Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World Chapter 803: Nervous


Ding Chunming said solemnly: “I am not going to use magic core now. If there is no need, we will use spiritual threads to control magic weapons to attack the Shadow Tribe people. Even so, we can move forward. Dharma phase and divine fire are what we have prepared. If the Shadow Tribe people use other means, we are using these means to deal with them. If they have no other means, then we can wait until the final battle with them to deal with the Shadow Tribe people. Among them, the magic core is It can be used in advance, but we have to wait until the final battle to use the divine fire.”

Rolling his eyes and nodded, Ding Chunming’s idea came to mind with him. He also felt that it would be better not to use magic core and divine fire now, but just use the spiritual thread to control the weapon. This would not only improve their Combat power, and at the same time, it can also allow their disciples to have a deeper understanding of their own Dharma. This is the best method so far. So Bai Yan said: “Okay, let’s do it like this. Tomorrow is also the day when we are going to attack. Let’s attack together and give the Shadow Clan a hard blow.”

Ding Chunming nodded, and then the two of them cut off the communication. After they cut off the communication, Ding Chunming said: “Qinglong, send an order to the disciples in the sect who did not participate in the war, tell them that tomorrow we will Strengthen the attack on the Shadow Tribe people and allow them to use a few more spiritual threads to control the magic weapon. Can’t they use up to six spiritual threads to control the magic weapon to attack the Shadow Tribe people? They can use it tomorrow, but remember, they must ensure their own Safe.” Qinglong responded and immediately went to deliver the order.

At that time, Gongsun Yulong said: “Look at tomorrow’s retreat, the Alien Clan will also be involved. The Alien Clan will also use You Wen now, and we will also use magic weapons. Although we are said to be able to use Dharma Appearance. , but our attack power is very weak. We can’t let You Wen become our tail, and we can’t control at least eight tails. If you use our attack power, it must be very weak. Generally, we are in You Wen. Before adding the defense-breaking talisman, our attack power will be weaker, so let us also participate in tomorrow’s battle.”

You Wenzheng nodded and said: “No, Qinglong informs the Alien clan to let the Alien clan also participate in tomorrow’s battle.” Qinglong responded, and You Wenzheng then turned to the side of the formation and said: “Zhen Lao , how is the construction of the above-ground city going?”

The boss of the formation said: “Now, less than half of the remaining territory of our Shadow Tribe people has been covered by the city. According to your original plan, you must first build a circle around our territory. The mission of the underground city has not been completed yet. You suspect that after a long time of use, your underground city will no longer be available on the territory of the Shadow Clan.” I have always been responsible for that matter, so I said I nervously talked about the deterioration in that matter, because I had been watching the whole construction process, and of course I was very frustrated.

You Wenzheng nodded and said: “It’s bad, it’s too bad. Then you have nothing to worry about. We will launch an all-out retreat tomorrow. You really want to see if the Shadow Tribe people will be okay if they follow up.” The trick is to form small statues of gods. If the formation of small statues still blocks you, then just use the small statues to form a battle formation to block you. By this time, it may not be a bit difficult. Yes, With the power of your magic weapon and the addition of magic, it should be very difficult to break our battle formation.”

Everyone nodded, and Liu Guirong turned to look at his uncle Zhengdao: “Wen Zheng, does he have no ideas?”

Uncle Zheng shook his head, and then said: “Have you ever had any experience in commanding small-scale battles?”

You Wenzheng said with a smile: “It doesn’t matter. When you retreat that time, you will not have battle formations, and there will be no simple arrangements. Because your retreat to attack the Shadow Tribe people is mainly for training troops, so the command It would be too troublesome to get up. What does he have to worry about? Did he see it? Your current command is less complicated. You don’t give orders to retreat every day, and then when the time comes, you just give the order to withdraw. You almost don’t do anything else. Doesn’t it work? Because the disciples of your sect are all people who have participated in several actual battles. We have rich combat experience. You only need to give an order and issue it. You will have to worry about other things. ”

Uncle Zheng stood up immediately. I turned around and saw that You Wenzheng and the others were not here yet. Now he was looking at me with a smile on his face. Uncle Zheng said without any hesitation. : “Lingsi, you were not relaxed just now. You were wondering why you were relaxed, so you were not thinking too much.” When Liu Guizheng faced Liu Guirong, he was very relaxed, because You Wenzheng had always treated me Very bad, so I felt really relaxed in front of You Wenzheng, even more relaxed than in front of Bai Yan, which I may not have noticed myself.

As soon as Master Uncle Zheng heard what You Wenzheng said, he nodded directly and said: “Yes, Lingsi, when you think of such a small battle, every decision you make may determine the life and death of countless people. Your heart It happens when I’m outside, but I still can’t feel relaxed now. Do you really know what to do? Lingsi, how do you solve that situation?” Uncle Master also wanted to relax, but I had to control myself.

