Ending the Treacherous Chapter 66: .Family banquet like a Hongmen


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Another three days passed, and everything was as before, calm and calm.

But this night in the Prince Consort’s Mansion was a bit uneven.


A sound of clothes fluttering sounded outside the study window. Gu Qingtang, who had been waiting in the study for a long time, stretched himself, walked to the window, and opened the small window.

“General Qin, you suddenly appeared at night, what happened?”

Qin Zhongyu looked panicked. He had no time to salute Gu Qingtang and said urgently: “Consort, what’s wrong, my wife was taken away by the palace guards!”

“Ah? This…you can see clearly, it’s a palace guard?!”

“You can’t go wrong!”

“Now that the power of the palace guard is in the hands of His Majesty, he must have discovered your existence!”

“Please Prince Consort, save my wife!”

Gu Qingtang saw a big man kneeling down with tears in his eyes, and quickly reached out to hold his arms, “This matter is not without hope, General Qin, I only ask you, do you dare to do something like this?” Something?”

“What’s the matter?”

“Although you were the one who protected the eldest princess from getting married, you didn’t end up with the whole family being exterminated. I’ve been thinking about these things for a long time, and it wasn’t until recently that I came up with some clues.” Gu Qingtang looked at him seriously. “You must have bumped into something you shouldn’t have seen back then, so you took the opportunity to silence me. If I guessed correctly, the matter must be related to His Majesty today. Therefore, what I want you to do is related to His Majesty.”

“Killing? Something that shouldn’t be seen?” Qin Zhongyu tried hard to think about what happened three years ago, but felt that his mind was in chaos, “Is it still related to His Majesty?”

“The sudden death of the prince back then was definitely not an accident. Have you ever seen His Majesty and the prince meeting alone in the palace today?” Gu Qingtang further hinted.

Whether there is such a thing as gossip in the palace or not, with a little guidance, it will always look convincing. Moreover, the second prince was paralyzed and the eldest princess was married off and had no heirs. These things were all done by Yin Changan, so the most critical step, the sudden death of the prince, definitely had something to do with him.

“This… seems… once…” Qin Zhongyu suddenly felt a chill in his vest, “Consort, you mean, the sudden death of the prince back then and the sudden death of the current majesty…”

“Whether it is true or not, your wife is now in his hands. If you want to save your wife, the only way you can do it is… to disrupt the current situation.” Gu Qingtang shook his head and sighed, “I know you won’t do it These are treasonous matters, so I only need you to tell the Queen Mother what you know, and leave the remaining grievances to the Queen Mother to resolve with Your Majesty. I will take you to the heavenly prison to rescue your wife when the time comes. You two can go as far as you want, and never come back to the capital.”

“Consort, do you know that this is no different than treason?!”

“General Qin, please be careful what you say. I did not say that I wanted to rebel. I am free and easy as the Prince Consort. Who is willing to take care of the grudges between Your Majesty and the Queen Mother?”

“But my wife…”

“Yes, poor Mrs. Qin, she fell in love with a foolish and loyal husband, so she could only die in vain.”


“Did I say something wrong? It was your Majesty who instigated the late emperor to ransack his house, and it is your Majesty who is arresting your wife now. It is clear that you can save your wife, but you hesitated. Shouldn’t it be Mrs. Qin who is pitiful? ”


“My words are here. It’s up to you whether you do it or not. I have to weigh it carefully. Is it worth shouldering the crime of rebellion for a ruthless man like you?”

“Prince-in-law! Please…” Qin Zhongyu knelt down heavily again, “Please Prince-in-law, please save my wife!”

“Yes.” Gu Qingtang turned his back and raised a smile, “It seems that the Queen Mother is hosting a family banquet in the palace tomorrow. It is a good opportunity. You can dress up as the guard of my consort’s house and come with me. Let’s enter the palace together.”


In the past few days, several young Taiwei soldiers outside the capital have been moving frequently. A random drawing on the Daling territory map shows that an encirclement of the capital has been formed.

There were several murder cases in the capital. People died from all walks of life. Others could not see any clues, but for Gu Qingtang, it was really obvious. The few people who died were all former members of King Guang, and were later sent to Yin Changan for orders.

Needless to say, King Guang and Taiwei Nian have formed an alliance and decided to do something.

Of course, the hidden meaning of this family banquet that Queen Mother Nian suddenly proposed is self-evident.

“Capital, the weather is really going to change.” Gu Qingtang stood in front of the Prince Consort’s Mansion, squinting at the sky. The autumn colors were just right in the morning, and the warm morning sun shone on her clean official uniform with blue stripes on a white background. , looking from a distance, the prince consort is very handsome, as if he had stepped out of a painting.

The more Yin Ning watched, the happier she became. She walked up to Gu Qingtang and stood side by side with her. She couldn’t help but reach out and hold her hand, nodding and smiling at her.

Gu Qingtang smiled slightly and said: “Aning, why are you so happy?”

Yin Ning tightened her fingers, “The person who used to look hateful suddenly feels better today, and naturally he feels much happier.”

