Beastmaster of the Ages Chapter 3915: Swallow!



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The battle of the Eternal God was very loud, and the humanoid star flashed. As another Eternal God in the ruins, Mototaki naturally knew that there was a battle here.


When Li Tianming and the little prisoner were fighting, Yuan Taki and his group of geniuses from the four and nine star companions had already arrived.


They are in the other direction, watching the battle with cold eyes.


Yuan Taki’s eyes were not on Li Tianming. She looked deeply at Wei Sheng Mo Ran’s side, her eyes were very shocked, and she looked at it for a long time, her face constantly changing.


This is a very deep girl, Zhou Shen, who looks very kind and decent!


When Prison Demon Xiaoyou notified her with the message stone, she didn’t change her expression, so she closed the message stone.


“Sister Yuantaki!” Qin Feng was standing beside her, he chattered: “Trust me, help my friends this time, they are all good people! Born in the companion star of the Four Nine Stars of Dayan, they are the same as us. All the way. On the contrary, it’s that prisoner Xiaoyou, who is a ghost and a **** who works for the Zhantian Divine Race of the Nine-layer Hell Star. He takes these little beast **** out, and then finds others to come in, there is nothing to do with us here!”


Yuantaki’s eyes were quiet, she didn’t move, but calmly asked Qin Feng: “You knew they were so powerful, right? Then why didn’t you say it before? If you did, we would have recruited them into the team long ago. Now, trust has been established at this time. If you don’t say it, does it mean that your heart is not toward me, toward the Dayan Companion Star Alliance, but toward the three of them?”


“Sister Yuantaki, you misunderstood me! I knew they were very powerful, but I didn’t expect them to be so strong! But trust me, they are really good people!” Qin Feng said eagerly.


No way, he wants to live.


Yuan Taki was silent and did not respond to Qin Feng.


“Qin Feng, stop talking.”


“Yeah! You’re so obsessed with these three people that we all doubt you.”


Several other genius disciples of the Dayan Companion Star Alliance also excluded Qin Feng.


“Let’s do it! Let’s not help my friends, but let’s not interfere, let them compete with snipes and mussels, and we fishermen will benefit, okay?” Qin Feng thought about it and suggested.


At this time, Yuan Taki gave Qin Feng a cold look and said, “Qin Feng, didn’t you see it? The reason why these three people started is because the prison demon Xiaoyou wants to take these little beast **** away. , I ask you, I will also take the little beast ball and bring other people from the four or nine stars of the Great Evolution here, so wouldn’t he also stop me?”


“This…” Qin Feng was stunned, unable to speak for a while.


“Also!” Yuan Taki seemed to have made up his mind. Her gaze slowly sank from being kind to icy cold. She looked in the direction of the microscopic ink dye, and said coldly, “A three-dimensional derivative. The star gods of the realm, but they can use the two origins of the Eternal God to inspire the Eternal God Illusory God to fight, and even have the ability to completely restrict a first-order Eternal God. Don’t you think this is simply incredible? Think about it, Dayan On the other side of Huantian, is there a terrifying legend that they are afraid of?”


Qin Feng’s brain trembled.


Before he spoke, several other disciples spoke in unison, and said four words in a trembling tone: “Tian Jiu is reborn!”


They are all companion stars who serve the Illusory God Clan, and they know the Illusory God Clan very well!


The legend of Tianjiu, they have heard it too many times.


Even if the current Illusory Gods regard this kind of glory as a nightmare, there will still be many old people chattering and shouting the highest glory when they are dying.


And the young people of the Illusory God Race basically regard this legend as a nightmare they hate.


After all, a living person, who wants to be a very insignificant part of others?


Although Mototaki hesitated for a while, she made a quick judgment!


This is her chance to take the leap.


“If I take this credit, my clan and I will have a chance to take off…”


Mototaki took a deep breath.


“Sister Mototaki, then let’s help that ghost?” Others asked.


“Go!” Mototaki nodded.




Except Qin Feng, the other genius disciples of the Dayan Companion Star Alliance are full of excitement, dreaming of taking off, to help the prison demon Xiaoshuang, and plan to besiege Li Tianming with other ghosts and gods!


In their opinion, Li


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The man with the purple mask is definitely worthless.


Just when they turned their backs to Mototaki, Mototaki’s eyes suddenly turned cold, and he launched an attack on the spot!




She was close at hand, and she sacrificed a consciousness at the level of the Eternal God. It was a kind of consciousness called “Yuantian Wulong”. It was not a dragon, but a kind of celestial spirit with a dragon head and a human body. Knowing God, like a certain kind of ancient god, has nine heads in total!




The nine-headed Yuantian Wulong suppressed and directly killed the disciples of the Dayan Companion Star Alliance!


“Sister Mototaki…”


Those genius disciples were completely stunned. Who would have thought that Yuan Taki would suddenly kill them?


At this moment, under Yuantian Wulong’s slaughter, the bodies of these disciples’ Derived Realm Star Gods vanished on the spot, and the horror of the power of the Eternal God is evident!


“Sorry! If I asked a question just now, you couldn’t answer the words “Tianjiu Rebirth,” and you might still be able to survive…” Yuantaki said in a cold voice.


Unfortunately, every one of them said it.


On the contrary, it is the ghosts and gods on the side of the Nine-layer Hell Star. Because they are far away from the phantom gods, basically no one calls this.


“Yuantaki, you want to take all the credit for yourself…!” Qin Feng never dreamed that this meant that a usually kind and gentle elder sister would be so cruel!


“You’re dead too!” Yuan Taki didn’t plan to let him go at all. She held an emperor-level long sword and slashed directly on Qin Feng’s head. Under the suppression of the force, Qin Feng screamed, and the body of the Star God was shattered into pieces!


Totally unstoppable!


Qin Feng, also die!


This allowed Bai Ye to liberate a little baby soul.


And the bad news is that Li Tianming can’t return to the sun with Qin Feng’s Xinghai Divine Ship.


He couldn’t save Qin Feng at all!


Li Tianming discovered her existence a long time ago. He expected that this girl Zhou Shen would definitely intervene, but he didn’t expect that she would kill her own people first!


That prison demon Xiaoyou was suppressed by the phantom god, and at this time, I saw Yuan Taki appear!


“Kill this Ziwu people!” The prison demon Xiaoyou Yuan Taki solved Qin Feng and others, so you don’t need to be afraid when you fight, they will first report the rebirth of Tianjiu to the outside world news.


She looked indifferent, locked on Li Tianming, and killed him directly!


Actually, her real goal is Wei Sheng Mo Ran, but there are a total of three Eternal God battle powers here, and she must be eager to consume Wei Sheng Mo Ran and Prison Demon Xiaoyou first!


“By “saving” the prison demon Xiaoshuang, you can control the prison demon Xiaoyou…”


So, her killing thoughts were all wrapped around Li Tianming.


How did she allow Li Tianming to kill the prison demon Xiaoshuang?


This blue human-shaped astral body shot out halfway, a fatal threat has come to Li Tianming!


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Chapter 3915 Swallow alone! Free reading: https://,!




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