Evil Wang Pampers His Ghost Doctor Fei Chapter 4839: We are all human beings


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Qi Mocha said in a deep voice: “Are we still too late? Such a disaster has happened in this world. Why didn’t the Gods take action earlier and invite that evil **** back to the divine domain? Just let him cause trouble here. Killing the weak? ”

Only the Gods have the qualifications and ability to supervise all realms. Their first-class sects do not have the ability to know immediately and come to rescue.

Mu Qianxi’s soul power spreads out, and her soul power can cover the entire Three Emperors Realm.

“The Gods will not leave a completely destroyed domain to me, otherwise I will leave immediately, and they will be unable to achieve any of their goals. It is not too late, as soon as possible!” Mu Qianxi said in a deep voice.

After sensing the nearest human race, Mu Qianxi disappeared instantly.

Everyone immediately followed, as long as they could be saved.

In a valley, a group of people covered in blood huddled together.

Some people’s eyes were red, some were crying in pain, some were filled with despair…

They were under siege, and they were not besieged by humans, but by pitch-black skeletons.

What made them even more devastated and devastated was that some of the clothes worn by the people in front of them were very familiar to them.

“Oh God! Oh God! Let such a monster kill us like ants, can you really not see it?”

“Heaven and earth are unkind, have our human race been completely abandoned?”


Of course, there are also strong human beings among them, who are the backbone.

Several seniors are willing to die, at the cost of self-destruction, but they cannot kill them.

Even if the body is torn apart after self-destruction, it will become complete under the power of that person and become an executioner who slaughters his compatriots.

You can’t live but you can’t live anymore, you can’t die yet, your body and soul are suffering. This is the crazy revenge of the devil.

At this moment, clear aqua blue ripples appeared in the turbid and desperate sky.

The sacred and innocent aqua blue dragon descended here, and a peerless woman leaped from the dragon’s back, just like the arrival of a goddess.

The crimson flames engulfed the skeleton men, stopping their killing spree.

“Bang bang bang—” The Skeleton Man, who they could not defeat no matter what, was reduced to ashes at this moment.

The powerful fire made them feel as if they were seeing the last light of their lives.

They said excitedly: “Thank you, Goddess, for saving me!”

“Great! The gods did not abandon us in the end.”


Mu Qianxi said: “I am also a human race! Not a **** race.”

They looked stunned. They had never seen such a strong and perfect human race.

“Do you know what is happening in the Three Emperors Realm now?” Mu Qianxi asked.

They were just trying to organize their words to talk to Mu Qianxi, when suddenly more black skeletons appeared on the ground, tens of thousands of them, eerie and terrifying.

“Sir, you are only one person, and this skeleton man is extremely difficult to deal with! Leave quickly, don’t let yourself be trapped and die here.” They said anxiously.

Mu Qianxi’s eyes swept over these skeleton men, “The number is indeed considerable, but I also brought a lot of companions! Let’s try the skills of these minions first.”

“Yes!” Hundreds of people arrived at lightning speed.

The number of these hundreds of people is much smaller than that of these skeleton men, but they feel that each of these people is exceptionally powerful.

“Boom–” In the next moment, these dark skeletons were swept away like autumn wind sweeping away fallen leaves.

These skeleton men have no self-awareness and cannot even speak, otherwise they could still be left alive to ask about the enemy’s situation.

“This is too weak! As crispy as tofu.”

“Indeed, there are just a lot of them and they are easy to deal with. It seems that this mission is not difficult.”


When they come to the next plane in the God Realm, they can completely reduce the dimension and crush them, and they can indeed kill the enemy easily.

Mu Qianxi frowned slightly, “Don’t take it lightly, it’s not that simple.”

“Indeed, our realm has been suppressed to a very low level, which is a bit unaccustomed to it.”

Mu Qianxi is used to it. She has climbed up from this step before. This is her comfort zone.

“My lords…you are…”

So many top experts suddenly appeared here, which made them very surprised.

“Wuxuanzong, the first-class sect in the God Realm, come to our aid. Tell us about the situation in your Three Emperors Realm!” Mu Qingchen stepped forward and said.

A few months ago, the Emperor of Hell escaped from prison.

After escaping from prison, he did not take action himself, but began to create these skeleton men to slaughter.

Everyone who died on this land, whether before or now, has become its army of skeletons.

The Skeleton Man slaughtered the living, leaving little room for the surviving humans to survive.

Fortunately, their holy land here can still send news to the divine realm above, so there is still a glimmer of hope.

A request for help was sent out, but there was no response.

They are coming when their entire world is about to be destroyed!

Ying Tianxia’s eyes were burning with murderous intent, “Emperor Yan, I will kill him now!”

“I didn’t find the existence of Emperor Yama.”

Mu Qianxi’s soul power has swept through every corner of the world without finding anything.

“Then let him come out on his own! He was once my defeated general, wasn’t he?”

The Supreme Scepter exudes dazzling light, rushing into the sky, illuminating the entire dim Three Emperors Realm, as if creating a sun for this world.

Someone said excitedly: “Then… is that the Supreme Scepter? His Majesty the Western Emperor’s Supreme Scepter. I have seen it in ancient books.”

Ying Tianxia announced in a high-profile manner that he was coming.

As a former defeated general, it was impossible not to hate him, so Emperor Yama naturally responded.

“You’re here! I’m waiting for you here, come and fight me! Emperor Xi.”

Ying Tianxia instantly moved in the direction of the other party’s message, Mu Qianxi said: “Brother, I will accompany you! I think there must be a scam.”

“I’ll deal with it. Sister, save people. Only you can do this best. You have good medical skills. They are already in dire straits. If you can save more, just save more.” Ying Tianxia said.

Even if he has no memory, he still feels guilty towards these human races.

It was me who didn’t kill that thing completely, which resulted in the scene of **** today.

“Don’t worry, I’m immortal.” Ying Tianxia’s figure disappeared instantly.

The eldest brother went to fight Emperor Yan, and Mu Qianxi immediately organized everyone to save people.

While walking towards the core of this world, the Three Emperors City.

There are three statues in the center of the Three Emperors City, namely the Eastern Emperor, the Western Emperor, and the Southern Emperor.

Qi Mocha muttered, “This is a bit ugly! If my ancestors knew about it, they would probably be very angry.”

Mu Qianxi said: “Brother, this statue looks a bit like the Supreme Scepter.”

Shui Long also said with some dissatisfaction: “As the ancestor of the master, Donghuang will never be so ugly. People in this world are not very skilled!”

“Click! Click!”

The next moment, the three statues cracked instantly.

It wasn’t the water dragon’s carelessness that caused it to collapse, but it was the three skeleton men hidden inside who split it open and attacked Mu Qianxi and the others. Outside the city, the skeleton army surrounded the last human city layer by layer.


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