Deviant Immortal of Uncanny Dao Chapter 747: Repair



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When the little girl picked up the chopsticks, squinted her eyes and looked at the side of the pot for a while, she pinched the chopsticks into the pot with force


When I picked it up, I found that there were sauced duck heads with a small half of the time on the chopsticks.


The little girl didn’t care about the heat, she happily held the duck head and ran towards the two younger sisters who were waiting beside her.


The three of them ate the duck head as if they were delicacies from mountains and seas. Their eyes were full of joy and joy, and the younger one even raised his head and giggled.


Bai Lingsen walked forward silently, as if she could feel the happiness of the other party, the corners of her mouth also raised slightly.


I used to have a younger brother, and if I had delicious food, I would share it with him.


Looking at her, Bai Lingmiao seemed to see himself in the past.


As she was walking, she came to an alley, where it was very lively, a couple of newlyweds inside were worshiping the **** of blessings to get married, everyone was laughing and booing, as if the ordeal they had just experienced was just an illusion .


There is no wedding candy, so I took out two preserved persimmons, cut them into small pieces and shared them as wedding candies.


No one disliked this kind of wedding candy, but they all ate it with relish, not daring to chew it in their mouths, and concentrated on tasting the hard-won sweetness.


There are also some people who didn’t eat it. They carefully put the wedding candy in their arms and prepared to take this good thing home.


“They are all dead, and they all go to the vacuum hometown without a mother?”


As soon as Bai Lingsen thought about it, she felt that she was blind in an instant. She didn’t respond to the telepathy she gave him back then, and she felt pitch black.


“No, they…they don’t need to go to the vacuum hometown, as long as they are alive, they are fine. Only people like me who need to escape need the vacuum hometown.”


Suddenly, Bai Lingsen felt that what he got because of the relic, the range of his telepathic perception became farther, and he could feel the movement two or three miles away.


The next moment, she sensed Li Huowang, who was talking to a young man on the street right now.


“Brother Li?” Bai Lingsen was about to raise his right foot but stopped, feeling the emotions of other people within his range.


In the past, I took my emotions too seriously, but in fact, this kind of emotion is not all in life.


Compared with the lives of all the believers of the White Lotus Sect, this emotion is so insignificant.


Bai Lingmiao turned around and walked towards the entrance of Bailian Church. “Two gods, let’s go.


“Where are you going?


While feeling the small half of the people in the city, Bai Lingsen said slowly: “Too many people, too many days live because of us, we can’t–can’t take care of ourselves.”


“We have to find a way to prevent more people from losing their family members. The feeling of family death…is very bad. I don’t want my past experience to repeat itself to more people.”


“Heh, okay, at least I’m not going to screw around, what that kid Lu Xiucai can do, we can’t possibly compare to that rotten guy?”


Gudu Gudu, in a kitchen, boiling water is constantly boiling stones in the pot. A man wearing a white scarf is seriously filling the stove with fire.


When Hu Biao cut and poked the stone in the pot with his chopsticks as usual, his expression suddenly became extremely excited, the stone was really softened by himself!


Grandpa Shidu said that as long as the stone is boiled until soft, you can cure all diseases and become immortal as long as you eat it!


“Daddy! Daddy!” Hu Biao rushed outside excitedly, leading the ceramic jar filled with stones.


But as soon as he rushed out the door, he saw his senior brother walking towards this side with a pot.


Hu Biao hurriedly pretended to be calm, and walked home with the soft boiled stone.


But when the two passed by, Hu Biao saw his senior brother, and suddenly raised the pot in his hand and bumped into his crock.


Accompanied by the sound of ceramics shattering, Hu Biao’s stone rolled down to the ground and bounced softly, and this scene made Hu Biao’s senior brother stare straight at him.


“You! Your kid is really cooked! It’s true!”


As soon as this word comes out: from the eaves, the window


In the house, and behind the wooden door, the heads of Fajiao were exposed, and they looked at the ground with shock and longing in their eyes. on the stone.


Hu Biao immediately reached out to grab the soft stone and was about to stuff it into his mouth.


“Grab!!” The voice came from nowhere, which made all the Dharma believers on the scene red-eyed, and rushed towards Hu Biao one after another.


Faced with the opportunity to become immortals, the brothers and sisters who used to get along day and night instantly turned against each other and killed each other, and there was a **** storm in the alley after a short time.


The soft stone kept changing hands, even if it was eaten by others, it would be dug out by others and stuffed into its own mouth.


After the two sticks of incense, the alley was completely covered with blood and corpses, and the only two remaining scarred people looked at each other, and Hu Biao was one of them


He stood there precariously, muttering to himself, “This is mine… This is obviously mine….


At this moment, Li Huowang is standing on the eaves watching the tragedy happening below, the stone cannot be boiled, this is actually just Li Huowang’s calculation.


When you see the last person can’t wait to swallow that thing, but he didn’t become a fairy queen. When the expression of despair collapsed, a smile appeared on his face.


I have to say that it feels really good to play tricks on people, especially against one’s own enemies.


Feeling the non-stop pouring into his body, Li Huowang nodded in satisfaction, jumped down, and kicked the man’s head off.


At this moment, Li Huowang finally understands why he plays with so many people in one go, because no matter how few Feigangs deceive mortals, as long as the accumulation of small amounts becomes more, it is still part of the income.


Moreover, some masters who forget their way even like to set up a bureau. As long as this bureau is well maintained, the non-pen can flow continuously like a spring.


Setting up a situation can be complicated or very simple, even just a rumor is all you need. The shrinking sun scam I encountered a few years ago is a kind of situation where you forget your way.


Compared to feeling the gradually increasing Feigang in his body, Li Huowang felt that the change of his mentality was more important.


In the past, he couldn’t tell the difference between the real and the fake, but as the number of frauds increased, he finally felt the difference between the real one and the real one.


Sitting and forgetting the way is easy to deceive and lose your sincerity, and it is easy to feel that everything is fake.


Etiquette, righteousness, integrity and shame are false, relatives and friends are false, and even yourself may be false.


Since everything is fake, there is no taboo in doing things.


Cultivating the truth without cultivating the fake is easy to go mad, but the same is true if you practice the fake without cultivating the truth.




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