Becoming a Saint by Leisure Reading Chapter 1: The ghost killed me


“Patriarch, you died so miserably…”

“Patriarch, take these paper money quickly, don’t be stingy when you encounter evil spirits…”

“Patriarch, don’t come back to us, we will worship you on time…”

The sorrowful cry lingered in Chen Luo’s ears, and Chen Luo opened his eyes.

In the eyes of the white banner, the huge “Dian” sign hangs in the center, and the pen is powerful. Chen Luo lowered his head, wearing a red robe of fine material, with gold and jade carvings placed in an orderly manner…

Chen Luo sat up from the coffin, a quaint mourning hall came into view, and a little maid below was crying perfunctorily while burning paper money.

Chen Luo was about to say hello to the little maid, when a chaotic memory suddenly surged in, causing Chen Luo to shiver unconsciously and let out an uncontrollable moan.

The little maid who was crying below finally heard the movement, raised her head, and looked at Chen Luo.

At this time, Chen Luo was being forced into a frenzy of memories, with a hideous face.


I just heard a scream pierced through gold and cracked stones from the little girl’s mouth. The little girl scrambling and crawling out of the mourning hall shouted as she ran—

“It’s not good, the owner is cheating…”

Ignoring the terrified cry of the little maid, Chen Luo worked hard to digest the memory in her mind, and quickly understood her situation.

He, crossed…

He traveled to Chen Luo, who has the same name and surname in this world.

Chen Luo, courtesy name Dongliu, was nineteen years old. Both parents died. He has a sister and a house. At the age of three, he can read, write poetry at the age of five, read the classics at the age of seven, and achieve nothing at the age of nineteen…

Ahem, don’t delve into this unimportant memory.

“I’m dead…” Chen Luo glanced at the coffin he was in and came to a conclusion, “Strictly speaking, Chen Luo of this world died.”

“But how did he die?” Chen Luo tried to recall the memory in his mind, and soon understood the whole story.

Since the fifteenth of last month, his Chen residence has been dying. At first, the tenants and Zhuang Ding in the manor, and then even the servants of the county mansion began to die.

At first, the county government thought it was a plague, and sent a clerk over to check, but found that everything was normal. But people still die one by one.

The yamen was also in a hurry, but the deceased had no external injuries, no internal injuries, and no symptoms were found at all, so there were rumors that this was an evil method.

Evil people are evil spirits.

“Sure enough, the rumors are generally correct.” Chen Luo smiled bitterly. His predecessor was one of the dead. In his previous memory, Chen Luo also saw the murderer.

It’s a ghost!

According to the memory of his predecessor, Chen Luo knew that in this world, Confucianism, Taoism, and Buddhism coexist; people, demons, and barbarians coexist; the theory of ghosts and things really exists.

Chen Luo saw that the ghost had penetrated into his dream. In the dream, the ghost pulled out a three-foot-long tongue, wrapped it around his neck, and pulled it hard. In the dream, Chen Luo’s The head seemed to be twisted off, and the outside body also died.

Chen Luo also heard the ghost whispering in his ear: “Chen family…death…”

Chen Luo fought a cold war. It’s better not to sit in a coffin and remember this kind of horror movie-like memory. He carefully climbed out of the coffin and sat on one of the chairs.

The enemy is a ghost, never dying. How to do? Online wait, very urgent.

Chen Luo began to think hard to see if there was a solution.

In this world, since there are ghosts, there is naturally a way to eliminate ghosts, otherwise the world will become a ghost. When it comes to exterminating ghosts, the most professional is naturally the Daomen.

In memory, Chen’s house also found the Taoist temple set up by the Taoist sect in Wan’an County, but the group of Niubi Taoists actually went to participate in the Luo Tian Da Dip once a year, leaving only a few useless. The little road boy guard.

Naturally, the Chen Mansion in the surrounding counties also sent people to inquire, and the reply was the same, that the Taoist priest was not at home.

There is no Tao, there is Buddha!

It stands to reason that the thunder sound and karmic fire of Buddhism also have the effect of subduing ghosts, but the relationship between the Daxuan Dynasty and the Buddhist kingdoms in the Western Regions has always been cold, and naturally they are not allowed to set up temples in the territory, so the Chen family did not know where to go for a while. Where can I invite those eminent monks.

In the end, there is the Confucian school. The Confucian school cultivates a body of arrogance and righteousness, and the ghosts and gods are easy to change. But the key is that you can only protect yourself, not others.

No solution!


Chen Luo made a sound of his own.

No response.

What happened? Isn’t the golden finger standard for crossing? Why is it still not ringing.

“System, the host calls…” Chen Luo’s voice was a little eager.


There is no golden finger!

Are you kidding me? What he traveled through was not the ancient times of Tang, Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties, but a fantasy world that was flying in the sky! “Cement glass papermaking, perfume gunpowder penicillin” may not work…

What’s more, he’s being chased by a ghost right now!

This can’t be justified without a golden finger!

“Could it be that the signal of the mourning hall is not good?” Chen Luo comforted himself and walked outside the mourning hall. But just as one foot stepped out of the threshold of the mourning hall, a warm and sultry liquid came oncoming, drenching him from head to toe. Chen Luo’s vision instantly became bright red, and he couldn’t see the front for a while.

At this time, a loud footstep sounded. Chen Luo only heard an old hoarse voice shouting: “Hurry up, the black dog’s blood won’t trap him for long…”

Immediately afterwards, Chen Luo felt a pain in his back, as if someone had hit him with a stick, staggered two steps forward, and fell to the ground. At this time, it was the old voice who shouted: “The corpse is most afraid of coffin Quickly take the coffin nails and nail him!”

“Fuck!” Chen Luo’s heart tightened, struggling to get up, shouting loudly, “I’m not dead, I…” But before he could finish speaking, he was hit on the back of the head again, and the whole The brain seems to have a buzzer ringing, spinning around. Chen Luo dazedly saw two figures pounce on him, with iron nails six or seven inches long in their hands.

“It’s over, I’m going to be Jesus!” Chen Luo sighed in his heart, and at the last moment of his loss of consciousness, he suddenly heard a clear female voice in his ears – “Stop it for me!”

Chen Luo saw a figure running towards him, and in an instant this figure overlapped with a figure in his memory. Chen Luo opened his mouth, but in the end he couldn’t shout, so he fainted…

Chen Luo seemed to have a dream.

In the dream, he saw countless giant pens falling from the sky, inserted into the earth like ink, and then, flowers bloomed from the pens of those giant pens. The originally lifeless world instantly turned into a sea of ​​flowers.

At this time, a loud and distant voice echoed in Chen Luo’s mind:

“Jing Shi Zi gathers the Tao of Heaven and tells the story of the human world.”

“You refine the Yang God, he cultivates Buddhism, and the world has me smiling to the sky.”

As soon as the voice fell, I saw a few petals fall off from a giant pen on the ground and floated in front of Chen Luo. The petals overlapped and turned into a page full of words. Chen Luo reached out to pick it up. , as soon as his hand touched the page. The paper turned into light and shot into his own hall.

Chen Luo seemed to have been poured down by a basin of cold water, and his whole body was shaking. At this time, he clearly felt that there was an extra piece of content in his mind, which was—

“A Brief Biography of Zhong Kui”!

The ghost hunter, Zhong Kui!


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