Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World Chapter 804: Teaching (1)


The confidence to not be nervous! You Wenzheng was stunned for a moment when he heard this, and then he nodded thoughtfully. Ding Chunming looked at him and smiled slightly, and then said: “Qinglong, you can tell everyone to be prepared. In today’s attack, except that they cannot use magic core and divine fire, they can do whatever they want. Now, attack!” Following his voice, Qinglong immediately responded, and then gave the order directly, and as soon as You Wenzheng heard it He couldn’t help but be stunned by Ding Chunming’s order, because Ding Chunming’s order was too general. He actually let his disciples do whatever they wanted. In such a battle, was it too childish to issue such an order? So after hearing Ding Chunming’s order, You Wenzheng was stunned for a moment, and then he opened his mouth to say something, but in the end he didn’t say anything. He actually wanted to persuade Ding Chunming, but in the end, Ding Chunming must be better than He knew better what to do, so he stopped talking. He just wanted to see how the disciples of the Blood Killing Sect would behave if Ding Chunming gave such an order.

The next moment, he saw the disciples of the Blood Killing Sect, rushing out like a swarm of swarms. You Wenzheng couldn’t help being stunned. He really didn’t expect that the disciples of the Blood Killing Sect looked the same as every day. This made He couldn’t help but feel a little disappointed.

Ding Chunming noticed his expression, but he didn’t say anything, just smiled slightly, and then looked at the projection quietly. He had confidence in the disciples of the Blood Killing Sect. He believed in the disciples of the Blood Killing Sect. , will do everything well.

The army of the Shadow Clan also came down at this time. We thought that the Blood Killing Sect would retreat like every day, but we were wrong today. Of course, as soon as we came into contact with the Blood Killing Sect disciples, we discovered , today’s attacks from the Blood Killing Sect disciples were not the same. Our retreat was even more fierce, and our coordination with each other was also very bad. We only made contact for a moment, and the number of casualties among the Shadow Clan members was reduced. When they got up, the small army of the Blood Killing Sect kept retreating, which caught the Shadow Clan people off guard.

Ding Chunming also saw that situation. When I saw that situation, my expression changed. I looked at the battlefield, and for a moment I knew what was wrong. At that time, You Wen was speaking. Said: “The book of war does not say anything. Know yourself and the enemy. A hundred battles are the end. After fighting the enemy, you must be a confidant, because being a confidant will put you in a good position. You can know the enemy in the face of the enemy. In this way The enemy may be your opponent. Does he think the order you gave later is too complicated?” After You Wenzheng said this, he looked at Ding Chunming. Ding Chunming was stunned for a moment, and then I nodded. , is there anything to hide, that’s what I thought after that.

You Wenzheng said with a smile: “You are a confidant, that’s why you dare to give such an order. The disciples of your sect are very powerful and have experienced hundreds of battles. Although it seems like they are different now.” In order to fight, but the long-term training has made us accustomed to cooperating with each other. In addition, we cannot contact each other at any time, and the command system of each team is also there. The captain’s orders can also be followed by everyone else. Listen, there will be a situation. The retreat of each team may look like a mess, but in fact they are all without cooperation and command. Only you can do that, and the captains of each team , they are all people who have experienced hundreds of battles. We need too few orders. When we get to the battlefield, we will know what to do ourselves, so you will give such orders.”

Ding Chunming nodded after hearing You Wenzheng’s words. Ye Yuanchen looked at Ding Chunming’s appearance, and then said: “As for what I said after that, you are confident. He doesn’t have any ideas?” You Wenzheng After saying that, he looked at Ye Yuanchen.

After Ding Chunming listened to You Wenzheng’s words, I thought about it and then said: “Because of preparation, because you have made complete preparations, no matter what happens, you have no way to deal with it, so you That’s true.” Ding Chunming expressed his thoughts.

When You Wenzheng heard what Ding Chunming said, I couldn’t help but laugh and said: “It’s wrong, hahahaha, Wenzheng, he is really wrong, he is right, because you have done everything possible” Prepare, so you are relaxed, because there is nothing bad about relaxing, and any changes are all within your expectation. There is nothing bad about relaxing for you, so you simply need to be relaxed. Although delaying and making so few preparations may It leaves you with little preparation, and all your efforts are in vain, but it doesn’t matter. Those preparations can’t help you win. That’s not the smallest disadvantage. When you fight the enemy, do you want to face defeat? So you delay making some preparations, , Nothing is bad? So it is very important to prepare face-to-face. Delay preparation, know yourself and the enemy, and there are seven ways to win with face-to-face.”

