All the Planes Knelt and Begged the Villainess to be Humane Chapter 5174: The person who was borrowed (seventy-five)


“Focus on this man.” Qian Yan said, “Don’t relax your surveillance on him.”

She and Wu Cancan are connected by fate. At present, it seems that it is very likely that the roles they will take over are the ones closest to being decrypted. Things that happened around the two of them were probably clues.

“Zhu Mu is here, he has found Wu Cancan.” After saying that, Jiang Xinghuai opened his eyes, “At present, the only two left are Lan Jia and Lan Yuan.”

With Jiang Xinghuai here, it is much easier for Qian Yan to know what is going on in the palace, and he can quickly figure out everything.

Since Wu Cancan was approached by Zhu Mu, she felt a little irritable.

However, she was still a little lucky. Fortunately, it was only Zhu Mu. If it were Lan Jia and Lan Yuan, she would be annoyed to death.

Early the next morning, Wu Cancan wanted to enter the palace, but was stopped by the ridiculously handsome man from yesterday. The man looked at her shyly and said something that made Wu Cancan have huge pupils. Shocking words.

What, he wants to commit himself to it?

She doesn’t think so.

She then realized that Snow Country is a country where women respect women, and the men here pay more attention to honor and integrity.

Looking at the other party’s appearance, if she doesn’t agree, the other party may be seeking death.

How could Wu Cancan dare to agree? She had not yet figured out her own fate, and had no time to think about it.

Looking at a person seeking death, she really couldn’t do it, but excluding the world of fantasy, she already understood that this place only existed in the past and was not real now.

She said: “I will enter the palace today and ask the Queen Mother.”

She is going to ask Yun Qianyan for help. The other party should have a good idea.

Whether it is Zhu Mu or this handsome man named Chen Jing, they must follow her into the palace. If the queen were a stranger, Wu Cancan would not dare to take them in, but the other party was Yun Qianyan, so Wu Cancan felt free to take her with her. No matter what, Yun Qianyan would not burn her to death just because something was wrong with her.

In addition, she also had an idea. Could this man named Chen Jing be a clue?

She didn’t see anything so far, but as she got a little closer to Chen Jing, she felt a frightening sense of crisis.

Rather than looking for clues on her own and eventually helping Lan Yuan and the others make wedding dresses, she might as well send this clue to Yun Qianyan.

Facts have proved that she can only survive by cooperating with Yun Qianyan.

Early in the morning, Qian Yan met the handsome man Jiang Xinghuai mentioned yesterday. I heard his name was Chen Jing. She was not surprised at all that Wu Cancan would choose to bring people here. Wu Cancan’s attitude showed that the other party was on her side.

Qian Yan doesn’t really need it, but Wu Cancan is smart and sensible, and she won’t refuse his advances. With the cooperation of the other party, there may be unexpected gains.

Yun Qianyan is not the real queen, so Wu Cancan tells the truth without any scruples.

Zhu Mu was not shocked. Wu Cancan definitely didn’t want to be entangled with an inexplicable man.

Chen Jing was a little surprised. When the third princess spoke like this, weren’t she afraid that Her Majesty the Queen would be displeased with her? If you can’t even make the decision to recruit a servant, are you relying too much on the Queen?

Chen Jing was still in a daze, and Qian Yan’s eyes had already fallen on him.

“Chen Jing, right?”

“Yes, Xiaomin Chen Jing.”

Qian Yan’s eyes were indifferent: “Zhaoyu saved you with kindness, but you didn’t know how to rely on her. Is this telling everyone in the Snow Country not to meddle in similar situations in the future and let those who are in trouble be left alone? Die on the street?”


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