Beastmaster of the Ages Chapter 3914: All sins are in heaven!



Weisheng Moran is hiding a little further away, so this prisoner Xiaoyou will mistakenly think that she is a pair of living Eternal Gods!


He doesn’t seem afraid, though!




His body suddenly changed dramatically!


Boom boom boom!


Eternal God and Heavenly Ghost Race!


It was the first time I saw Li Tianming.


A ferocious and ferocious aura slammed into the air, and the black evil aura swept the audience. In the midst of this drastic change, his rigid mask suddenly changed into the face of an evil spirit. The dazzling black starlight mixed with the murderous aura of hell. The ghosts and gods appeared in the body of the gods.


A black scale armor with stars gathered!


And bone spurs, claws, and fangs!


And among the eyes, there are a total of six pupils!


The body of the evil ghost matches the body of the Eternal God Star, it can be said to be extremely ferocious and gorgeous!


This made Li Tianming look forward to Zizhen’s transformation into the Empress of the Eternal God.


Only now, such a gorgeous and powerful Celestial Ghost Race God is the enemy!


He stared at Li Tianming and the Wei Sheng Mo Ran behind him, and charged directly with his physical strength. Wherever he went, the air vibrated and roared, and the dazzling starlight instantly shone through this deep ruin!


The Eternal God is the Eternal God!


A lot stronger than the strongest Star God!


Simply perfect body!




A little further ahead, he can clearly see that there is no Eternal God of Eternal Heaven in front of him at all, and there is only a 30-meter-tall woman who is manipulating the origin of two Eternal Gods!




Prison Demon Xiaoyou has limited understanding of the Illusory God Race, and is a little confused about the situation.


Why is a Star God able to manipulate the origin of the Eternal God and use the Eternal God Illusory God?


“What mystery do you have?”


Prison Demon Xiaoyou’s cold eyes flashed, and with great interest, he rushed directly to Wei Sheng Mo Ran. In his opinion, no matter how powerful this Eternal God and Illusory God is, if its core is only a third derivative realm, You can still kill at will.


Boom boom boom!


When he started, what stood in front of him were two second-order phantom gods!


Li Tianming has already given a part of Ji Ji’s power to enter into the origin of these two universe gods, and it can help the microbiological ink dye to stimulate the lethality of these two great illusion gods!


“You restrain him!”


Li Tianming went directly to find a breakthrough for the difficult task of ink dyeing for Weisheng – Prison Demon Xiaoshuang!




The two heaven and earth chessboards were furiously rolled up, forcibly covering the ghosts of the gods that day. Each chessboard has sixteen statues, each of which is as powerful as an endless mountain.




That Prison Demon Xiaoyou’s eyes are cold, and his fists, claws, and supernatural powers can destroy these universe gods and illusions. However, it’s just useless to blow them up temporarily. In front of the prison demon Xiaoyou, it was like a star source world, suppressing him, causing his muscles and bones to break!


“Hold on, I’ll take this woman down and sell her to the Illusory Gods. There should be a good price.” Prison Demon Xiaoyou said to his sister coldly.


As long as you break through the illusion and touch it a little, the micro-ink dye will be useless.


“It’s alright.” Prison Demon Xiaoshuang nodded, and at the same time tried his best to lean towards other young ghosts and gods, and those young ghosts and gods were also vigilant, holding the little beast ball while side by side with Prison Demon Xiaoshuang.


“What kind of realm is this person?”


“Should be a ten-derivative realm!”


“Dare to come up from the ten-derivative realm?”


It is difficult for them to understand Li Tianming’s actions at the moment.


Even if it’s not the Eternal God, their strongest is the Great Perfection Realm.


“I’ll do it.”


The girl from the Heavenly Ghost Clan of Meng Po’s species stood in front of everyone, her eyes indifferent!




Her eyes rolled with six eyeballs, and the dim yellow power surged out, forming six reincarnation-like circles!


Boom boom boom!


These six circles swirl the power of Zhou Tianxinghai, releasing the gloomy force of death, forming six yellow spring rivers, rolling towards Li Tianming!