Ding Chunming nodded and completely remembered what You Wenzheng said. You Wenzheng looked at me, and then said: “Of course, even if you delay preparations, you may still be able to fully prepare.” If you are poorly prepared, some ordinary situations will always happen. At that time, the commander’s ability can be tested, and his master is very powerful in that aspect, but in the final analysis, I actually delayed making preparations. , at the same time, I have learned to know myself and the enemy, and I have to delay preparation. Even if the enemy has no new changes, I can’t react immediately. Knowing myself and the enemy is not about doing it. I need to know my own side, what is the weakest, and what is it? Means cannot be used against the enemy, but knowing the enemy must be done. The enemy does not care what means you have, and you cannot know it. So in the final analysis, delaying preparation and knowing yourself and the enemy are the most important. Do you understand?” You Wenzheng looked at it? Ye Yuanchen said solemnly.

Ye Yuanchen looked at Ding Chunming, and then said: “Your sect has always focused on stability when fighting against others. Can he explain why? Use his own understanding.” You Wenzheng In fact, Ding Chunming is not taking the exam now.

Before Ding Chunming listened to Ye Yuanchen’s words, I thought about it, and then I said in a deep voice: “Because you are weak enough, your number is small enough, and your strength is weak enough. As long as you can stabilize, you will To win, you need to retreat aggressively. You just need to hold on.” Ding Chunming expressed his thoughts. Our strength is weak enough and we don’t need any conspiracy. As long as we push through bit by bit, then we We will achieve the ultimate failure, so why should we take risks? We just need to be stable.

Ye Yuanchen’s words may sound very contradictory at first glance. He said that my on-site command was great, but he also said that I was good at on-site command because of the delay in preparation. There is nothing to say. Yes, on-site command is on-site command, and delayed preparation is delayed preparation. On-site commander will only conduct on-site command after encountering unexpected situations, while delayed preparation is to prepare everything that has not been done. There are no small differences outside, so my words may not sound contradictory.

You Wenzheng then said: “Looking at your opponents, the Shadow Tribe people, we have never had to worry about supplies? Why? Because we can actually count. Through Ma Rufeng and us, he should also You know, as Shadow Clan people, we actually have a broken soul state. It’s just because of the energy of the Shadow Clan God that we look like humans. We can’t know that because we can’t be refined into other forms. , and it is precisely because of this that we are also short of supplies, which is also the reason why we have been in a stalemate with you for such a long time. This special force may have been finished long ago.”

You Wenzheng looked at Ding Chunming, and then said: “He should also know now why his master and his dharma are called Yijie, right? For them, everyone on the battlefield is We are chess pieces. They can’t put us in the right position. As long as you put those chess pieces in the most suitable position, you will win. That’s why their Dharma is Yijie. It is precisely because of this that his master We will let him come outside, do you understand?” Ye Yuanchen looked at Ding Chunming, and Ding Chunming nodded quickly.

I really haven’t thought about that problem since, because the Blood Killer Sect’s supplies are so abundant. We have never worried about supplies, so I have never thought about it. Magical weapons and elixirs are the most important reasons why we cannot be so stable. It cannot be said that You Wenzheng’s words made Ding Chunming truly understand why we cannot be so stable.

But Ye Yuanchen understood what You Wenzheng meant. The delay in preparation that Ye Yuanchen said was just to prepare for everything that happened on the battlefield. It also included preparing for future battles. com has studied everything and understood that the number of times the Blood Killing Sect fought with people was too few, and nothing could happen. He must have studied all those battles, so no matter what happened at the scene, he If you can’t find the corresponding situation from these subsequent battles, and then retreat to deal with it, that can be regarded as face-to-face preparation. Those who are a little bit special may understand, but they have a very comprehensive understanding of the battle of the Blood Killing Sect. However, it was not something that Ye Yuanchen could understand, so I understood what You Wenzheng meant as soon as I read it.

Ye Yuanchen nodded and said: “What he said is wrong, but he should remember that in a war, when there is no time, we only fight those, not very few things, like your Blood Killing Sect, You have always had to worry about supplies, because your supplies are almost endless, and you also need to worry about troops. Each of your disciples has no life, and they cannot defeat so few of you in one go. , all the people or forces that have been eliminated exist at all. Before you, there was no Duo Ye. Duo Ye’s strength was unparalleled in the sky. None of you doubted it. As long as Duo Ye takes action, no matter how weak the enemy is, you can’t. Victory, to put it bluntly, you are retreating and fighting with no worries at all. Only in that way can you be stable. Just think about it, you must be a special sect. You are fighting against the enemy. At that time, your magic weapon was damaged, but you had no new magic weapon to replenish it. You were injured, but you didn’t have enough medicine for the wound. There were more and more people around you. In that situation , can you still be stable? It is obviously possible, so even if you want to be stable, there must be no conditions that make it impossible for you to be stable. If so, you can still be stable even if you want to be stable. Do you understand? “After Ding Chunming heard You Wenzheng’s words, I was stunned, and then I nodded solemnly.


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