the resources he spent, on the contrary, he thinks that they have discussed everything with Cheng Yu early, which seems to be the right thing to do of.

Otherwise, if you are really in danger, there is no time to talk about spending money to buy your life, and your life may be gone in just a moment.

“Now this place is still far away from the source, so it’s just the beginning. Even if someone snatches the token here, it’s just a small fight.

The place of source is really dangerous. It is estimated that there are already top experts sitting there. “Lu Yuan said worriedly.

“Brother Cheng, if there are top experts sitting there, how will you get in?” Lu Jie asked.

“Then how else can I get in? People have blocked the road, so of course I can only get in!” Cheng Yu said angrily.

“But is it possible for them to reach a cooperation before we arrive, if you want to go in, they will join forces to deal with you?

After all, they don’t have tokens on them, so those who want to go in must have tokens on them.

So at that time, all the powerful people may want to get the token from you, although they don’t know that the token is really on you.

But I believe that anyone who wants to break in will face the siege of all of them! “Lu Jie speculated.

“Although I have only been in this world for more than three years, this time I have to go back no matter what.

So anyone who dares to stand in my way will die! “Cheng Yu said lightly.

He can’t wait for a hundred years, a hundred years is too long, if he really wants to wait until then to go back, there may be no Cheng family.

He doesn’t even know if his women will survive, so no one can stop him this time!


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