This is the supernatural power: Huangquan Kudu!


At the moment when the force of Huangquan’s bitter crossing was raging in anger, Meng Pozhong was also mixed in, his body was as fast as a yellow cold light, rolling the Huangquan all over the sky, pressing against Li Tianming!


The Great Perfection Evolving Realm, Zhou Tian Xinghai’s strength was indeed much stronger than Li Tianming’s strength!


He has cold eyes, holds the Eastern Emperor Sword in his hand, and his body rotates the power of Zhou Tian Xinghai with one person and four beasts, as well as Ji Ji’s Genesis Ancestral Star power, urging the Eastern Emperor Sword to explode!


And the lethality of the two major soul beasts, one is attached to the consciousness, the other is automatically attacked, and it explodes at the same time!


The dream bubble of the white night opened its way directly, passed through the Huangquan Kudu supernatural power, and bombarded the brain star of the prison demon Xiaoshuang!




Two supernatural powers erupted from Li Tianming’s arms and slammed into the bitter crossing of the Yellow Spring. The thunder and fire power also played a role in dispersing the opponent’s supernatural powers!


These ancient chaotic behemoths are already a very powerful part of Li Tianming’s single combat power!


With them supporting and opening the way, Li Tianming will not move, and one move is the ultimate move!


He danced the 30-fold Eastern Emperor Sword, which was wrapped in the power of the Sifang Ancestral Sword Prison, and split the pair of swords into two!


Stargate, open again!


Double swords move forward, and on each sword, there are ten Bai Ling’s little baby souls, all of which have opened the triple star gate!


In addition to the original Wanzhou-level stars, this time Li Tianming also smashed out a golden star gate, and a butterfly-shaped Wanzhou-level star was born in this star gate. This is the eight gods. The universe-level world inhabited by sinful gods is called: All Sins are Stars!


The sixth sword, the capital of all sins!


A total of six swords, fused in this pair of swords!


The power of the Ten Desolate Ten Thousand Universe Star Gate Sword Array has already exerted Li Tianming to the extreme.


However, he knows that this is a sword that gathers all the lethality of him and all the companion beasts on his body. Among them, Bai Ling’s power in soul killing accounts for at least 40%!


The worse the opponent’s soul resistance, the higher the ratio!


If it is the phantom gods who use phantom gods to protect their brains and stars, they may decline!


But to the ghost in front of me, Bai Ling’s lethality is still terrifying!




Bai Ye’s dream bubble bombarded the prison demon Xiaoshuang’s brain, like a blow to the head, causing her head to crack, screaming in pain, and the attack weakened a lot!


The next moment, Li Tianming’s double swords rolled the power of six stars and sword qi, and slaughtered down!


The white light above the sword’s edge cooperates with Bai Ye’s soul shock. Before the sword reaches it, the light pierces into the body of this Meng Po Clan!


Bang bang bang!


These swords penetrated everything and plunged into the chest of this yellow **** demon!


It’s going to be a blast!


“Success!” For the first time, Li Tianming fought against an opponent who crossed the seventh level, and he was still such a genius of the Eternal God, so he was still in a good mood!


However, he still underestimated the opponent’s strength!


Even if it was attacked by both the soul and the body, the powerful body of this Meng Po species was still not torn apart, and although the brain and celestial organs were broken, it was not dead!




She smashed her head on Li Tianming’s head and flew it out, her face almost split open!


Fortunately, there is a Bauhinia mask to protect it!


Even Li Tianming was still swept up in blood and his face was in severe pain!


Fortunately, the prison demon Xiaoshuang was more seriously injured!


Li Tianming got up and saw that she was covered in blood and wailing, so naturally he was even more merciless and killed her directly!


“Brother!” The prison demon Xiaoshuang shouted.




The ghost **** Eternal God in the distance once again smashed the heaven and earth avenue chess illusion god, but was surrounded by soldiers and horses.


His eyes were cruel, and without saying a word, he took out the communication stone and roared: “Yuantaki, did you hear the movement? Come here quickly, the murderer who killed Brother Baili is here! You don’t want to tell them Parents?”


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