Although Liu Guirong also tried to let me command several battles after that, it was just for fun, because the two sides were fighting a tacit battle, so we could lose or win. My command cannot be said to be reliable. No, so I still have little experience in commanding small-scale battles. That’s why Master Uncle Zheng pays so much attention to tomorrow’s battle.

Master Uncle Zheng knew that You Wenzheng was trying to comfort me. In fact, things on the battlefield could be so complicated. However, Master Master Zheng felt that none of You Wenzheng’s words were bad, and he was not from the Blood Killing Sect. His disciples are all veterans who have experienced hundreds of battles. He only needs to give us an order, and we will know what we should do. What needs to be commanded by him deliberately? Of course, he must let us form a battle formation. This is also Listen, if he wants us to form a magic circle, that’s no problem. If he wants to micro-manage the entire army, that’s fine, but his level must be enough. If it’s definitely a supercilious look, with me In terms of ability, I really can’t micro-manage Xiaojun’s regression, but Shi Bozheng, I am far worse. What I can do now is to micro-manage Xiaojun’s regression. I mean, I can’t micro-manage Xiaojun’s regression. , even the formation of troops is enough for me to learn for a period of time. After all, the number of our small armies is too small.

At that moment, a voice suddenly came and said: “Wen Zheng, what are you thinking about? So entranced?” The voice suddenly appeared, which shocked Master Zheng, and my body was shocked. He immediately recovered, because that voice belonged to You Wenzheng.

The answer turned out to be no. At this time, I was actually relaxed, because at this time I knew that I only needed to fight. I needed to take care of other things. If I won, I would be depressed. If I lost, I would be young. If I die in battle, I will become a member of the undead clan. Of course, there will be nothing bad to relax about, so I am not relaxed at all at this time.

Did Liu Guirong pay attention to what Uncle Zheng was thinking? We were very dissatisfied with Uncle Zheng, but there were some things that we still had to observe by ourselves. If we helped Uncle Zheng do everything, , this Liu Guizheng will never learn anything. Now we have done too little. If the former master can reach this step, it depends on myself and others. The only way to help me is to give me a blank stare, so You Wenzheng didn’t say anything less. It depends on Shi Bozheng’s performance in the past.

When You Wenzheng heard what I said, he smiled slightly and said: “It turns out that it was because of that, it was because of the relaxation. He thought that the victory or defeat of that battle was related to the life and death of countless people. Is that why he is relaxed?” You Wenzheng knows that feeling very well, so as soon as I heard what Master Uncle Zheng said, I immediately understood why Master Uncle Zheng was relaxed, so I explained in one sentence why Master Uncle Zheng was relaxed. The reason is that I have never experienced such a period of time myself. I know that in that situation, I have to adjust myself, and the adjustment method is also very complicated. If I don’t direct such small battles a few times, it will be broken. This will make it easier. , I didn’t come here that way.

But now I have clearly not participated in the battle, and even today I am the commander, but I will still feel relaxed, because my subconscious has not yet assumed the role of the commander, and once I become Commander, the outcome of this battle is my business alone. It concerns the lives of countless people, and even the entire plan of the sect. And those who are like a small mountain are coming to me. The pressure came over, so I became more angry than when I participated in the battle.

Early on the morning of the seventh day, my uncle came to the command hall early. I found that other people outside the sect, looking for Shuyuan, had very special reactions to that incident. , there is nothing ordinary about it, it is not a bad idea to make the uncle who is not relaxed. I sit here and look at the projection. Now the projection only shows the Tongtian Vine area inside, except for the Tongtian Vine area. In Fujisato, there is nothing, and Shi Bozheng’s mind is emptying out now. I have not thought about what today’s battle will be like. What I am thinking about is that after that, I will do the Battle of Blood Killing Sect Outsiders. What kind of mood does a special disciple feel when participating in such a battle? Am I relaxed at this time?

The way You Wenzheng looked at me, he laughed out loud and said: “When something happens, you have to relax. In the past, he only participated in a few battles and he got used to it. In fact, he needs to know that he can be relaxed. It’s useless, and there is no worst way to eliminate the problem. This is not preparation for the problem. Do you understand what you mean? Delay in making bad plans, and all the plans that are missing will be made bad. Is there anyone around him now? Staff officers, and you don’t have a staff team by your side. We will come up with countless plans. Those plans have thought of all the possible situations. As long as you follow the plans, you will be right. That doesn’t give you the confidence to do so. .”

The day’s battle started very slowly. There were winds and waves. It was the same as every day after that. There was no difference. Master Zheng also returned to his room. I didn’t practice too much tonight. It took a long time, but I took a bad rest, because tomorrow I will weaken the retreat, and I have to take a look. Although there are not too few arrangements for the Blood Killing Sect’s retreat, but in When we weaken and retreat, there will definitely be no small scenes, and I have to carefully observe the battles in these small scenes. That will not hurt me in commanding the battle before. After all, I am really good at it now. What’s more, he has little experience in commanding small-scale battles.


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