“Oh?” Gu Qingtang glanced at Yin Ning’s chest deliberately and said with a wicked smile, “The old spring peaches… seemed to be more delicious…”

Yin Ning blushed instantly, stamped her feet and said: “Gu Qingtang, you are really…”

“What is it really?” Gu Qingtang approached his face without shame and asked in a low voice.

Yin Ning wrinkled her nose and gave Gu Qingtang a hard blow in the eye, “I’ll deal with you when I come back tonight!”

“Okay.” Gu Qingtang nodded and smiled, leading Yin Ning all the way to the carriage in front of the mansion. He personally helped Yin Ning onto the carriage, but he refused to let go of her hand.

“What are you doing again?” Yin Ning asked with a blushing face.

Gu Qingtang leaned closer to her. With his other hand, he took out the dagger that Liu Yun’er and the others had made from his sleeve, and stuffed it into Yin Ning’s hand, “This is for you.”

Yin Ning was startled by the piercing coolness, “Why are you giving me this?”

Gu Qingtang smiled and said: “Don’t think too much. Look, this dagger is much shorter than other daggers and can’t hurt anyone.” As she said, she made another nonsense, “In my hometown, Giving me a dagger means that my love is stronger than gold. I’ll give it to you. When I’m not around, you’ll see the dagger as if you’re seeing me. How nice?”

Yin Ning looked at Gu Qingtang suspiciously, always feeling that her words were a bit strange, “What do you mean when you are not around?”

Gu Qingtang said sternly: “A-Ning, do you really want me to be a pretty boy? I’m the great Gu Shaofu of Daling. I can’t just sit in the Prince Consort’s house and eat my own wife every day.”

“You are promising.” Yin Ning nodded with a smile, but then she thought, what does it mean to “eat” one’s own wife?

Seeing the change in her face, Gu Qingtang knew that she must have discovered the teasing meaning in these words, and quickly let go of her hand, smiling: “Haha, it’s getting late, let’s enter the palace quickly. ”

“Gu! Qing! Tang!”

When the little princess’s voice of shame and anger rang out, Gu Qingtang had already run a few steps away. He smiled and said to Yin Ying and Xiao Xi who had just walked out of the house, “Xiao Xi, hurry up and help the princess get into the car. Let’s It’s time to go.”


Yin Ying took a deep look at Gu Qingtang in confusion. It was a pity that such a prince-in-law was not hers. Otherwise, she would really only envy mandarin ducks and not immortals these days.

Aware of the intense gaze of the eldest princess, Gu Qingtang subconsciously lowered his head slightly, walked to the horse led by Xiao Wu, turned over and sat on the horse, “Get ready, enter the palace.” After saying that, she subconsciously went to The driver took a look and saw that the man was none other than Qin Zhongyu who had put on a beard and disguised himself as a palace guard.

I hope everything goes as expected.

Gu Qingtang tightened his grip on the reins and looked at the road leading to the imperial city. Cold sweat broke out in his palms.

“General Qin, the Queen Mother Nian is the key to breaking the situation, so Mrs. Qin has only been a little wronged these days.” These words rang in Gu Qingtang’s heart, and he quietly let out a sigh.

At the same time, in an ordinary household in the south of the capital city, Liu Yun’er and Mingyue, dressed as peasant women, sat quietly in the small courtyard, their eyes full of worry.

“It’s too dangerous for Qingtang to break the situation alone.” Mingyue sighed softly, “I don’t know what she is going to do with that dagger?”

Liu Yun’er nodded and said sadly, “We can only wait here for her good news. There is no way you and I can get into the imperial city.”

“Fortunately, Qingtang invited us to the Prince Consort’s Mansion first, otherwise, you and me would have been among the people who disappeared in the past few days.” The more Mingyue thought about it, the more she became afraid.

Liu Yun’er reached out and held her hand, “If it hadn’t been for you back then, Qingtang and I wouldn’t have survived.”


A cough suddenly sounded in the room.

Liu Yun’er said anxiously: “Mrs. Qin is awake!”

Ming Yue walked into the room one step ahead of her, sat beside the bed, helped Mrs. Qin who had just woken up, and called out, “Mrs. Qin.”

“Where is…?” Mrs. Qin looked at the two unfamiliar girls in front of her, her mind was in confusion, “I…I was clearly captured by the palace guards…my husband…I…”

“Madam, don’t worry, General Qin is fine.” Liu Yun’er also sat down and reassured, “It’s very safe here. My husband-in-law has always been reliable in his work. You have to believe that my husband-in-law will take General Qin safely.” Come back.”

“Prince-in-law? Who are you?” Mrs. Qin was confused, “What on earth is going on?”

Ming Yue pondered for a moment and said with a smile: “The Prince Consort said that General Qin, a tall and dignified man, can only live his whole life in secret. It is really unfair, so the Prince Consort invited General Qin today to discuss how to restore his Living identity.”

“Is it possible? My husband committed a capital crime!”

“Yes, he committed a capital crime back then, but did he die in the end?” Liu Yun’er asked.


“It’s not easy for the Prince Consort to save you and your wife. What you and I can do is to wait quietly here for the Prince Consort to bring good news.” After Liu Yun’er finished speaking, she looked at Mingyue with a smile, “I believe she will be safe. Come back.”



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