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Hearing the words of Emperor Siqi, Bai Lingmiao slowly clenched her hands, her expression began to become extremely ugly, and her body seemed to be a little unsteady.


The vacuum hometown exists, and this is what Wusheng’s old mother said. My family members live there now and live a carefree life.


After he dies, he will be able to reunite with them. This is what Bai Lingmiao is very sure of what he believes.


But when this thing that he believed in and 1.8 million human lives were facing each other, Bai Lingmiao’s heart began to be entangled.


“Since the vacuum hometown is real, then death is just a place to live. If this is the case, then why am I so resistant?


At this time, the Emperor Siqi was still pursuing the victory. “Miss Bai, think about it carefully, as long as you spend more than one million yuan for the elderly, weak, sick and disabled, you will be able to exchange for nine million good believers in the future. When will the business be able to make such a stable profit?”


“Look, in this way, I win, you win, and the lifeless old mother far away in the vacuum home wins, and no one loses. What are you still dawdling about, Mrs. Saintess?”


When Bai Lingmiao heard this, she took a deep breath, and suddenly let go of the slightly trembling hand on her chest, as if she had made up her mind.


“Your Majesty, is this a business? Is this how the accounts are calculated? Do you know that they…they are all human beings, or living people! Even if they are crippled, useless! But they also They are all real people!” Bai Lingmiao thought of everything about Niuxin Village.


“Do you know how many people are sad when they die? Do you know how hard it is to lose a family member?!


Emperor Siqi and the fat general beside him were obviously very surprised. They didn’t expect that the leader of the cult who likes to sacrifice to the white lotus would say such a thing. It was like the sun came out from the west.


“And Your Majesty!” Bai Lingmiao said after calming down for a while, “the majority of the 1.8 million you mentioned are your people, don’t you think about them?”


Hearing such absurd words, Emperor Siqi showed a trace of anger on his face. “Hmph! Why should I consider them? Do you know how much I have paid for this position! I have worked so hard for it!”


“The most important thing for me to worry about is my country! Without the country, my emperor is just a subjugated king! As for those people, they are just some grass growing on my country. Time will always grow back.”


Hearing this, Bai Lingmiao clenched her hands tightly. Her sharp nails inserted into her direct palms, but she still didn’t let go.


“Your Majesty!” Bai Lingmiao’s voice became sharper, “Little girl is unstoppable! They are not grass! They are all human! You can’t die like grass! If you die, you will lose everything!”


“Huh?” Emperor Siqi seemed a bit incomprehensible. “What? Didn’t you figure it out? They didn’t die. According to what you said, they all went to the vacuum hometown.


“What? Could it be that the majestic Saintess of the White Lotus really thinks that there is no such thing as a vacuum home, and it’s all lies made up by the lifeless mother to make you believe her?”


Bai Lingmiao took a few deep breaths, and gradually suppressed the anger in his heart, “Your Majesty! The vacuum homeland exists! But the lifeless old mother has a sacred metaphor! Self-inflicted suicide is against the law! You can’t enter the vacuum homeland after death!! “


“Absurd! Why haven’t I heard of it before? Your White Lotus Sect has such an argument?” Emperor Siqi gradually frowned, feeling that the other party was rejecting him.


“The little girl is the Holy Maiden of the White Lotus. Naturally, she will go to heaven to listen. I said that the old mother of Wusheng has said it, and the old mother of Wusheng has said it too!! Don’t talk about it!!” After finishing speaking, the indignant Bai Lingsen stood up Just ready to go out.


“Wait!” Emperor Siqi stood in front of Bai Lingmiao again, and some dragon scales began to appear on his body with a warm and angry expression. ‘”You have to think about it! Miss Bai, you have to think about who you are against!


Bai Lingmiao, who had been lowering her head all this time, slowly raised her head, the corners of her mouth raised slightly, and her whole demeanor began to change. “Your Majesty, Siqi still can’t be occupied by the law. If you really have the ability, why don’t you take back the lost land yourself? Oh, by the way, you were saved from the law by us back then.


Bai Lingmiao used the finger with black nails to poke the dragon robe on Emperor Siqi’s body.


“Little girl is from Daliang, not from Siqi. What’s more, you are still the emperor of a subjugated country. A phoenix is ​​not as good as a chicken. I just went against you, so what can you do?”


“Your Majesty sent soldiers to surrender the White Lotus Sect? Oh, what a pity, Your Majesty, you don’t have any soldiers under your command now, only a bunch of old eunuchs.”


Bai Lingmiao glanced at the fat general beside him who was holding the knife handle but hadn’t pulled it out for a long time, and smiled disdainfully, “You’re still here to play tricks on me, the lack of people around you is enough for this. I’m ashamed to bring out all kinds of things to meet people.”


Emperor Siqi was trembling with anger, but he didn’t dare to do anything to Bai Lingmiao, no matter how hard he couldn’t make an enemy of the forces that helped him regain the country.


Bai Lingmiao walked out of the three-entry solemn courtyard, the expression on her face gradually softened, she walked silently in this messy city.


The voice of the two gods sounded in her mind, “What on earth are you thinking? Do you believe in the vacuum hometown or not? It makes me confused.”


Bai Lingmiao didn’t know, she couldn’t care about her own affairs anymore.


She discovered that she didn’t know when it started, but the lives of millions of people were only in her mind. As long as she thought about it, she could really order these people to die.


Unknowingly, her power has grown to such an extent, and this invisible pressure made her panic.


Bai Lingmiao continued to walk forward, looking at the life of the Bailian believers in the city.


Under the war, the life of the common people is naturally not much better, but people can always find ways to make themselves eat better and live better.


She has seen it in the past, but what she sees now seems to be a little different from what she saw in the past.


A group of people on the side of the road are surrounding a **** pot with white smoke, holding long chopsticks in their hands, eager to try.


This is called Zheluocai. Some people pile up the leftovers and sell them on the street. No matter what they get, a copper plate and a chopstick,


Don’t look dirty, but the more chaotic the world is, the more prosperous this kind of business is, and in many cases it is even advanced in advance, lest good things be picked up by others.


Because only here can you spend the least amount of money to eat meat.


A little girl with a white lotus patch on her brow, who looked only thirteen or fourteen years old, hesitated for a long time with a copper coin in her hand, and finally threw it into the money bowl.




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