Evil Wang Pampers His Ghost Doctor Fei Chapter 4840: The Emperor of Hell appears


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“No! The three human emperors have also turned into skeletons. Our world of three emperors is over, and the human race is over.”

“Yes! I heard that the three human emperors have passed away, and the human race has no future.”

“Give up resistance! We’d better admit defeat.”

This central city is already the last surviving city of the human race.

But now many people in the city are saying depressing words.

The three human emperors were their spiritual pillars, but their murderous intentions destroyed them all, leaving them in despair.


Everyone in Wu Xuanzong also felt overwhelmed, “Sect Master Mu, we are still short of manpower. Why are there so many skeletons!”

These skeleton men are numerous and even have the top strength in the world.

Their strength was suppressed. Although they were able to defeat this kind of thing, the number of skeleton men was too large and they were restrained, making it difficult to save the city.

“Are they the only ones there?” Mu Qianxi took out the Dark Beast Taming Tower, and all six doors opened.

“Hohohoho——” The roars of beasts were deafening.

The mythical beasts and ferocious beasts in the tower did not dare to make any mistakes under the pressure of their powerful souls, and obediently went to perform the task of protecting the city and killing bones.

With so many divine beasts and super divine beasts, the city can naturally be defended, but those black skeleton men still keep popping up.

Qi Mo Tea Ceremony: “These things can only be stopped after your elder brother has finished dealing with the Emperor of Hell.”

“Leave the task of defending the city to the beasts, while the others rush to rescue people and bring all the survivors to the main city.” Mu Qianxi’s soul power perception was very accurate and she quickly assigned tasks to people.

Pull out some of the fast flying beasts and give them to Xiao Momo to direct them to rescue them as quickly as possible.

A simple ghost doctor building was set up in the city, with enough elixirs and medicines to be used to save people.

The survivors breathed a sigh of relief at the temporary safety.

Shui Long also showed his ability in refining weapons and reshaped the statue.

“My ancestor wants to be more beautiful.” Qi Mo Tea Ceremony.

“Can’t be prettier than the master’s seniors!” Shuilong would not cooperate with him.


Out of these three statues, the one that most resembles is probably the Western Emperor. After all, there are real objects for reference.

“Meet the three human emperors!”

In such despair, their spiritual support came back, and everyone gathered together.

All the survivors in the entire Three Emperors Realm have been rescued, and there are not many people.

Of the people in one world, only the people in one city are left.

“After the initiator is eliminated, you can choose to continue living here, or you can directly go to the divine realm and join the Wu Xuan Sect.” Mu Qianxi said to them.

“Can we make another request?” someone said.


They looked at the skeleton outside the city, “I hope they can rest in peace completely.”

“Those skeletons are unconscious, but we can feel that they are also very sad and angry…”

He was obviously dead, but he came back to life again and again, killing endlessly, even killing his own relatives and friends.

“It should be fine once he dies.” Mu Qianxi said.

The other party’s methods are more ruthless than destroying an entire world in an instant.

The next days in the city were quiet.

No matter how fierce the fighting outside is, it cannot affect everyone’s enjoyment of this moment of peace. They cherish everything in the moment.

A terrifying pressure fell from the sky, and a figure stood in the sky but it was not a human being.

It is a huge pitch-black skeleton, at least dozens of times larger than the skeleton men we have seen before.

The black cloak was fluttering in the strong wind, and the eyes had no pupils. They were as dark as a black hole and had no bottom, making people feel frightened.

Mu Qianxi’s spiritual power burst out, and the entire main city opened the strongest defensive formation.

“Everyone, stay here, I’ll go out and take a look!”

She stepped onto the broken city wall and looked up at the black skeleton, “You are Emperor Yama, where is my eldest brother?”

Others also looked very solemn, this was the culprit who caused the destruction of their world.

The Emperor of Hell looked at Mu Qianxi strangely and said, “I sensed a very disgusting blood aura from you. You should be a descendant of the Eastern Emperor, but you actually call me the eldest brother of the Western Emperor?”

The relationship between the human race is really messy. The descendants of their ancestors call their ancestors the boss brother and eldest brother?

“What a coincidence! The descendants of the Southern Emperor are here too.” Its gloomy gaze swept over Mu Qingchen and Qi Mocha.

“Then kill them all!”

“Boom——” Cracks appeared in the defensive formation.

Mu Qianxi, her brother and Fei Cha looked at each other, and in an instant, they used water and fire elemental skills to hit him.

“Let me ask you, where is my eldest brother Ying Tianxia?” Mu Qianxi said coldly.

“Boom-” Qi Mocha and Mu Qingchen also took action.

Now that this man has taken action, they will definitely not take it lightly and will naturally use all their strength to kill him.

Suffering such an attack, Emperor Yama was not angry, but smiled.

Young, lively, and possessing powerful talents, the descendants of Donghuang and Nanhuang really surprised him!

“Where is he? They created such a prison and imprisoned me for tens of thousands of years. Naturally, I want to experience that prison myself!” Emperor Yan said with a smile.

The dark gray power shrouded Mu Qianxi and the others like a spirit of darkness, very cold and terrifying.

At this time, Emperor Yama is not at the peak of his original strength. Even if it is, there is pressure from the laws in the lower planes, and the strongest strength is only this, so they are equivalent in strength.

And there are many of them!

Not only are there many people, but there are also many animals.

“Xiaohong, Wudi, Xiaomomo, little fox…”

Mu Qianxi said coldly: “You choose to be defeated, and I will go find my elder brother again. It is better to cooperate immediately and take me to see him!”

This woman’s demeanor is even more arrogant than the three human emperors back then, and it can be said to be an incomparable eyesore.

The vast aura of death is coming with all its fangs and claws. It seems that they have chosen to fight.

Having been in prison for tens of thousands of years, Emperor Yama saw the level of strength of young people today, which was an eye-opener.


In an instant, hundreds of moves clashed.

His cloak was intact, but one bone hand was shattered, and red flames burned it forever.

These are two freaks who are almost invincible at the same level, especially this arrogant little girl. He gave up and continued the meaningless fight.

“If you want to save Ying Tianxia, ​​then come with me! If you dare.”

A crack appeared in the ground, and he disappeared into it instantly.

Mu Qianxi’s soul power had locked onto him and she immediately followed him.

This is an ancient prison. When you arrive at the entrance, you can tell how much effort the creator put into it.

However, after thousands of years, the prisoner still took advantage of the loophole and escaped, causing a huge disaster.

At the center of the prison is a Nine Dragons Trap Formation, with nine black chains trapping a man full of power.

Golden blood flowed down from his body, and the blood pool at his feet was filled with his blood.

Mu Qianxi’s face darkened, “Brother!”

The trapped person opened his eyes, “Who am I, and who are you?” Mu Qianxi’s heart became heavier and heavier. How many times has the elder brother died?


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